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Welcome to xBhp Forums v2020

Welcome to 2020 Edition of the xBhp Forums . As you might have already noticed, the forums have undergone a major upgrade to keep up with the times. This will make the forums faster and intuitive and much more mobile friendly.

The basic functioning of the forum remains the same.

We are still tightening the loose nuts and bolts and it will take some time.

However, in case you are facing any issues or problems accessing the forums or posting here, please do let us know.

Any feedback/suggestions are also welcome!

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Pulsar and Eliminator MakeOver - Now official

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    @nfsfs : well , lets wait for the od figures for new dtsi.. den we can fight over it lolzz
    @sachin : mine didnt hv yesterday. he may get it today.. (the mag)

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      satya...where the hec r u?....well i wuld personally go in for a rear disc as will look smashing baby...more pics...i am adicted..i guess
      Dont Start with me ........ YOU\'LL NEVER WIN!


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        @nsfnfs: buddy i think u can & shud start a new topic....
        not as a Comparo between two bikes...

        pls name it as "New Pulsar 180 DTSi with 16.5 Bhp" or something like that ...

        just like the Unicorn topic... remember which has scored abt 50 pages in all...!!!

        So, it's an appeal to the xbhpian whosoever starts the topic on this pls... do it properly & then in taht topic start the comparisons...

        it'll make that look good & also make it more approachable to all...
        pls think abt it.
        vrrrooooooommm....BOOMMM...! Heard the sonic boom? Yeah, it was me...!


        • #79
          wait i will get the mag today and scan all the pics and then will do that ..otherwise someone else start it...
          literally i am going mad and also happy ...
          SPEED .....i need more
          I cannot do burnouts :( bike has traction control...


          • #80
            wowww this is interesting... gr8 guys


            • #81

              wheelbase - 1330 cm (extended again !)

              16.5 bhp @ 8000 RPM

              fuel tank capacity reduced to 15 liters

              BS29CV carb - dunno if its the same...

              different front mudguard

              17 inch alloys with 100/90 zappers

              rear grab-rail lengthened

              front fairing lowered by 12mm


              • #82
                lets all discuss bout the new pulsar in this thread cos its hard looking everywhere and finding the same stuff.



                • #83
                  Scoop pics of new dtsi with mags already avilable on home page.


                  • #84
                    hey does anybody know about the performance of the new e180?/