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The Golden Eye of the South India (Chennai-Ooty-Wayanad-Mysore-Chennai)

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  • [Photo Feature]: The Golden Eye of the South India (Chennai-Ooty-Wayanad-Mysore-Chennai)

    Its been more than six months after our last trip and atlast we got time this May for another trip.

    Route : Chennai-Ooty-Wayanad-Mysore-Chennai
    Days : 3 (May 1st, 2nd & 3rd)
    Distance : 1371Kms

    Will update pics & logs very soon
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    Topic Approved

    Good teaser picture there.Waiting for more updates.
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      cool another adventurous long ride through three states .. Common don't make any delay start posting the pics and log


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        How'd u enjoy the traffic jams in Ooty that weekend?


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          Originally posted by prafultripathy View Post
          How'd u enjoy the traffic jams in Ooty that weekend?
          I know you didn't.

          Looking for more pics. And of course, a trip log. What was the odo reading, by the way, for the total trip?
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            The teaser pic is good. Now before we lose patience.... just post a log & some pics of the places.

            BTW the places covered already indicate some nice things coming our way.

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              Good Teaser pic...waiting for the long log


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                sounds good... bring it on pls...
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                  Day 1 Chennai - Ooty:

                  Day 1 Chennai - Ooty:

                  It was Apil 30th Thursday night, after completing our office work, I went to Ajay's house. When I reached there I saw all of his room mates were boozing except Ajay and cursing us in jealousy. We got every thing packed and had a light dinner. We both started from there around 00:00Hrs (1st, MAY) filled the tank in the near by bunk. We took chennai-B'lore (NH4 & NH 46) highway, I'll tell you this is an awesome road for bikers. We had our first tea break at Vellore . After vellore we were going right on track and after vaniyambadi we missed a left (to reach salem via tirupattur). we didn't bother anythin and continued straight towards krishnagiri. We saw a huge signboard which states turn left for kanyakumari and right for B'lore. We took left and in the next couple of kilometers we had another tea break. Then started our journey towards salem. We had immense pleasure as it was dawn and we were riding in between the mountains, so we thought of having a photo shoot at the dawn and the sunrise.

                  By morning 6:30 we reached Salem and on the way from salem to erode we were stopping at almost all the restaurants but breakfast was not ready evan at 8:30 am. Thanks for the choclates which we carried. After some 100+ Kms from salem we for one roadside hotel. God we were very happy and had a heavy breakfast.

                  These birds were there in that hotel

                  From there It was a single stretch towards mettupalayam. At mettupalayam itself there was a hell lot of trafic jam but we somehow managed to get out of that jam. We hit the ghats road and it is really tough riding bike in this peak vacaton period as it was crowded with lot of 4 wheelers.

                  One of the Hair-pin bends

                  One of our close encounters

                  view from our room

                  After riding through green roads we reached ooty. By this time we were really afraid of weather we'll get accomodaton or not. But we were lucky, as we got a room at the very first hotel we enquired and I'll tel you it is a heaven on the mountains.

                  Botanical Garden

                  Our accomodation

                  Night View from our room

                  We kept our bag at the hotel and started roaming in streets of ooty. My god at this time of the year each and every road in ooty is flooded with tourists 4 wheelers. Went to botanical garden and relaxed there for a while, had some good pics and then returned to our room.
                  Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.


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                    Great triplog! Good to see xBhpians writing some awesome triplogs nowadays.!
                    DoN\'t LivE tO DiE, dIe tO LiVe


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                      awesome place.. would love to read more
                      A good long ride can clear your mind, restore your faith, and use up a lot of fuel.

                      Always be ready (get geared) to fall and then think of sitting on the motorcycle.



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                        "enna idi..trip log mudinchipocha" ...hahaa lolz..just trying to speak means " is your trip log over?!"........[corrct me if am wrong]
                        i forgot am a wanderer ...TN_GUJ_Ap..haha...jack of all trades but master of none.....except hindi,english....mereko koi bi language puri tarah se nahi ata hai lozzzzzz]

                        awesome pics there.......expecting some more beautiful pics from ur thread
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                          Thanks guys and will update the Day 2 very soon.
                          @ceasar: "innum naraiya logs irukku". I meant there are lot of logs to come
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                          Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.


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                            Day 2 OOty - Wayanad

                            Firt pic of the Day 2

                            Our friendly neighbours

                            We vacated the room at morning 8:00 am, started our voyage in Ooty.

                            We were desperately searching for a restaurant and got one on the way to Doddabetta. Had a heavy break fast and started towards Doddabetta. Reached the destination at 10 am and had a photo session.

                            Doddabetta is te highest peak in Tamil Nadu with an altitude of 2.6 Kms.

                            The view from highest peak in TN

                            We reached the next destination and gave our cam some work.

                            Then we started towards Wayanad. On the way we crossed some awesome creations on the nature.

                            This place is called Ramar view enroute to Wayanad

                            A view point at some 15Kms before Gudalur

                            Can you see it now

                            Reached a place called Sultan Bathery in wayanad at 3pm. We had a plan of visiting Edaikkal caves and suchipura falls. Started towards edailkkal caves and felt very bad when we reached there coz it is the closing time. We hired a room in the place called Ambalavayal . got ourselves refreshed and again started our bike towards the museum and Karapuzha dam. There was nothing special in museum .

                            There we reach Dam

                            Final shot of the day

                            Thats the end of day 2 and will update dey 3 very soon.
                            Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.


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                              nice the way did you guys stay at divine highland.

                              The Southern Sojourn

                              Munnar - Kodai