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The Motorcycle Diaries!!

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  • The Motorcycle Diaries!!

    2 States!!
    3 Nights of sleepless riding!!
    4 Bikes!!
    5 days!!
    6 Nights!!
    7 FRIENDS!!
    8 Places!!
    1789KMS and infinite amount of fun n fun n ADVENTURE!!!

    Places covered=
    Bangalore>Pondicherry>Trichy>Madurai>Kodaikanal>Mu nnar>Ooty>Bandipur>Mysore>Bangalore!!

    Bikes => Duke 200
    Pulsar 200NS
    R E ThunderBird
    Yamaha R15

    A long awaited trip for all of us!!
    Having done 1330 kms across Western Ghats in Karnataka with 2 bikes, this time we chose to go bigger and better with 4 of the kind!!

    Will be uploading more photos and log after the post is approved!!

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    Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

    Travelogue Approved
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      Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

      The teaser pics looks awesome bro i am infact planning to do a similar ride in September mid..please bring on the rest soon..cant wait .
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        Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

        A cruiser, a naked sports, a street bike and a sports bike. Rare but awesome mixup! Bring it on!
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        150cc doing 100+ is great!
        100cc doing 100+ is awesome!!
        150cc cornering like hell is great!
        100cc cornering like hell is awesome!!


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          Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

          Night 1 :

          23rd of July 2013!!
          Night at 10!!

          After a long day we were all set to go to Pondicherry as planned at 10 P.M!!
          But as one of our friend had to come from Chickmagalur who had been there for a photography tour(reptiles and stuff) we had to wait for him til 12!!
          As our normal routine we started from Orion at 12 A.M (24th of July)!!
          Starting with Hosur Road the ride was comfortable, the trouble started once we took a turn at Krishnagiri!!
          The roads were in terrible condition and the rest 200 odd kms seemed to be a very long and exhaustive ride!!
          Finally reached Pondicherry at 8 in the morning as we had to take lot of breaks in the journey!!
          In Pondy we directly went to the beach side road as we didn't know any other place over there!!

          After the breakfast and visiting a nearby beach we had to visit the service centers as we had found some trouble with the bikes and that took a long while we chose to rest on the comfortable couch (Thanks to RE, Pondy)!!

          Left Pondy at 5 and as the madurai NH was good thought of taking some snaps!!

          A small stop for a chain lube!!

          Found a decent hotel at Trichy and took a much needed nap after a sleepless 36 hours!!
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            Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

            Great.....!!! two naked Streetfighters, A Sports machine & a Royal Enfield.
            But Pillion Helmets missing
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              Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

              All seems good but the pillions are without helmet

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                Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                Guys, Nice one! but with all due respect, I cannot but highlight the same issue bought up many times before on this forum that riding sleepless is not an achievement!! Why is it that this factor completely ignores your own safety and the safety of others on the road? We are humans, not super beings!

                Please go through this thread for more understanding on this:

                Anyways, I like all others hope that on your upcoming trips, you take this safety concern seriously and maturely
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                  Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                  Fantastic captures, bro!! keep'em coming.
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                    Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                    Yup!! couldnt arrange those!!

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                    I agree with that!! But we were never pushing ourselves and gave lots of brakes in the middle, had a short nap(3 hours spprox.) in the RE showroom,Pondy and were rather more cautious in the road.. I do take your advice!!

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                    Day 2: Madurai

                    As decided earlier we left Trichy a bit late (at around 1130) and started towards Madurai!!
                    The ride was pleasant because of the roads and reached Madurai at 2PM!!
                    All of us were amazed to see such a big temple and still crowded all the way!!

                    Had a nice meal in a hotel nearby temple and started with a bit more enthusiasm towards Kodaikanal!!
                    By the time we reached a place 50 km far from Kodaikanal it was already 7 and we chose to have dinner in a decent hotel on the way. As all of us were tired we thought of halting there itself as the availability of hotel in the late night at Kodai was unknown to all of us..

                    Had a nice walk in the woods and we did not forget to have a campfire though it was not that cold!!


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                      Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                      Nice write up with good pictures. Please make sure both rider and pillion wears helmets next time. Waking up for 36 hours is not a big thing but you should be careful with sleep deprivation while on tours. I too ride after sleepless nights but never got into any accident due to lack of attention arising from sleep deprivation. I'd also like to know how the Duke performed during the tour. How was the fuel economy, did the low capacity tank cause any trouble, how was the riding comfort on the Duke, for both rider and pillion? I'm planning to get a Duke too and intend to tour the North East India on it but only having a 11 liter gas tank worries me.
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                        Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                        Duke is a performer no matter in the city or while off roading!! The ride position is a bit edgy, but once you get used to it u would like that position more than any other bikes.. Economy was floating around 35-38 while we maintained a speed of 75-80 for which I can say is a good mileage for such perfomance.. Perhaps we found the Duke spilling some amount of petrol when it was fully loaded in one of our earlier trip.. So we normally would fill up 500 worth of petrol and would fill it frequently which was not a big trouble as we needed breaks in between.. This Duker owns this machine from 1 year.. Apart from this NO COMPLAINTS!!

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                        DAY 3:


                        Early in the morning we met a KSRTC(Karnataka) bus driver who stopped by at the hotel for the breakfast and spoke about the road conditions and weather for the rest of our journey.. We were proud to see some jaw dropping faces who got down from the bus as they saw Bangalore bikes in Kodai, they did not forget to take the photographs giving some poses!!

                        Left the hotel at 830 after breakfast to meet our first curves in this ride!!

                        Took a Boat ride!! (Safety First)

                        This Duker never misses such chance!!

                        Took some home-made chocolates, had lunch and left the city to Munnar at 2PM!!

                        After a rather smooth ride we were stopped at a check post after Theni which was also the beginning of the Ghats!! After the enquiry we found that the road was under construction and the traffic was allowed every alternate hours.. As it was 0515PM we had to sit by the roadside for another 45 minutes..

                        After 6 we encountered one of the dangerous road we traveled in our life so far!! The roads were out of shape in most of the parts, which was already a single lane was made smaller by the falling rocks(due to drilling for road widening).. The local jeep and lorry drivers were very rash and we had to slow ourself for the rest of our journey..

                        Amazingly the Kerala counterpart which was on the other side of the hill was exceptionally good and very cold!!

                        We were completely blinded by the fog which had reduced the visibility considerably which was already low after sun set!!
                        At this time ThunderBird took the lead which had powerful low beam(as high beams are not useful in this condition) and others had to just follow the leader!!

                        There was only one petrol bunk on the way with a long queue and the rest of the road was deserted as we could not locate any accomodation on the way!!
                        Finally we found a hotel in the outskirts of Munnar and checked the temperature to be 11 degree!!
                        Finally we had a very cozy sleep!!
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                          Re: The Motorcycle Diaries!!

                          DAY 3:


                          The morning at the Munnar was colder than expected... With that kind of whether none of us were expecting to see a sun rise and thus woke up a bit late and started towards the city!!

                          That was the first visit to Munnar for all of us and all was picture perfect for us!!
                          The chilly weather, a short drizzle now and then, it seemed to be riding at 6 AM even though it was 12PM!!

                          Tea estates all the way!!

                          Stopped by a lake!!

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                          DAY 3:


                          The morning at the Munnar was colder than expected... With that kind of whether none of us were expecting to see a sun rise and thus woke up a bit late and started towards the city!!

                          That was the first visit to Munnar for all of us and all was picture perfect for us!!
                          The chilly weather, a short drizzle now and then, it seemed to be riding at 6 AM even though it was 12PM!!

                          Tea estates all the way!!

                          Stopped by a lake!!