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A Fantastic Road Trip to Vagamon,Thekkady, Ramakkalmedu and Idukki.. :)

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  • ajmalfazer
    Originally posted by Noor View Post
    Trip log approved
    Thanks for the approval..

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  • avk84
    We have been to Ramakkalemedu and Thekkady last year. The birds eye view of plains down there and the sheer speed of wind is awesome.

    Also we did a full day trekking on Thekkady that involved rowing the bamboo boats...

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  • rawpower_87
    nice set of pics!! post more pics guys!

    reminds me of the wonderful trip I've had with my friends to vagamon 3 months ago(did it on car though., parents'-problems )

    Anyways, all the best for your future endeavors... !! Keep Riding!

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  • aargee
    Rating this thread 5* for the scenic route you've taken; but in turn, pls post some more scenaries, not more of people

    Also, any specific reason why you guys missed Gavi which is near Parunthumpara?

    Did you guys had to take any permission from Forest dept for places any where after Thekkady & beyond?

    Also appreciate if you can share the places of hotels you stayed. Tks.

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  • Noor
    Trip log approved

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  • A Fantastic Road Trip to Vagamon,Thekkady, Ramakkalmedu and Idukki.. :)

    This travellouge is of Vagamon , parunthumopara and Ramakkalmedu trip I had recently. This is my first travellouge . So please don’t expect much quality in the narration and also tolerate with any mistakes I make.

    A Word of thanks to the man who opened up the plan for a trip….

    First of all let me thank my friend Imthiyas (Imukka) for this trip , though he was not present for the trip but It’s because of him we went for this trip.

    Immukka is an Electronics Engineer Working with an MNC in Dubai.After completing his 11 months of tedious work life, he landed here with the desire to spend a month with Family and friends and of course as usual a trip with us was definitely in his agenda. But unfortunately he could not join us for the trip. I did not had any plan for a trip because a few days back I went for a solo bike trip to Mysore . But Imukka had already charged up us for the trip and once we are charged there is no back out from our plan at any cost we will go.

    3 Riders and a Pillion Rider

    Finally we planned to start our journey at 5 Am, on 9th Sept . our group includes of 4 members with 3 Bikes and a Pillion Rider.
    1.Hashim (FZS Limited Midnight Special Limited Edition
    2.Haque (White Fazer )
    3. Ajmal (me) ( Black Fazer)
    4.Babin ( Pillion Rider )
    We 3 started from Kodungallur(a place in Trissur Dist. Almost equidistant from ernakulam and thrisur ie around 35kms)
    Hashim joined us at Paravoor since he is from Edavanakkad( a place in Vypeen Island,Ekm).

    Day: 1

    Our plan for the day was to reach ramakkalmedu covering moolamattom, painavu, kulamavu and kattappana. The root we took was Seaport-airtport road-Kolenchery- muvattupuzha-Thodupuzha-muttom.In between we had our breakfast at kolenchery. The road was good, unlike the other roads in kerala. Our bikes were just gliding through the rubberized road, Thanks to the wide Soft compound radial tyres.

    From Muttom we took left turn and entered the idukki road. This road was also in good condition after having a gratifying ride with of around 8kms on the idukki roads we saw a sign board at Kanjar which shows turn right to Ilaveezhapoonchira .

    The Right Turns

    I had heard about Ilaveezhapoonchira but never knew that it was on our way. We did not waste time discussing whether we should go there or move as per plan. The thrill is more when we move out of a fixed plan. We took right turn from kanjar and headed to poonchira which is enroute to Vagamon via pulikanam, this is a new road constructed 2 years back. We hardly travelled 2 km then the uphill started. Our Bike was moving like in normal road I think our bikes did not know that we are moving uphill. But Hashim’s Fz feels the heat as he had pillion rider on.
    I forget to tell about our plan to manage the burden of pillion rider by apportioning him on 3 bikes. I cunningly chose to have pillion rider starting from home till Muvatupuzha(around 100km) as if am doing a great thing. Both Hashim and Haque don’t know the route and roads condition, so both agreed. But only after entering the poonchira road they felt that they have been cheated by me..
    After riding a few more kms we reached a small junction with a few local shops, from where we have to deviate to right to poonchira and straight leads to vagamon.We took our second right turn and proceeded to Ilaveezhapoonchira. The road was becoming worse and worse as we moved uphill. But at the same time the nature was becoming ravishingly scenic. Now I began to enjoy the nature rather than worrying about the condition of the road. But I don’t think the same was the case with Hashim as he still had the pillion rider on. The tar road comes to an end. We saw a car parked at the end of the road. There was no proper road from there but only big round shaped stones

    Still 4kms to be covered to reach poonchira. So from there either we have to walk or hire a jeep which is too costly (Rs.800 for 4km).But why should we when we have the lord of the street(FZ) and touring spirit(Fazer) with us??. Then we had a fantastic off roading experience for 2kms. But then we found it difficult to move further since the stones were wet and slippery and moreover babin was walking most of the time, so we decide to park our bike and walk the rest 2kms.At last we reached there by 9.30 Am.

