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First & Largest Group in India to complete the Bun Burner 2500K ride'

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  • First & Largest Group in India to complete the Bun Burner 2500K ride'


    Hi guys,

    Am feeling very proud to let you all know that I, along with Tushar Jadhav and Nitin Manore has finally fulfilled our Long awaited Dream - The Iron Butt Association, California's Bun Burner 2500K Title.

    According to IBA personnel, this is the 'Largest Group in India to complete the Bun Burner 2500K ride'. We completed the task on 12-13 Feb 2011 by riding more than 2500 Kms between Mumbai and Chennai. In fact, we also successfully completed the Saddle Sore 1600K at Nelamangala, Karnataka before moving ahead and completing Bun Burner. We'll be sending all our documents to IBA for verification very soon.

    There's a lot to write about and a LONG list of people to Thank. Don't worry am not gonna go all OT by posting our ride report on Offline meet's thread but will definitely mention few points and Thank a few very important people.

    In India, sane riding itself has so much risk involved in it. Attempting/achieving something like IBA Saddle Sore/Bun Burner is at least 10X more difficult. Needs meticulous planning and prices execution of all the plans. We are glad that we managed to complete this ride in the safest possible way and without any mishap. People around the world accomplish such rides with ease but if you go through the IBA's achiever's list you'll notice one thing and that is most bikes are more than 500CC and more powerful. Doing it on sub 250CC bikes make it even more interesting Bun Burner rides are true compliments to the word ENDURANCE. And now when I look at this ride I understand how EASY it was/is to complete a Saddle Sore. It's a race to find the perfect balance between your Body, Machine, Time and Distance. Secondary things like road condition, traffic and weather can easily make or break your ride.

    It's always better to have a good company for such long rides and am glad I had it for this ride.

    Riding with DK was fun as usual. His sense of humor helped us rejuvenate during our breaks. Tushar, man you rocked in this ride. Great Stamina and control. You are one of my favorite co-riders now on. My kind of biking. Thanks for the company guys..........

    First of all, Thanks to Sunny for helping us with CEAT sponsorship. OF sir, thank you for your vital tips just before the ride and of course your Good Wishes.

    Vishwas sir(Pune xBhp), thanks to you once again for all your suggestions and tips. You helped me a lot. I tried to be in touch with you during our ride but couldn't continue that beyond a certain point of time.

    A BIG thanks to my bro, Mandar Vichare, for your riding Gloves and Tee I really bothered you a lot for my ride Thanks man!

    Thanks to Ninad and Tanmay for being our Start Witnesses. They rode to Panvel at 4.30 in the morning specially for us. Means a lot dude. Thanks to Praful Tripathy for the quick update of NICE road and Hosur Road. DK did have a chat with some of the CSS Jan 2011 riders for updates regarding road condition of and beyond NH4. I don't know who those guys are but hey, Thanks to you too! I don't know if you should write it here or not but I couldn't have done this ride without my Mom's help and support. She stood by me in my Saddle Sore ride and once again for the Bun Burner. Proud to have a mom like you.

    Anyway, so I conclude this short 'Ride Report'.

    Ketan Nikharge & Tushar Jadhav = 2 X IBA Saddle Sore 1600K
    Ketan Nikharge, Tushar Jadhav & Nitin Manore = 1 X IBA Bun Burner 2500K

    note:rest will be put up soon & with details after a while -----

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    Good News Approved

    This is a great one! Congratulations! I am so happy that I could be of little help
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      Congratulations guys!!
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        Congrats guys..proud of you

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          Well done guys.

          Proud of you.
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            Damn it !!!....Finally you guys made it.
            Hearty CONGRATULATIONS Dk bhau ..Baaki sab ko toh already de chuka hu 1-2 hi reh gaye the



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              Thanks for the separate thread Sunny! and Thank you guys for your wishes!
              Ketan Nikharge.
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                You people have set the benchmark for endurance in biking. Congratulations on successful completion of such a marvelous journey.

                Kudos to all of you
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                  Congratulations again !

                  and your most welcome !

                  reaching there at 4:45am wasnt a big deal actually (for what you all had set out for) as i already was riding throughout the night as a treat to me and my bike on our birthday that day!

                  so thank you for gifting me this on my birthday ! 12th feb !
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                    Congos to all three of you.

                    Its a very very big achievement. I can never ever think of attempting one. Waiting for the detailed ride report.

                    P.S - I thought you guys will sleep for atleast 24hours before coming alive again
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                      Awesome feat by awesome trio ...... Congratulations for achieving this rare title and thanks a lot for making us xBhp-mumbaikars proud !
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                        These guys are raising the bar so high that I think I'll have to live like a noob all my life.

                        Heartiest congratulations bhailog.
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                          This is nothing short of a phenomenal achievement. Very very difficult to replicate, esp. with the kind of precise efficiency you three have completed this ride. Seriously a super-human effort. Am always with you guys and proud to be so.
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                            Kudods to you all..
                            riding like that is a really great feat.
                            we are all proud of you.
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                              My heartiest congratulation to ketan, dk bhau and tushar for successfully completing the one of the toughest ride in the world. And no need to say thanks ketan, its my pleasure dude. Really feeling proud or rather say respect for you guys.