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4 Day Ride: Chennai - Ooty - Chennai

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  • [Photo Feature]: 4 Day Ride: Chennai - Ooty - Chennai


    It all started during weekend G2G meet at Tiger Caves in the month of August. That was the time when Sunny, Ananth, Rajiv were having a plan to ride to Goa for the new Ninja 650R run-in in September hoping that the Ninjas would be delivered soon in August. I just started a topic of why not we do a ride in the month of October 3-4 days ride. Spoke with group to know their thoughts and there was a positive response. From then we opened a thread and started to discuss. After that we put in a poll to decide on the dates so that we can have maximum participants for this Ride and Dates were freezed for Oct 20 - 23. Also parallely we were discussing on the route and destination - Intially thought would do a Ooty - Masinagudi - Mudumalai Tiger Reserve - Mysore - Chennai. After some detailed discussion we decided to do Mettupalayam - Ooty - Mettupalayam - Chennai.

    Day 0
    After attending a lot of family commitments - now the turn comes for my personal passion to be taken care. After my 10 day Ride in March, i haven't rode out anywhere - also my bike started to show signs of wear. Thought that could fix my bike before the ride - but estimate for the fix was on high side and if i do that then i wont be able to make up for my ride - so ditched that plan and after some pitching - got my cousin's 1 month old Apache RTR 180 :-)

    Now its time to pack - searched my gears, saddle bag and packed up the items which am planning to carry and finally completed that with 4 hours to start for the ride.

    Trying hard to get some sleep for couple of hours before the ride but the excitement of thinking about the ride is pumping in my veins and not making sleep :-)

    Somehow managed to get couple of hours of sleep and woke up by 3am. Took a cold shower to get rid of the a little sleep around my eyes. Got geared up and saddled by bike and all set for the Ride to Ooty for next 4 days.
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    Thread approved
    Happiness is finding you have another Gear left....

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      Pics pics pics quick


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        Ooty! Myself and my friend planned for a 3-days trip sometime back. Its still not happening because of some personal commitments. Anyway, good to see you touring, mate! And its on an RTR! Let's hear the story! Bring it on.


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          Riders and their Rides

          Sunny - Ninja 650R

          Ravi - Ninja 650R

          Rajiv - Ninja 250R

          Sai - CBR 250

          Sriram - Karizma R

          Pratheep - Yamaha R15 - Black

          Raman - Yamaha R15 - Red

          Jaffer - FZ16

          ME - Apache 180

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            Day 1 - Chennai to Mettupalayam

            Day started very early for me – 00.00 hours itself, as I haven’t slept after packing the bags. Tried to catch some sleep and finally managed for couple of hours. Took a cold shower to clear of the glimpses of sleep around the corner of my eye. Quickly geared up, saddled my bike and took some self-timer shots and left to the meeting point – CTC. Within next half an hour I reached the meeting point and as expected I was the first one to reach there ? and checked my mobile for any update – A Message from Pratheep – that he, Raman, Sai and Jaffer have started from their place. Within next 10 minutes they reached and soon Sriram too joined us.

            My Ride for the Trip

            We were just catching up with each other and giving tips on Group riding – that’s when Sunny arrived with 650R and then we got company another Green machine – Rajiv, we were waiting for Ravi to come up. It was already 5.30am, we decided to push off as the Ninja’s can catch us anytime – and was about to leave – then Ravi arrived with N650R. We shook hands with for joining the ride and let him know that we are leaving as its already late. Sriram was leading the group and we 4 were following him with Pratheep as a Sweep. Initial hiccup came when Sriram missed to take the left to Bangalore bypass with the low-light + no clear indication – a 2km detour took us right back to the highway and we all were cruising in good speeds of 85’s on the open highway. Jaffer, Raman and Sai were first time group riders, but soon they were in sync with us and then the riding became more interesting. We were gobbled up miles before we stopped before a toll booth to recoup with the Ninja’s. Ravi was having some trouble in his saddle bags – right side bag was touching the tires – tried a few fixes which would hold good until our breakfast stop. We decided to head out for the breakfast stop and then take a break while Ravi n sunny decided to take a fag break near the toll itself. From there, Sai and Rajiv paired on their 250’s (Ninja and CBR) went ahead to look out a Restaurant after Vellore and we started to follow them. Some few kms before Pallikonda Toll, Rajiv was waving us to stop for the breakfast and now it was my turn to wait and signal the Ninja’s about our place. Managed to see the 650’s light from a distance and was waving my hands from them to stop, Ravi who was in front missed it – luckily Sunny saw me and signaled me that he will catch up Ravi and come back.

