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Thread: Summer weekend Bhiwadi- Mandawa

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    Default Summer weekend Bhiwadi- Mandawa

    Do you guys know how hot it gets here in Bhiwadi during summer??? A 48C day is rare, but 46C day is common in the month of May.
    What would a normal person do? - Take sanctuary in hill station, which is wise.
    Now, What would a crazy person do? - This is what we did,

    We wanted to go for a trip deep into Rajasthan's villages and see how they wait out the summer in their havelis. Thebest place to find old havelis is Mandawa, which is on route to Bikaner. So we just had a quick chat on Friday evening and 3 people (including me) accepted to join 4th one was the crazier guy who proposed this Idea.The plan was to leave around 3: 00 PM Saturday directly from office and reach Mandawa around 7:00 PM, find a nice haveli, sit on the top of it and have dinner and return on Sunday evening to Bhiwadi.

    Route that we planned,

    Name:  Mandawa.jpg
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    Crazy fellows & their rides - Myself on my CBR 250R
    2 other friends on their Impulses
    and the crazier fellow was on R15

    Mod, Please approve for the rest of the craziness..

    Right, my last few trips had unexpected change of plans in the beginning. But this one turned out as a proper start, me and my friends suited up, well hydrated, took few bottles of water each, light packed backpacks and started right on schedule (@ 3: 00 PM) from office. It was too damn dry and hot, got onto the NH-8 and riding slow. Two of the friends were beginners in touring on bikes and group rides, so we had to show them a little demonstration and explain signals & etiquette. Earlier, we tried giving lecture before trip starts, but nothing worked, so began this practical approach. IT WORKS! They grasp easy and digs in.

    Damn me, am going off the track, aren't I???? huhhh.. we crossed Rewari, myself and my friend on R15 were too bored by the speeds that we were doing. 60 kmph on a highway and on a hot day? Then we asked other 2 people to pick some speed and then we started averaging 70-80 kmph. Two hours on the road and we were fried, thirsty and faces were full of dust. The roads looked like this,

    Name:  IMG-20150421-WA0005.jpg
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    Pit Stop..

    The bottles that we were carrying got so hot and it was horrible drinking hot water which smells of plastic when you are dead thirsty.
    Decided to take a snack break at Narnaul, and had juices along with chat. We still had half way to cover and was exhaustive in just a 100 kms. We agreed not to stop till we cross Jhunjhunu, there is nothing to tell. Just boring highway, hot and crossing small towns -STUPIDITY. We crossed Chirawa and things started to change a bit, its hot but not that hot and the villages were becoming different than what we used to see. We reached Jhunjhunu and the roads started to become narrow, I mean too narrow.
    Only one car could go in it and no gap on sides which were covered with thorny bushes. But it was tarmac, we reached Mandawa and all we could see is it was old.

    Name:  IMG-20150421-WA0004.jpg
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    Street and entrance to the town.

    Narrow street lanes, old havelis everywhere, people watching us like we were aliens. We got lost in the streets, then called the haveli guy where we planned to stay . He came and guided us the way, but sadly it was not one of those old havelis, it was a new one compared to.
    But it was full of paintings and glass artwork embedded on the walls.
    It got dark and we ordered food onto the roof top restaurant that they had, freshened up and went to roof and sat down. There were no high rise buildings and buzzy traffic noises, was calm. we had nice chat and dinner there till midnight.

    Name:  IMG-20150421-WA0001.jpg
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    Bikes Parked!

    Name:  IMG-20150421-WA0000.jpg
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    We Crazy Fools! Damn, everyone sucked their bellies in except me.

    Name:  IMG-20150419-WA0000.jpg
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    And this was the room. Would make a good romantic hangout for couple.

    DAY 2: Teaser pic..

    Name:  IMG-20150421-WA0003.jpg
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    Default Re: Summer weekend Bhiwadi- Mandawa

    Crazy Ride Approved

    Now that is what you call a bum burner
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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    Default Re: Summer weekend Bhiwadi- Mandawa

    What? You guys wanted to roast yourselves?
    Bring on the rest!

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    Default Re: Summer weekend Bhiwadi- Mandawa

    Quote Originally Posted by The Monk View Post
    Crazy Ride Approved

    Now that is what you call a bum burner
    Thanks for the approval.. Yes it was burning , I couldn't sit properly for the next day..

    Quote Originally Posted by krishna77 View Post
    What? You guys wanted to roast yourselves?
    Bring on the rest!
    Haha.. we did roast ourselves.

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