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Oh yes..!!! I'm LEH'D

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  • [Photo Feature]: Oh yes..!!! I'm LEH'D

    Oh yes...!!! I'm LEH'D.

    16th June ‘11 to 29th June ‘11
    The ride of a lifetime.
    13 days.
    5 riders
    ‘x’ photographs

    1. SAIF KHAN (bestofrivals @XBHP)
    2. LOVISH JUNEJA (lovish09 @XBHP)
    3. RAHUL KUMAR MENON (romeoinvisible5 @XBHP)

    Bestofrivals: black ZMA ‘X’ = 17
    Lovish09: black pulsar150 ‘X’ = 13.5
    Rahul kumar menon: blue p220 ‘X’ = 21
    Navneet dagar: black p220 ‘X’ = 21
    Gaurav aneja: black p150 ‘X’ = 14.09

    will start the TRIP log after approval.
    Just A TEASER for now


    I would specially like to thank RAHUL KUMAR MENON ( romeoinvisible5 @XBHP ) and his dad for the accommodation at all the army camps enroute leh.
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    when i ride...I RIDE...!!!



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    Thread approved


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      Originally posted by SKSy_Biker View Post
      Thread approved
      thanks for the quick approval sir..
      when i ride...I RIDE...!!!




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        That is something , nice and quick move lovish .now waiting for more pics with log . Bring it on
        CAUTION: One Gear Left


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          nice teaser lovish... waiting for log...
          Ladakh 2009


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            Nice pic there bro....Beautiful dont keep us waiting...
            Ride Hard !!! Ride Safe!!! Enjoy every moment on your machine !!! Cheers....


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              Congrats for your successful trip ,Waiting for detailed Log.


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                Good to see it up here, Man!!!

                Bring it ON!
                " Nothing Z Forever,Except D Change "

                Spiti ||Binsar || Lansdowne

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                  Put it up , can't wait anymore
                  CAUTION: One Gear Left


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                    2004 Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi - 26000 KM - Sold
                    2012 Suzuki GS150R

                    My travel blog:


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                      THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY.

                      The journey started just a year back when I saw someone from Panipat making “X” in his photos and then found ‘XBHP’. As soon as I logged on to this site, he ( Saif khan aka bestofrivals) found me there and we had a meeting and soon the REAL JOURNEY began with a ride with 9 bikers into the Himalayas.
                      The itch began and we continued riding after every 3-4 months or so it was going super fine and then came the BIG ride SPITI in march, After coming back from the white paradise I decided not to ride in the coming few months but as they say” jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai “ saif bro was in mood to do THE BIKER’S HEAVEN, LADAKH this year only, at that time I had to give it a thought and decided to ask my parents if they allow as they agreed for spiti on a deal that I won’t ask for ride in the coming months. Mother disagreed straight away “NO FOR LEH”…. But don’t know from where someone came to my dad and said that their son-in-law in posted in LADAKH and dad told them yeah my son wants to go there by bike and the same night dad called me to his room and said , “ you were talking about that LADAKH ride, what happened are you guys not going??? “ And then narrated me the whole story that someone is posted there and all.
                      I was like SHOCKED…!!! And so was my mother. I straight away said YES we have to go and now we are going..!!!
                      MOM ( to dad): its not a small ride its for 12-14 days I said NO and you are asking him .?????
                      DAD: “isne jaana to hai hi”… let him LIVE HIS LIFE, let him ENJOY..!!!
                      Omg..!!! I was like on the top of this world.
                      The very Next day saif bhai was informed and the preparations for the MEGA RIDE begin. The dates were tentative as I had my END SEMESTER exams and the date sheet for the practicals wasn’t fixed, but it was around mid of june.
                      The main source for WHAT TO CARRY, THE ROUTE, WHAT NOT TO DO and all was the XBHP MAGAZINE and internet. We were meeting and deciding the things to do when I got a message from Rahul kumar menon aka romeoinvisible5 about our plans as he was also thinking of doing leh in the mid of june, soon we decided to include him too as he has done SPITI in march and that too SOLO so he is fine with the hills riding and all. And when the team was almost decided 2 riders Navneet dagar( a very close friend of mine) and Gaurav aneja( another biker from panipat) were also willing to ride with us, Navneet has done a ride to mussorie with me so there’s no problem with him joining the group and saif bhai also agreed but we were very confused as to take ANEJA with us or not as he has no touring experience, but from what we have observed in short rides is that he rides safely and sanely, at first we said ‘NO’ but later saif bhai and I decided to take him also. Though we still were confused as to how he will ride in the hills but everything was made clear to him and he agreed. Finally from 2 riders the group has 5 riders now, and the thing left to be decided was THE DATE to start...
                      And then came the biggest problem I could ever imagine…
                      MY 6 YEAR OLD PULSAR 150…!!! The mechanic told me that I have to get the engine job done else it won’t climb up, the engine is down, damn what should I do now..??? Finally I agreed to get that done as it was the only solution and I don’t want to miss the ride NOW... The engine job was done now I have to do the complete it’s runn-in L
                      The next few days were really very tiring from morning to evening and then night I just have one main job... Ride it and ride it under the limits
                      IT’S RUNNING TIME…

