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Welcome to 2020 Edition of the xBhp Forums . As you might have already noticed, the forums have undergone a major upgrade to keep up with the times. This will make the forums faster and intuitive and much more mobile friendly.

The basic functioning of the forum remains the same.

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Pulsar and Eliminator MakeOver - Now official

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  • #31
    oh man!! the elmi with that price will sell like hot cakes and shatter the enticer market
    <b>ThE yoUnGest fReak!!!!


    • #32
      on this saturday check out wheels on BBC. they are gona review the new pulsar. Cos the said so in this week's episode that coming up next week new pulsar to set ur pulse racing


      • #33
        timings pls...
        vrrrooooooommm....BOOMMM...! Heard the sonic boom? Yeah, it was me...!


        • #34
          new pulsar to set ur pulse racing...LOL
          <b>Love u\'r wife</b>, sleep with thy neighbour.[;)]


          • #35
            well now the price cut of the p180 is due to the por sales of the it will sell like the p150.
            Where there is a will there is a way! Where there is a way there is a Fiero! Where there is a Fiero there is a Fieroid!


            • #36
              guys, please watch the bbc-wheels programs, saturday 10 p.m. and sunday 12 a.m and please post your views about it in this thread. My asshole cable-wala dont provide the BBC channel. thx in advance.


              • #37
                yaar me won't buy any bike or car b4 Apr'05...
                its my opinion that one shud buy a new vehicle only in new financial year...!

                @SachinOnTop, just wanted to correct you a bit. It's not about financial year but a calender year. And the reason for it is that when we resale the bike/car, it is graded as per year. So, it is always better to purchase a bike/car in January, the beginning of a calender year. Hope you won't mind!!


                • #38
                  @bikelover: y i wud mind ur comment...!
                  buddy its fin. yr ... & not cal. yr...!!

                  pls re-read my post & concentrate on middle para...!

                  for ur benefit i m reposting those lines here once again:
                  "actually nothing related to that fin. yr. though... only the new vehicles gets launched near diwali & new year & till april they have been tested & we get the better know-how abt the vehicle... !
                  vrrrooooooommm....BOOMMM...! Heard the sonic boom? Yeah, it was me...!


                  • #39
                    i feel sorry for those who bought a elim recently. at that price now, u can buy a elim and a ct100.. cool


                    • #40
                      lol... prodigy350... u r throwing salt on their wounds...!
                      vrrrooooooommm....BOOMMM...! Heard the sonic boom? Yeah, it was me...!


                      • #41
                        Im not sure if P180 will be 55k Anyways it is confirmed that it is coming with some engine mods and ALLOYS!!!!!
                        Well i would let go a secret!!!!! THE SCOOP TEST OF THE NEW PULSAR'S WOULD BE AIRED ON (NOTE DOWN) 27TH NOVEMBER, SATURDAY ON BBC (WHEELS)!
                        BAJAJ ROCKS!
                        Lets go vrooooooooooommm....


                        • #42
                          So we'll have to wait till saturday to see the bike... hmmm anyone with spy pics

                          eagerly waiting to see it..


                          • #43
                            i'll try to capture the whole episode on my handycam...
                            & then if possible then post the vdo here on the forum...!

                            wish me luck...!
                            & pls do gimme a knock, on saturday...
                            vrrrooooooommm....BOOMMM...! Heard the sonic boom? Yeah, it was me...!


                            • #44


                              must be Hot stuff....


                              • #45
                                Has anyone got the pics of the P180 makeover.