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Road to Paradise: R1 and Intruder ride to Rohtang

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  • Road to Paradise: R1 and Intruder ride to Rohtang

    Somethings are just not meant to be. Our mission to reach Rohtang (effectively till Marhi since road from there is closed in this season due to snow).

    Anyways I was so dissapointed that we even could not reach till Marhi due to a series of unfortunate events.

    Started from Delhi at 7.30AM on Sunday - me on the R1 and Anurag on the Intruder.

    We covered 630kms and reached Manali at 10PM after numerous breaks for food and photography. It was an easy and relaxed ride until tommmorow...

    ^En route Manali


    ^Dusk, twilight


    ^The night gets even darker and the lights on the mountainside shine like fireflies

    The Next Day...

    We had lodged into the Log Hunt, run by the HPTDC. It was a good experience, quiet, clean and the wooden work made it seem very snug in the cold.

    The following morning we were greeted by dark skies and pouring rain.

    We were thoroughly depressed and were hoping that the rains would subside soon. But the hotel guy and internet told us that the rains will not away for another two days.

    We were so close yet so far.

    At 12, the rains was reduced to a drizzle but the skies were still holding a tremendous amount of water. Everyone advised us not to go to Marhi, but we still decided to take a chance.

    Just after Vashisht there were some serious bridge repairs going on and an off road diversion was created. The R1 might have made through the slush but the intruder was too heavy for it and it looked almost impossible for it to get through.

    We turned back and decided to go till Mandi for the day and then Delhi tommorow...

    It was a tough decisions, specially for me since coming so far on the R1 and not experiencing the real deal was real bad...

    Anyways we turned back, in the next 10kms we thought 10 times whether we should stay back and try Marhi without the Intruder. But logic said no. The decision was sealed when we met a lady on a bullet. She used to lead professional tours to Ladakh. She also advised not to go to Marhi on these bikes.

    So with a heavy heart we returned and rode till Mandi where we stayed in a nice place called Visco resorts.

    Anurag on the Intruder. He was very comfortable with the big bike now and also he also rode the R1 like a pro in the hills.

    To Mandi

    We had a very nice lunch by the river side en route to Mandi. We met a foreigner on an Avenger. He was transfixed by our machines and spoke to us at length about how India was progressing fast and how he has seen it all since 25 years of his visits to India.

    Day 3

    We had a nice long philosophical chat. I got to know and understand a lot of things from Anurag's mentoring. He is indeed a brilliant and motivated individual and I was lucky to have got some time out with him. Guess the trip wasnt all in vain. But today was left. We had a ride from Mandi to Delhi, which according to our calculations shouldnt have taken long...

    En route Chandigarh we discovered a big nail in the Intruder's 240 rear. As long as the nail didnt come off we were safe.

    We reached Chandigarh by 3 comfortably. We had lunch in once of the sector markets where we soon became the most popular guys around, courtesy our steeds.

    What was to follow will make us even more popular...

    We left Chandigarh at 3.30 PM. 25 kms towards Ambala the Intruder got a total flat rear. And that was it...

    Between 4PM and 12AM we covered 30 kms back to Chandigarh to lodge into the Taj.

    What ensued between these 8 hours is worthy of making a comedy show - me running off to procure a foot pump, then riding the R1 to Chandigarh to get puncture repair kit, air compressor and tyre sealant.

    ^ Time to packup, the petrol pump which was our roadside workshop for 5 hours.

    I fixed the puncture, it was 8 PM by then. We went 10 kms towards Chandigarh when the repair gave way and the tyre was flat again.

    Incidentally we met Akshay from Ambala on his way to Chandigarh in a car. He obliged us by taking out luggage and dropping it off at Taj.

    The remaining 20kms were covered by attaching the compressor to the batter and me refilling it every couple of kms. It seemed like a adventure game, maybe we can integrate a round like this in the next Passion Hunt

    All in all it turned out to be a fantastic experience, to our surprise we were enjoying it very much.

    And then a relaxing night in the comfy of the 5 star Taj was not bad either.

    The next day a guy from Suzuki came and fixed the puncture in minutes. he then took it to the Suzuki service station and gave the bike a thorough checkup and washed it way to showroom condition. The return from Chandigarh was in 3 hours flat, without any problems at all.

    All in all it was a trip which was enriching in many strange ways, it gave us time to ponder on life, or sometimes how luck and time would not let it have your way and still everything would turn fine.

    This is one roadtrip to remember for a long time.
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    Wow.. Eagerly waiting for more pics and log


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      Originally posted by kiran_borra View Post
      Wow.. Eagerly waiting for more pics and log

      more is never enough kya sunny?
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        Lovely pic Sunny bhai
        When everything comes ur way, u r in the wrong way ;)


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          Originally posted by onlinesatish View Post
          more is never enough kya sunny?
          For him, it seems more is actually never enough! But, I don't see OF this time.. The Intruder and the 'One together, for a change. Waiting for more


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            ^^^ your plan was the first thing to come to my mind once I read the thread name


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              Originally posted by onlinesatish View Post

              more is never enough kya sunny?
              Kya buddy this not fair... Please do upload pics waiting...!!
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                waiting for rest of the pic.
                NABENDU BASU


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                  good stuff

                  more than the snow, i'll be intersted in hearing the reaction of turist janta after they see these 2 monsters in Manali

                  bring it on
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                    Nice, waiting to hear how far up you guys went up the Rohtang path.
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                      Sunny bhai waiting for the trip log and more pics ....... more is never enough mmm good good

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                        More actually is never enough for true blue bikers

                        And there is no one bluer and truer than Sunny here these days.

                        He had been raring to take the 'One' to Rohtang for quite a while. He would have done it before the GIR but for the bikes getting branded and the continued uncertainty of the starting date for the GIR.

                        Anyways, he did move in for the kill now, with the 'earthmover' (Anurag's Intruder) and they made it to Manali in good time.

                        But the weather gods had other plans and it started raining in and around Manali since very early this morning. The rain, in all probability would be slippery sleet even a thousand feet up and taking two superbikes into that weather on tricky mountain roads would be asking for trouble. And with just three days to spare in total, there is no way they can wait out the wet weather. So, perforce, they are returning without 'summiting' as the mountaineers say. But riding to Manali, in season, on superbikes one of which is a mammoth cruiser is no mean feat in itself. Kudos to both Sunny and Anurag. And R-Top remains for another ride surely...

                        I couldn't accompany them however much I'd wanted to. I had been out for a few days to Kiarighat (near Simla) on a short holiday with my family. And now I just have to get back to work.
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                          nice teaser pic, waiting for some more!
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                            wow Anurag Sir and Sunny bhai good going ....... well still you all made it to manali that was good enough...and as per OF Sir, I think they will definately go on with the kill...still if we can get some pics n log update it would be great......

                            Save the Earth - We are the one who are running out of time, as Earth will take it own time to heal but that time may not be enough for us.

                            I dont just ride my bikes, I live with them.
                            Yamaha RX100 (1987 model)
                            Yamaha YZF R15 (2010 model)
                            Hero Impulse (2012 model)
                            Mahindra Thar (2015 model)
                            GIRed 2012


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                              i am waiting as well...

                              My bike has multiple personality disorder