                      My exams started and I was out of the meetings and discussions for 15 days and as soon as they were over we were in Delhi buying warm clothing, bags, and rain suits. Most of the things on our list were done but MY JACKET is still missing that (tick). I feel it was one of the most hardest earned piece of cloth (I said earned because I have to visit delhi 2 times after that, and the second time I was on a r15 (pillion) with rain gods opening their heart to the fullest but we managed to do the panipat to delhi(picking up the jacket) and back in 4-5 hours fully exhausted. And that too just a day before THE RIDE.
                      Finally just few hours left for the ride to start and I received a call from rahul bro that he has entered panipat I gave him directions and there he was, with his blue 220, man he was carrying his home on the bike...loads of load. Finally after a chit chat session and rahul bro’s parents meeting with saif bhai’s parents they wished us luck and some tips. Now it’s the time for our RIDE LOGO to be put up on our beloved machines. While we get the job done by the shopkeeper rahul wants to take one home and paste it of his own.

                      OUR RIDE LOGO

                      TANKS FULL

                      Everything done we all headed back to my home, the dinner was ready and we thought we could sleep, but the excitement wasn’t letting us.

                      BIKES READY ( @ my home )

                      We gave it a try because the next day is going to be a looooong riding one.
                      (these photos are clicked using a 3.2 mp mobile phone and hence the quality)

                      To be continued…
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                      when i ride...I RIDE...!!!




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                        nice trip .......keep it coming

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                          It will be nice to read this travelogue as it is a LEH ride PLUS its coming from you Mr. Panipat hehe. Yeah, I don't know you really but have seen/read you many times here on xBhp. Keep it flowing bro.

                          OT: Anyways, so it was your end sem. Which engineering college in Panipat you are from?
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                            Keep em coming nice coverage
                            Ride Safe & Ride Long-->


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                              DAY 1:
                              PANIPAT TO MANALI
                              DISTANCE COVERED: 489 KMS

                              THE ROUTE MAP.

                              WE ARE @


                              Taking their blessings THE JOURNEY BEGAN..!!!
                              Within minutes we were
                              @PANIPAT TOLL:

                              MY FAITHFUL MACHINE:

                              We were already late, it was 3:40 AM but the journey started and the next target was to reach kurukshetra and wait for navneet to join us. Saif bhai and menon were ahead doing 70-80 but my limits were 60kmph for another 200-300kms.
                              I thank all my co-riders for being patient and bear me and my speed (60kmph).
                              Navneet came to the meeting point at 5:30 AM and we continued moving or I should rather say crawling ahead. Crossed Ambala and we can see black clouds in the sky, time to cover our saddles with water proof covers.

                              MOVING ON:

                              The hills were still some distance away and these awesome roads welcomed us in



                              and the owner too)

                              after wasting almost 3 hrs in that dhaba drama the next thing was to ride bit fast and ride long without breaks.


                              and we there were roads..!!!

                              We continued riding with a no. of butt breaks and reached mandi at around 5:20 PM




                              NAVNEET DAGAR:

                              YOUR'S TRULY:OUR ROOM:

                              MASTI TIME

                              And I had my last shot

                              a hot water bath, some ENGLISh bread by menon saab and tasty dinner we were in world of dreams..!!!

                              ACCOMODATION FOR THE DAY:

                              GAURAV GUEST HOUSE, OLD MANALI

                              RS. 700/- PER ROOM.
                              when i ride...I RIDE...!!!