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Pearl city to Nilgiris

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  • [Photo Feature]: Pearl city to Nilgiris

    After my ride to kemmangundi-mulliyanagiri desire to have another long ride was in my mind all it required was a proper Ignition . After a major project release in Feb i was sitting like a lazy pune in govt office it was like adding NGK sparks to me , immediately plan for another ride got ignited .

    I was 99% decided to ride again to kemmangundi ,kudremukh and near by places as last time i could not cover all the places and the beauty of the place was haunting me . So planning was done , will first ride solo to bang then me and my friend will cover the places and back to bang , next day me to HYD. Was just checking the routes on GMaps then suddenly my eyes caught a famous Hill station , Ooty . Searched for trip logs on saw many logs and even added another place wayanad to the list. So finally decided for 3 day trip to ooty and wayanad .

    Then asked few queries to Bang team , got help from pahinkar & roshan about the places to see in ooty and wayanad. That remaining 1% changed the whole plan .

    Day1 : Thought of starting by 5 AM , got delayed till 6:30 AM there was a slight laziness in me as my mind was constantly bugging me with few questions :what r u doing ? are you mad? lets have a nice sleep , go to movie eat biryani , why are you leaving all the comforts of home and riding till ooty etc etc .. but my heart had a upper hand over my mind and finally started the cold blooded zmaR . Just before joining NH7 i thought of taking a shortcut to save a 1 or 2 kms and ended on some other way. Had to return back to old route and finally made it to NH7 , lost some good 20 mins here . Started riding @ speeds of 80-90 by 7:30 covered about 80 kms and stopped for Idli yummy drank few bowls of hot sambar saw Mr. cursedcrusedar's SMS about whether i started my ride to bang he had plans to ride to bang next day so was waiting for my track report . By 10:15 reached kurnool saw some queue out side a HH show room , they were waiting for their vehicle's turn for Servicing then i remembered that i did not cleaned my bike's air filter before my ride went to HH workstation asked some mech to clean airfilter he refused saying there are lot of bikes for servicing went to supervisor and addressed him by "SIR" he immediately agreed all other were looking at me as if i was alien with jacket and gloves . He asked few questions when he heard that i was riding to ooty , ooty on bike are you mad? i thought there are whole bunch of such guys out there . 40 mins & Rs 24 , job was done i started my ride further reached anantapur by 1:30 , rode further till i reached dhabha had my lunch relaxed for some time watched bangla-WI match for some time and finally reached bang outskirts @ 4:30 PM manged to ride in bang traffic and reached my friend's room by 5:30 that ends my first long solo ride .

    Few pics of Day 1 :
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    Ananthagiri Trip


    Ooty trip

    Tirumala-horsley Hills


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      Finally the log is up waiting for the rest of it with more pics
      Stories of the open road...........


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        Waiting for more ...
        tour-master on exile


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          I thought you would keep some teasers of Nilgiris. Just highways? Roll on the rest, waiting here.
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            This is the 3rd day of this thread & still no updates.

            Come on let the pics flow in....


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              Originally posted by madhav krishna View Post
              This is the 3rd day of this thread & still no updates.

              Come on let the pics flow in....
              +1 pabi bro where are you ? Or did you forget this thread?
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                Day 2: [Bangaluru-Mysore-Ooty]
                Sorry guys for the delay, i forgot the Mem card at bangalore so took time to get some pics from my friend still some pics are missing i marked them as [missing pics] will post them soon

                after a boring day 1 pics lets hope rest of pics can satisfy you at least 50% Started our journey from bang around 7AM [had a late night chat with my friends] entered NICE road [very good roads, true to its name ] within no time we were onto Bang-Mysore road cruising at 90-100 speeds reached Mysore clicked some pics of famous church

                then headed onto ooty road. Roads till nanjanguda are avg kind of roads then after they are well laid roads.Some pics of bandipur

                Choose the 36 hair pin road as suggested by our bang friends , for me its the first time i was driving such sharp curves initial curves were difficult with pillon soon got used to it and started enjoying the bends [my foot pegs almost touching ground] .

                last bend

                Ahh there it is reached Ooty [@ 1 noon] climate was cool , had lunch and straight away went to doddabetta peak as usual its was crowded took some snaps .Went to boat house enjoyed boating [actually legs were paining due to peddaling ] ate some famous ooty chocolates

                It was 5 :15 PM by then so we decided to go to botanical garden [BG] by the time we reached BG it was around 5:45 PM [due to tea break]we decided to skip BG as it closes at 6:30 , so we headed to kotagiri this was real good decision ,ooty-kotagiri roads and sceneries are very good it was damm cold can't even hold the handle properly . Took some snaps on the way .

                my friend

                everything is mine

                decided to stay overnight at kotagiri accomadation is cheap here [rs 300 for 24 hours ] dumped luggage and went into the town, my friend asked for chill soda bottle shopkeeper smiled saying chill in this climate had some hot hot parothas this town almost shutsdown by 8 PM for us it was like a town under curfew how can shops lose @ 8 .