    The place was extremely awesome with Verdant Landscape. Then we moved towards the police wireless station which is on the top to get a better view. But by the time we reached there the mighty mist covered the entire area. We spend there around an hour enjoying the natural beauty but then it started raining and to worsen the situation lighting also started. This place is prone to Lightning; many people have lost their life in lighting in this place. In this place lightning is very dangerous because there is no tress. The name Ilaveezhapoonchira itself means that place where no leaf falls bcos there are no trees.It took around half an hour for the rain to settle down.

    Then we left the place and proceeded to our next destination, as per plan we should cover Idukki. But when we reached the T junction I just asked the comrades should we change our plan and go to vagamon on first day its only 27 kms from here or move to Idukki.??
    Hashim was the first one to answer ‘we shall move to Vagamon”.Now the right indicator of the 3 bikes is on. That was our third right turn and we headed to wagamon.
    The ride to wagamon through this route was really fantastic. We were really enjoying the winding roads with a few hairpin bends, and many times I scratched the footrest of my bike.
    The nature becomes more and more picturesque as we were moving uphill. The greenish beauty of nature cladded in fog cannot be explained in words or to be frank I don’t have the ability to explain it through words. Now we understood that all our right turns was indeed right decisions otherwise we would have missed all these marvelous views and thrilling ride.

    I was really enjoying the ride and for a few minutes I forget about my comrades. when I looked in to the RVM I could not see the both bikes behind me , I then I reduced the speed but still they are not visible.Then I stopped my bike and turned back and ride for a few meters and found out them . Hashim’s FZ has developed a problem with chain, His chain was already not in a good condition, it has reached its limit (Done 20500 +). I changed the chain and sprocket of my fazer at 18000 km.
    From the starting of our journey itself his chain was making noise. His intention was to change the chain after this trip. But now the issue is his bike is not moving the steep road with pillion rider his chain keeps on slipping. Now again the burden of pillion rider came to me. We reached Vagamon by 2pm after completing many photo sessions on the way. We had our lunch at a vagamon.
    After refreshing ourselves we went to the green meadows, the green meadows were really a feast for the eyes. When we saw the green meadows we wish we could climb the grass hills with our bike but unfortunately now the entry to vehichles are restricted .There were many tourists at green meadows, enjoying the green pastures. We also climbed up and down the small hillocks and enjoyed the green grass covered landscapes. We spend there for more than an hour and departed to our next destination, Pine forests.
    Both The green meadows and pine forests are situated on the way to Elappara from Vagamon. The pine forest was also very beautiful, Like meadows this place also witnessed many film shootings .We did not spend much time in pine forest since it started raining but this time it seemed that the rain is not gonna stop soon. We waited more than one and half hour in a tarpaulin shed. By 6.30pm the intensity of the rain reduced, and we left the place after having a double omelet from a nearby ‘thattu kada’. We could not visit the suicide point as it was already late.
    Our next destination was Parunthumpara, which we planned to visit on next day. We planned to stay either at kuttikaanam or peermedu since both places are near to parumthumpara. We left to kuttikaanam via Elappara route, It was continuously raining all the way and we reached kuttikaanam By 8.10 Pm. On that night we stayed in a lodge at Kuttikaanam. After taking dinner at a nearby hotel and a long chit chat session in the room we all went for sleep… zzzzz

    Day: 2 Parunthumpara, Thekkady, Ramakkalmedu

    As usual I was the first one to wake up; once I’m awake I cannot tolerate the peaceful sleep of others. Atlast due to my constant effort everyone is now awake. We had our breakfast from the hotel at Peermade.
    Then we Proceeded to Parumthumpara, and reached there by 9 Am. The ride to parunthunpara from kuttikaanam gave us much opportunity to do lots of cornering with most of the time scraping the footrests.
    As it was morning there were not many tourists enjoying the Verdant landscapes cladded in fog at parunthumpara. We took many photos there and spent there a lot of time waiting for the fog to settle down so that we can have a good view of deep gorges hillocks. To our luck fogs settle down for a few second and we had a glimpse of deep bare rock. The view was really marvelous. Again the fog comes up and covered every one. One peculiarity of this place is fog movement is very quick here. Fog develops within a span of seconds and also settles quickly here. we left parunthumpara at 11.15 after having an Ice cream.
    Our next destination was Thekkady. The ride to thekkady was good till vandiperiyar but after vandiperiyar road is not in good condition. We reached thekkady at 1pm. We entered the periyar tiger reserve after waiting a long time in que to get the entrance ticket. Periyar tiger reserve was too crowded on that day. When we just enquired about the boating, we came to know that all the slots are booked.we did not spend much time there. We left thekkady and we had our lunch at kumily.

    Then we left to Ramakkalmedu.The route we took was Kumily-Anakkara-Vandanmettu-Cumbumettu-Ramakkalmedu.This route was ravishingly Scenic with winding roads , lots of twisting and turns , greenish Farm lands either side of the road and view of gigantic hills. We reached Ramakkalmedu at 4.30pm.