            We parked our bikes such that they were right before our sight. It was a self-service style restaurant, where you pay for the order – get the bill – give it in kitchen counter – get your order – Eat ?. Then some chit chat – Fag – Fix Ravi’s Saddle bag issue and we were all good for the ride. As usual the 250’s went ahead and 650’s flew past us and we cruised in 90’s and reached krishnagiri for a quick catch and liquid break. After a 10 minute break, we all decided to meet up somewhere before Salem and have Lunch. As the twin
            cylinders went past us, we all cruised in our speeds and stopped at place for photography and some chocolates to boost us. Soon we were nearing Salem, but there were no sign of the ninja’s waiting for us. It was about 1pm and we were against going into Salem city for Lunch so decided to proceed ahead and have lunch enroute on the highway. We kept riding on and the highways after Salem are vast empty being a weekday and cruising in 90’s is such a pain there - occasionally tired to hit triple digit speeds and attained top speed of 125kms (odo) – could realize how the 250’s and 650’s would have zoomed past these roads. We stopped some 80kms before avinashi and took a break. Sriram tried to reach Rajiv but the call was not picked and checked his mobile for any message. Sunny has messaged that he and Ravi have went to Salem City, finished up their lunch and enjoying a power nap. We energized us with some 5star, biscuits and water - It was about 1.20pm and we decided to head to Avinashi and headed again on road. We kept riding for long and when we saw the board Avinashi – 80kms (we have miscalculated the distance before) the spirit to ride for lunch collapsed and we decided first to listen to our tummies. We stopped at Perundurai Bypass for Lunch. After some food under the AC, we all were back to senses and ready to roll again ?. We got from Rajiv then stating that they have reached mettupalayam - With awesome road conditions they have zipped past directly. I passed on the cottage number so that they can check in.

            Idly for Breakfast

            Helmets taking some Rest

            Our Rides parked outside the Hotel

            Gearing up to start the ride after Breakfast break

            Raman taking a power nap

            Sriram and Pratheep

            Ready to pounce

            Open highway

            Regrouped after Jaffer tanked up his bike

            Break at Krishnagiri

            We under the shade of the Lorry

            Our Photographer


            Waiting for Pratheep near Thoppur A2B

            Stopped for a Photo break - Sunny arrived

            Followed by Ravi

            And they Left

            Sriram with the whities

            Me with Go White

            Soon got company of Jaffer, Pratheep and Raman

            Jaffer crashed out for a quick nap before our lunch

            Gearing up to ride for Lunch

            Starting post Lunch

            We were all geared up again and was about to leave – we saw the 650’s burning some rubber on the highway. With sriram leading again we headed to out next point Avinashi – we maintained some constant speed and soon we reached Avinashi. I fueled up and in next few minutes we took a right turn to mettupalayam and some 15 kms before we were welcomed with some light shower which was pleasing after riding in humid conditions. But that wasn’t the scene, after few kms we were welcomed by a strong rain for 10 minutes which was enough to make us wet. We reached the cottage – parked our bikes and un-saddled the bags and dumped them in the rooms. Since it had rained, the floor at the parking place was slippery and had some tough time in parking the 650’s.

            Now coming to the stay, got to know about this place through my friend. Place was good but some renovation work was going on, we had a bit of hard time, accompanied with the power cuts and mosquitoes. After refreshing we went chatting over the different topics along with the company of the few shots of drinks and dinner. Realizing the discussion being going on, few cracked over the discussion to get some sleep and soon all of us hit the beds for a relaxed ride tomorrow.

            P.S. No photos of the Start from the meeting point and evening photos as my P&S couldn't capture it :-(
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              ^^Nice start Dinesh...

              Will upload pics as soon as possible.Having some net problems at my place.Unable to upload them.
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                Pardon me for the double post..

                Painting the world

                Ninja's Perspective

                Take the world and paint it red

                On the Shores of a Dreamland

                And the search continues

                More to follow
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                  Good job guys.. tuned to this thread, bring it on dinesh....


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                    Superb snaps...
                    Hope you all had good fun!

                    Dream big and Dream hard,
                    coz life's all about chasing down ur dreams and living them...


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                      wonderful pics guys! really soon gona ride to ooty most probably by the first weekend of nov. gives me much more confidence and desire take my zma there after looking at Sri anna's steed rocking in all pics..BTW where u all stayed?? me planning to stay at Ponmari residency, my friend's hotel!
                      "safety will be the sturdy child of terror, and survival the twin brother of annihilation"


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                        Congrats for your wonderful Trip guys, Eagerly waiting for the Log.
                        Monsoon ride to the God's own country

                        Being a biker. Is it easier said than done? What makes a biker?Anyone who rides for the love of it..!!



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                          nice start dinesh bring on the rest
                          Stories of the open road...........


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                            Awesome Pics....
                            Very well written...
                            Ride Hard !!! Ride Safe!!! Enjoy every moment on your machine !!! Cheers....


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                              Nice trip guys..
                              bring on the rest of it..
                              If you ride like there's no tomorrow, there won't be ~ Ride Safe
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