                Day 3: Finished our morning "raaga" by 6 we decided to head to catherine falls but our lodge owner [an elderly person] advised us to skip catherine falls said you can even see it from dolphin's nose view point .Heard that kodanad view point is good as we were heading to it my friend saw missed calls from his onsite office , result = he needs to attend office on monday at any cost , damm this happened to me again last time had to end my chikmaglur tour
                suddenly. Decided to skip as it will take good 3 hrs time headed to conoor roads and scenic beauty of this route made us happy .Went to Dolphin's Nose view point very impressed with the tea estates all along the route , there are no one at the place calm and cool breeze blowing , can see a water falls from this point . College bus full of girls arrived, in no time
                it was like crowded market had some masala tea asked shop guy what is that falls , he said its catherine falls looked at each other and smiled for the decision we made , he saw our bike's number plate and asked where from andhra? he gave a "Diff" smile on listening from HYD, we understood what that means .

                one way to dolphin's nose

                catherine falls

                Headed to ooty from conoor saw the famous troy train from distance took some snaps and headed to ooty.

                My friend was much interested in BG as its his first visit to ooty usual thing of taking pics seeing the boring garden was done .

                Drinking chips

                Time to refuel ourselves , after that headed to pykara falls . This route was equally enjoyable with smooth twists and turns love to ride this route again .

                shooting medu , didnot had the mood to see it as it looked dry and lifeless so a snap from the entrance

                A lake on way to pykara falls

                Pykara was good not much crowded, gushing sound of water recharged us time for click click....

                all for the pic

                it was already 3:30 PM and we need to reach mysore before sunset other wise driving at night with ZmaR "Powerfull" lights is not an easy task for me. While coming back i wished to see at least elephants and deers on Gudalur-mudumulai route and we were blessed saw some elephants & deers roadside , some snaps :

                18+ image

                to me highligt of the trip was seeing a leopard [i thougt it as cheetha thanks to phanikar for pointing it out now i know the diff ] was driving @ 60-70 speeds just near to TN-KA border checkpost suddenly i realised that i just passed by a leopard i stopped bike at full force resulted in good braking sound this made it run like anything to other side of road , my friend
                who was listening to music freaked out by seeing something running like that very close to him , nice to see such things happening to friends .

                Time to increase our speeds as we reached out of bandipur forest , reached mysore @ 7 PM went to see palace it was awesome to see it in lights at night . some click click ...

                Dinner @ pallavi dhabha [heard its good from locals], reached bangalore by 12

                Day 4: Thought of starting to HYD by 5 AM woke up at 8 AM and started by 10:30 took outer ring road from madiwala by 11:30 i was out of bangalore , police stopped me asked for all docs i had everything to point something they said you were overspeeding , i said i was well below 80 answer i got was 80 is generic speed limit for 2 wheelers it is 60 . I said i didnot see any such sign board etc etc.. continued . Rs 100 fine and free advice for me to go very slowly as there is another gang out there .

                Constantly maintined 90-100 speeds and with some breaks reached HYD by 8 PM .

                some pics on way back

                the insect killer

                As soon as i was nearing hyd my body started complaining .Reached home had dinner surprisingly i was not feeling much tired may be because of relaxed posture of zmaR .

                Total pertol filled : 58 liters[before starting my tour it had less than .5 ltr of petrol]

                Distance covered so far : 2000+ [still bike has not come to reserve]

                mileage : 2000/58 = 34.4 kmpl [is this the correct way to judge ?]

                what do you say guys is it good mileage or i should have got more with constant riding @ 90-100 speeds .
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                on 4 wheels u feel the speed after a crash, 2 wheelers are much more advanced

                Ananthagiri Trip


                Ooty trip

                Tirumala-horsley Hills