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solo ride to ladakh

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  • solo ride to ladakh

    lots of people do things everyday or every week or every month but some do things which no buddy can do again and again atleast on motorcycle and all alone .so i got the oppurtunity to do this trip of mine once in a lifetime kind of trip to me atleast . i have heard a lot about ladakh the barren land .i want to go there badly .for this trip i have purchased bike than travelling gears and than went to punture wallah and learn how to fix punture and change tyres .people thinks i am crazy they laughed on me friends stopped me .but i know i have to do it .and in last journey starts on :

    30th may 2009


    30th may :started from rohtak at 2 pm reached panipat eat at nirulas and again start reached chandigarh at 6 pm and than head to mandi reached there ate 11 pm took hotel got sms from pushpinder jee thans doc take bath and sleep.

    31st:woke up at 8 am .start at 9 am reached manali at 1 pm took room in hotel eat lunch and got sms from kurtrules thanx buddy.fall asleep .in evening bought 2 sets of motorcycle tube number 18 . good night.

    1st june:serviced bike bought battery charger bike gloves and rain and water proff jacket all set to go .shoot some photographs from tripod

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    Topic Approved.

    YET another Ladakh ride this year! And that too solo! Bring on the rest of the details.


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      Aao aao deepak baabu ... welcome to xBhp! ... waiting for the minute details!
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        The spirit in you is visible in your words... Expecting a log like that from you and some pictures to add masti to it


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          First post in xBhp titled "Solo ride to Ladakh". What more can we ask for. WOW!!!!
          Waiting for details.
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            Bring it on man.. Waiting for the pics badly.. Have been seeing so many pics of Ladakh these days but it's one such place where more is never enough.. The more pics I see of that place the more I wish to see...
            Bring it on sir...
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              Congrats on the amazing feat! Bring on the log and rest of the pics!


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                yet another solo run to LEH.we are waiting for your version of pics and log MR Deepaktomar
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                  Its raining Leh / Ladakh this year & I've not been able to go through a single thread.
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                    Wow! I dream of going here sometime, on my ride..

                    Super stuff man! That seemed like only a teaser.. Pls bring on the rest of the trip log, and some pics..

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                      Originally posted by kurtrules View Post
                      Aao aao deepak baabu ... welcome to xBhp! ... waiting for the minute details!

                      hehehehe vaibhab bro u r also here chalo now i not feel lonely


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                        thank u very much everybuddy.


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                          2nd june 2009: start at 6 am from manali less traffic reached rohtang at 9 am eat noodle at marhi.crossed rohtang easily .reached keylong at 1 pm .took room and sleep but i think person starting from manali can go upto sarchu . there is nothing to do in i got bored there .

                          at rohtang

                          after rohtang


                          3rd june 2009: big day for me woke up at 4 am take bath and start for my most difficult ride full of excitement .these pics u r seeing are from darcha bridge was broken .in crossing bridge my shoes and socks are all wet .from here on to leh i have to cover whole route in wet shoes with poly bag in my both foot.

                          have to cross this near darcha bridge was broken

                          and the result

                          starting fom keylong reached near baralacha this is deepak taal named on me heheheheheh.

                          reached baralacha snow snow and snow nothing else u will find here this is the most difficult pass of my life i can never forget it.look at urself.

                          and more

                          reached sarchu at 11 am looked for tent accomodation they are offering me 500 rs with lunch and dinner but its only 11 am sit for full day idle like keylong last day naaaaaah atleast not for me i cant sit idle for so long so i left for leh .wise decision i think.

                          3rd june 2009: after sarchu comes gata loopes there are many shortcuts here but dont try to do it if u are in 150 or 180 cc bike with luggage no no i havent done it after gata loopes comes nakeela la and than lachunlga sorry for any spelling mistakes

                          after crossing those comes pang i want to to warn bikers watch out baralacha and the place just before pang one nallah is there named kanglajal even i see one sumo stuck in that nallah and soon after that nallah main skid point for all bikers mind it for all bikers me also hehehehe check out the pics of that skid point.

                          this guy is also victim

                          in pang i met one guy sumit beniwal he recognized me talk to me like this hey i know u ,u are a senior member of folowing forum deepak tomar na ,i say yes and from this point i join him till rumtse .he is with 3 other fellow bikers nice guy all they are.
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                            WOW bro... really nice to kno u soloed Leh!

                            Nice pics! Would be better if u cud post your log in some more detail.. plz.. I enjoy reading that along with the pics


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                              snow, snow and only snow.... coool.. superb pics there deepak