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A short trip to Cuddalore and back!!

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  • A short trip to Cuddalore and back!!

    This is my first trip log that am writing here on xBhp. So please overlook my mistakes.

    Prelude ::

    It was probably the September 3rd or 4th. I had to go to a temple 15-20 Kms off Cuddalore which is a town 30 Kms from Pondy(Pondy is 162 Kms from Chennai, so the total distance comes up to around 160+30+15 = ~205 KMs one-way). I had actually planned to drive there on my SCORPIO. The more I thought of it, the more I wanted to use my bike. I had three reasons:

    1. The R15 had just completed 2000 kms and was ready to be ripped on the flat highways. I wanted to see how it felt to be ridden flat out and how the seating position felt on long rides.
    2. I had just got a GP-One helmet with tinted visors and DSG riding gear. Wanted to test them out on a long ride.
    3. I had also got a brand new noise-cancelling headphone for my iPod and wanted to try out its capabilities.(SONY MDR-NC22)

    So having decided on the ride location and date, I earlier intended doing it alone. Later I thought it might feel boring and so called upon my friend Badri (Xbhp ID : badriyan) and Praveen (Xbhp ID : xinfii) to accompany me. Praveen said he would bring his friend Allen along. So the date was decided as 7th September of 2008, Sunday. Praveen said he would stay back at Pondy and I and Badri would go to the temple, return back meet them and continue to Chennai.

    People and their rides ::
    1. Aparajith on his R15
    2. Praveen a.k.a Xinfii on his 220
    3. Badri a.k.a badriyan on his P150v1
    4. Allen on his Bull

    6th September night :: We decide to use the ECR route while going to Pondy. We decided to meet at the Sholinganallur junction at ECR by 6AM. Badri being the crankster he is decides to meddle with his air – screw and carb on his P150v1 and looses one of the screws. He calls me up at 9 PM on Saturday and asks me for a spare air-screw. I scold him and he agrees to fix the bike up and reach there.

    Rest of the log and pics coming up!
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    Trip log approved (12:20 PM 9/25/2008)


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      Now this is lightning fast. You approved it in the time it took for me to hit F5!
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      Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.


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        Part - 2

        7th morning :: I wake up by 5:30 AM, get ready. I had agreed to get the saddle bag to put our jackets in while we go to the temple and also keep our water, knick-knacks etc. I was very apprehensive about putting the saddle-bag on the R15. I thought it might hit the silencer, but it beautifully fit. Although the distance between the bag and silencer was less and there was a possibility of the bag hitting the silencer on bumps, it can be taken care of by adjusting the bag so that it hangs on one side more than the other.

        I finally left home by 5:50 AM. It was a bit later than planned. En route I get a call. I know it must be from Badri and chose to ignore it and meet up with him directly. I reach the place by 6:10 AM. I saw Allen waiting. Praveen had not yet come. I called Badri. He had waited for a long time there and not finding any of us had chosen to move on slowly. He asked us to catch up on the ECR. I and Allen waited for Praveen and left once Praveen arrived.

        I immediately started to rip. I and Praveen maintained a comfortable 100 and were cruising. Allen was behind me cruising at around 80. Badri was waiting to meet us at ECR viewpoint. Here I put some chain lube on my rusted chain with chain spray from Praveen and put the saddle bag on Badri’s P150. We then started-off.

        I and Praveen were ahead of Badri and Allen. Both of us were maintaining a very comfortable 110 – 115. Here I have to give special mention to the new headphones. They were just awesome. With just around 25% volume on my iPod, the surrounding wind noise, bike noise etc were all cancelled out and it was pure music in my ears. AWESOME!!!

        The climate was just perfect for such a ride. It had rained the previous night and the road was damp. The climate was as cool as it could get. So no sweat or fatigue. We would have probably ridden around 50 mins and I asked Praveen to stop so that the others could catch up. Allen and Badri caught up with us in another 10 mins. Badri started playing with his cam, we then had a small chat, water to drink and then started. The next stop was decided to be Pondy border.
        Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.


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          Wonderful! It's getting interesting.. Waiting for more text and ofcourse the pictures to follow.


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            nice... waiting for the rest and are definitely incomplete without pics... we can expect very good pics from u guyz...




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              Part - 3

              Just before the border Praveen wanted to switch rides. So I gave him my R15 and took his 220. Sitting on the 220, the difference was quite apparent and obvious. First the seating position and the handling kind of felt vague. A cow crossed the road and we had to panic brake and the braking kind of felt weird. Praveen was ahead of me on the Yam and it looked funny. Seeing from the front the bike looks all huge and proportionate for the rider, but from the rear any rider looks huge on what looks like a puny bike. After the panic brake, Praveen felt uncomfortable with the brake and gear levers and we switched our rides back.

              We then waited at Pondy border for the other two. I and Badri then left for the temple. The roads at Cuddalore were at their horrendous best. It was all slushy, muddy and on top of that one half had been fully dug up for some purpose.

              As soon as we reached the temple, we parked the bikes, removed the jackets and stuffed them on our bags. We had the darshan and after all formalities were over we started back. I really have to praise my own route – remembering skills here ‘cos I managed to get both of us lost thrice en-route!

              Starting back from the temple I went behind a bus and lost the highway that leads to Cuddalore. Finally we asked someone there for the route and take the proper road. I messaged Praveen that we have started and will meet him at Pondy in an hour. Once more we reached an intersection and Badri turned left. I thought he knew the route and followed. The road turned out to be a state highway and went through unknown roads. I was pretty doubtful after 20 mins riding or so and signaled Badri to stop. To our horror we found that both of us had assumed that the other knew the route. We enquired a petrol bunk and found that the route to Pondy started from just 5 mins on turning right from the intersection where we turned left earlier. Damn it!!!! We turn back and reach Pondy. We were very hungry and went in search of a hotel. Here again I lost the route and took Badri to a market area. There we found a good hotel and ordered lunch. We then ate like maniacs. I meanwhile called up Praveen and he said that he was waiting at a beach on ECR.

