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is stunt legal?

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  • is stunt legal?

    is doing bike stunt legal in india? please focus on this, police often chases stunters in india, but we dont have any ans to them, as we dont know if its legal, or if it is, by which act, if anyone knows please share here, thanks

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    Topic Closed because its just one question.

    Yes, Stunting is legal, PROVIDED that the following conditions are met:

    1. The stunts should be done with Proper Safety Gears, including but not limited to a high quality ISI/ ECE/ DOT Helmet, Riding jacket/ suit, Gloves, Shoes, etc.

    2. The stunts should be performed at remote locations/ areas, and NOT public roads at all. Other traffic shouldn't be affected by it at all.

    3. Stunts should not be that extreme, that it has less chances of survival, and more of disability/ death, etc. You can't jump parachute-less from a mountain with a bike, just because you're wearing riding gears. ok?

    Various stunts, including non-bike stunts are performed by Circus Jokers, Film Stuntmen, etc. But safety is a must. Even TV show MTV Stuntmania shows stuntmen stunting on bikes, so its definitely legal.

    People's perception of the law is always a problem though. So, even your License is NOT required for stunting in off road/ remote location, but still, keeping the license with you will help if you run in any trouble.
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      Topic re-opened on Anik's request.

      I already mentioned that Stunting is legal, and that people's perception is a bigger problem than the law. What else would you want to discuss, Anik?

      I'm not exactly aware that by which act is it legal, but can't you argue that MTV Stuntmania is legal, and so are Circus shows?
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      Brotherhood, Rules, Freedom. Xbhp.
      Indian riding = Alertness, Anticipation and Adjustment.


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        It is actually considered under rash driving if talking about bike stunts, rest stunts like XXX movie (Vin Diesel one ) it is considered under attempt of suicide.
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          Re: is stunt legal?

          I'm guessing it's legal because back in 2015 when we visited the Naval base, they had organized a stunt show for the viewers.


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            Re: is stunt legal?

            Originally posted by Samarth 619 View Post
            Topic re-opened on Anik's request.
            Really bro!
            i am flabbergasted that someone would even ask such a question.

            stunting is illegal on public roads irrespective of the presence of traffic or not.. so even isolated locations if they are public roads or spaces is illegal.
            it can become legal only if you obtain permission from the relevant authority to perform them on public property.

            on your own private property, you can do whatever stunts you want to.. maybe you would be held liable if you hurt someone in the process and they blame/sue you or if you 'organize' some event that involves others and they get hurt. everything is hunky dory till someone gets hurt.

            the legality has nothing to do with safety gear.. i don't think there is any law (apart from common sense) that dictates a specific safety attire or even talks about 'legal' stunting.. only a helmet is deemed mandatory by law. so don't wear an iron man suit and ride like a maniac and then foul mouth the cop just because you are wearing some fancy 'gear'.
            in general i've seen some people behave like nothing can happen to them because of their helmets, riding jackets, gloves and ride like maniacs.. apart from the helmet, these basic jackets, gloves will only save you from bruises and not life threatening injuries.

            i believe whats more important is you using whats inside your head than what you wear on top of it while riding.


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              Re: is stunt legal?

              Law is open to translation for cops. There's even a challaan for arguing with police officer, I saw it in a challan book in Punjab, it was written as 'misbehaving with police officer'.

              On the other hand, any sane person would consider a few things:
              1) one should not Fluck around with the safety of other people on the road. So stunting on road with traffic makes zero sense. Also, it can be challaaned as reckless/ rash driving and may also need to accidents.

              2) one should also not fluck around with his own life. Again, no stunts on public roads, you don't want to be in the middle of a wheelie and have a vehicle strike you in the middle of it.

              3) proper gear - to protect you in case of a fall. And no, it still doesn't makes you death/injury - proof. It only adds a layer of protection.

              I'd suggest that if someone wants to perform stunts, it should be in a closed area/road where there's a guarantee of no other traffic & wear proper gear. And these are just a few of the measures to be taken.


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                Re: is stunt legal?

                Originally posted by Anik View Post
                is doing bike stunt legal in india? please focus on this, police often chases stunters in india, but we dont have any ans to them, as we dont know if its legal, or if it is, by which act, if anyone knows please share here, thanks
                Performing stunts and riding enthusiastically is not prohibited by the law. The law restricts doing any such activity on public roads. If you are interested in pushing a bike to its limits and performing stunts, find a secluded spot or a closed-off section of any road. It may be a bit hard to find and maybe a bit on the outskirts of the city but the effort will be worth it. This way, you will not endanger any other life while being in your sport and will have more freedom to perform stunts. Also, never forget to wear proper safety gear when doing such stuff.