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KTM Bajaj partnership likely to yield a high-performance electric bike?

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  • KTM Bajaj partnership likely to yield a high-performance electric bike?

    A decade ago, when the news of KTM Bajaj partnership broke out, not a lot of people would have imagined the splendid results of the same. This partnership has surely taken the Indian performance motorcycling scene up quite a few notches. It also benefitted both the manufacturers greatly. While KTM, with its radical motorcycles, Duke and RC, redefined the entry-level performance segment, Bajaj also entered the space with more performance-oriented Pulsarsand the Dominar. And now, the KTM Bajaj partnership is getting ready for the future and we all know it very well that the future... is electric!

    Till now, both the manufacturers have partnered on developing engines and with Bajaj's huge footprint in the country, it was just the shot in the arm that KTM needed. But cut to today and governments the world over are pushing for cleaner vehicles in order to contain the damage done and being done to the environment. The KTM Bajaj bandwagon is also set to join the fray and both the manufacturers have jointly started working towards developing electric two-wheelers. This move has even more significance in our country, India, which is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

    While a lot of IC engine purists are yet to convert, this partnership also brings something to ease the transition for those people too. The KTM Bajaj team is looking at high-end electric motorcycles in addition to scooters and motorcycles belonging to the lower end of the spectrum. While no revelations have been made yet regarding the exact nature of these two-wheelers, we are sure that both the manufacturers will be looking at the full spectrum and not just one specific part of it.


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    Re: KTM Bajaj partnership likely to yield a high-performance electric bike?

    Awesome news!
    I hope they manage the anxiety of range, and rain. And of course, top it up with solid performance!

    I hope they understand that there has to be a no compromise launch now, India is an environment where rain water clogs on roads and one wrong move with an electric vehicle could even result in death. This is DC, not AC. Of course, we trust Bajaj will give a complete product.
    Plus, a portable quick charging of some kind on tours would be awesome! Something around 10-30 minutes charge should do ok for touring, home based charging can take more time, no worries.

    If we could have a 110 kmph vehicle with 110 kms range and quick home based charging+portable charging possibility, with all the essentials covered and a price of around Rs. 1.3 Lakhs or so, I don't believe we have a reason for worry...
    But I'm keeping even higher expectations given the "high performance" mention.
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