    Ramakkalmedu is the land of uninterrupted winds and alluring rocks.
    There are two adjacent hills at ramakkal medu one with a gigantic statue of ‘Kuravan’ and ‘kurathi’ and the other one is the taller one where one gets a panoramic view of the villages below in Tamilnadu.

    At first we explored the One with the statue and then we trekked to the taller Mountain. we struggled a lot to stand straight due to the heavy wind blow. The view from the top of the hill is breathtaking. About seven small townships and adjoining fields could be seen from the top. Under a clear sky, one feels so close to the clouds. You might even feel like to stretch out and touch those soft cotton clouds floating by. Even on really hot days, a tourist might not feel exhausted, thanks to the cool winds blowing constantly.

    It was 6.45pm when we left Ramakkalmedu, I liked Ramakkalmedu so much which made me to take a decision that I’m definitely gonna come back here again.
    On that night we stayed at kattappana. I met my friend Tony Cyriac (xbhpian) as per the plan; He was on the way to his Uncle’s Farm house at Pandippara in Idukki.

    Day:3 Anchuruli, Calvoury Mount, Idukki dam

    The first place we visited on the last day of our trip was Anchuruli. This place is located on kattappana- Elappara route (8kms from kattappana).In this place we can see a very big tunnel under a rock. It’s through this tunnel the water flows to The Idukki dam. This place is very dangerous place; many people have lost their life, by entering in to the water. The speed of water flowing to the backwater is Immeasurable. So during rainy season please do not step in to the water. But in summer season one can even walk through the tunnel which is of 5km in length.

    The next place we visited was the calvoury Mount which is on the way to Idukki from kattappana (12-15km from Kattappana). To reach Calvoury mount we should trek up to the top from a place called 10th mile (kattappana-Idukki Route). When we reached the lower side of the place where the steep path started, Both Hashim and Haque did not accepted my proposal of taking our bikes to the top Cos the path was that much steep that they are not confident enough. Then it happened, we saw a 4WD jeep climbing the top, this scene changed their mind and accepted to take the bike to the top. There was no proper road but only a jeep track. It was a very adventurous ride and finally we reached on the top.

    The Panoramic view of the backwaters of Idukki dam is simply amazing and unforgettable. We can see many islands in the backwater which may immerse if the water level local man told that sometimes wild elephants cross the water swimming and climbs up this mountain. We spend there a lot of time enjoying the unexplored beauty of the nature. Then we moved to our next destination ie Idukki Dam.

    We reached Idukki Dam at 12.30 pm . At that time Idukki Dam, The Asia’s biggest arch dam was opened for public. The entire area near the Idukki dam was occupied with tourists. We found a long queue in front of the ticket counter. The one thing which irritated us was mobile phones and cameras are not allowed inside the dam. Finally we entered the dam. The arch dam stands between two mountains ‘Kuravan’ and ‘Kurathi. Though it was nice to see the dam and surrounding area we did not feel good as it was so heavily crowded that we could not enjoy the beauty of the place and also the sun was at its peak. Then we left the dam and went to cheruthony town for taking the lunch. By the time we finished the lunch it started started heavily raining we waited in the restaurant for an hour but no use finally we pulled up our raincoats, though we know that it was of no use in such a heavy rain. By 3.45 we returned from Idukki. We planned to take Idukki-Painavu-Moolamattom-Thodupuzha route.

    The intensity of the rain reduced by the time we reached the Kulamaavu dam. Now it’s only drizzling.. We did not have any intention to visit the dam as we are already tired of visiting Idukki dam. But when we entered the dam we could not resist our self-stopping the bikes on top of the dam. The view from the kulamavu dam was awesome. But suddenly some police men came and scolded us for parking on top of the dam.

    . The Idukki- Muttom ride was really worth. Many times thick fog developed on our way. It was so nice to enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature covered up in fog We all enjoyed the ride so much, we reached muttom by around 6 pm. We all had tea with Kappa and Meen Curry at muttom.
    Then we continued our return journey, The route which we took was Thodupuzha- Muvattupuzha-Perumbavoor-Aluva- Paravur-Kodungallur.finally we reached Home by 9pm with sweet memories.

    Total Kms Done- 520; Mileage we got, 1. Me(Fazer)-44kmpl 2. Haque(fazer)-42kmpl, 3.Hashim(Fz)- 38kmpl.

    Route we took
    Kodungallur-Paravur-Varapuzha-Kalamasery-Seaport airport road-Kolenchery-muvattupuzha-thodupuzha-muttom-Kanjar-Vagamon-Elappara-kuttikaanam-Parunthumpara-vandiperiyar-thekkady-Vandanmettu-cumbummettu-Ramakkalmedu-Kattappana-Idukki-Moolamattam-Thodupuzha-Perumbavur-Aluva-Paravur-Kodungallur...
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