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Thread: Another one with a supercharger: Norton Superlight SS

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    Default Another one with a supercharger: Norton Superlight SS

    Norton have made some really good looking motorcycles in the past, streetfighters and full-fully faired ones alike. They showed their parallel-twin Superlight around a year ago. The bike boasted of a 650cc twin which was good for 105 bhp of power and the motorcycle weighed around 158 kg, a commendable feat. And now, the marquee is adding an even outrageous version of the bike; supercharged and carbon fibre(d) to the teeth. Here's the Norton Superlight SS.

    In the past as well, Norton had hinted at a supercharged version of the Superlight. But in addition to the supercharger, the Superlight also gets a carbon fibre frame, fairings and more. While we do not have any official information on the power figure, we believe that anything between 130 bhp and 150 bhp is quite achievable considering we all know how much a supercharger is capable of.

    Norton takes pride in building motorcycles that are exceptionally high-performance motorcycles that are criminally lightweight. Adding a supercharger might have made the Superlight heavier... which would have contradicted the brand's philosophy... and even the name. So, the aluminium frame was ditched for a carbon-fibre one and the result is a dry weight of ~153 kg... that's lesser than the original Superlight!

    Some other Norton Models: Norton Dominator Street | Norton Commando 961 | Norton V4 RR and SS

    Another way Norton has stuck to its roots with the Superlight SS is to help it retain the 'exclusivity'. The British firm is looking to make only 50 of these crazy machines... for now. Also, with the unveiling of the Superlight SS, Norton has also announced that the production of the Superlight (previous one and not the SS) is now underway.

    Another interesting recent development came in the form of Norton putting a planned hold on their crowdfunding campaign. Now, there can be many reasons for that and usually, they aren't good news for a brand. Au contraire, Norton is doing so because their aim was to raise £1 million from multiple small investments but the campaign was put on hold because... a single individual investor came forward with the entire target amount! Talk about good problems.

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