              We then departed and hit the roads and pretty soon met up with Praveen and Allen. I pushed my bike to the beach through the sand. We then chatted for 10 mins and started. We decided to switch bikes there. I took the Bull. Allen took the 220 I guess and Badri took the R15. Praveen was riding the P150. I absent-mindedly started to rev the bull like my Yamaha , but Praveen alerted me. I then started shifting gears at 3k rpm. On top gear at 3K, the Bull is on its own. It can just keep-on cruising at 80kmph day-in and day-out. It was an awesome feeling riding the Bull on ECR.

              After some time we switched back bikes. I gave the bull back to Praveen. Badri was still riding my R15 and I took the Pulsar. It was nostalgic riding the Pulsar as you all can recall I had a modded Pulsar V1. After some time, Badri stopped en-route saying that he was having back-aches riding the Yammie. He took lots of pics. I then gave back the Pulsar to him and took back the R15. It felt wonderful being on the R15 again. By now fatigue had set in as the sun was pretty much baking us alive, especially inside the DSG jacket!

              I then started off with Badri behind me. I saw Praveen on the Bull and Allen on the 220 ahead. I just maintained them in sight and kept Badri some company as he was maxxing out his Pulsar and it would not budge beyond 105. After some time, Praveen and Allen stopped. I too stopped near them. We then had a longish stop there and had a chat about our headphones. Meanwhile Badri passed us by and did not stop. We then started probably 15 – 20 mins after Badri left and kept going. Roads on ECR were a bit crowded as that was the day that people were immersing the Ganesha idols in the sea. So dodging past the tractors and trucks we went on...

              Near ECR dhabha Praveen stopped me and said that he and Allen were going to have lunch at ECR Dhabha. He wanted his bag and chain spray back. They were in the saddle bag with Badri. So I agreed to drop it off later and left them.

              Now I was really tired and alone. My butt was as sore as it could get. It was almost numb. On my earlier Pulsar the whole body would get numb thanks to the vibrations and here my butt was numb and aching due to the hard seat and seating position. I was having pain in my arms between the elbow and shoulder and thankfully no back-ache or neck-ache. Kudos to Yamaha for getting the seating position and refinement of the bike spot on.

              I reach the junction we had agreed to wait in the morning. I call Badri and find that he was at a mechanic’s place some 15 KMs away. I went there and met up with him. I picked up the saddle bag and started back home.

              By now I was receiving lots of calls from home as it had been around 4 hours since I called them. I again chose not to answer it as I wanted to continue riding, else the fatigue might set in again. Moreover, my R15 was really low on fuel. I wanted to complete this ride home in one shot.

              Finally I reached home and slept off for around an hour and woke up by 5:15 to watch the F1 race at Spa. After the dejecting end, I went to Praveen’s home and dropped off the chain spray. All in all, it was a great but tiring trip

              A few observations:

              1. The DSG jackets are really awesome for touring. You do not feel the weight or the sweating if you continue riding. Once you stop it’s a different story altogether.
              2. The brake and gear levers should be a bit lower on the R15. I had not adjusted it before the ride, but felt so after the ride and did the same.
              3. R15 is good for touring in-spite of its seating position. Beyond ~400 KMs a day or so, your body does ache. Do get some kind of back support belt if you plan on touring long distances on the R15.
              4. Use the 6th gear after the 5th gear is totally maxxed out. There were instances where I was doing around 110 in 5th. On shifting to 6th the speed would fall to 104 – 106! Pretty weird stuff.
              5. I got a mileage of around 40 - 42kmpl in-spite of flat-out riding mostly in 5th gear and sparing use of 6th gear.

              I cannot post inline pics in this post as Picassa is blocked at my office. So I will just give the link for the album here : Picasa Web Albums - Aparajith - Cuddalore wit...

              Will update the post by tonight if possible.
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              Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.


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                nice trip log Apar...where are the pics???

                The Southern Sojourn

                Munnar - Kodai



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                  Originally posted by steveburnside2001 View Post
                  nice trip log Apar...where are the pics???
                  Read the last line. I have given the Picassa link. Picasa blocked at office
                  Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.


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                    Nice ride there, guys! A sacred or divine ride, I should say.

                    [OT]Wonder if any of you had tried reaching me through SMS. My phone's display has gone kaput since August 16. Planning to change it. Until then it will be 'incoming only' for me.
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                      We know about ur wonderful phone during that dinner we had with Krish. So not to worry!!
                      Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner. Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.


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                        @Apar/Xinfii :-Nice trip !

                        @Badri :- nice pics asusual !


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                          nice travelogue.I was to kadaloor many years is a very hot place na?
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                            Nice trip there with good pics. I have been to Cuddalore twice while going to Mayavaram, of course in Car. The ECR drive was really wonderful, and am waiting now for a trip again, but on my bike.

                            Aparajit, I heard there is a famous Nataraja temple in Cudalore. Did you visit the same temple??
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                              Originally posted by ravi@17bhp View Post
                              Nice trip there with good pics. I have been to Cuddalore twice while going to Mayavaram, of course in Car. The ECR drive was really wonderful, and am waiting now for a trip again, but on my bike.
                              Anna whenn did u go to TN in car?
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