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The xBhp Magazine is here.

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  • The xBhp Magazine is here.

    For Immediate Publication


    Translating its success as an on-line community and with the express purpose of providing the Indian motorcycling milieu a larger, more concrete and stronger platform in the print media now, xBhp is launching a bi-monthly magazine on the 27th September, 2010 starting with its October 2010 inaugural issue. The magazine has been created around the theme ‘I, the Biker’ and puts the motorcyclist ahead of the motorcycle in context. This magazine has evolved from a long process of development and shall focus on elevating motorcycling from a necessity driven activity to a life-style choice. It provides content that puts forth motorcycling in its full wholesome avatar and delves into travel on bikes, safe riding practices and emphasizing that motorcycling is as much a cerebral activity as it is a physical one. The xBhp magazine shall be a print analogue to a democratic tool that’s for, by and about the Indian motorcyclist.

    For the motorcycling community of India, this magazine is a means of spreading its message of safe, responsible and fun motorcycling.

    With the ultimate aim of truly globalizing the Indian motorcyclist, xBhp has taken this small step in the print world. A step that we firmly believe will turn out to be a giant leap for the entire two-wheeler fraternity of this nation.

    The key differentiators of this magazine will be it’s focus on people, high quality of photos, minimum syndicated content and most importantly the flavour of freedom and youth.


    These documentaries are based on most recent feathers in xBhp’s cap - two path-breaking rides done this summer.

    Superbiking to The World’s Highest Motorable Road

    A superbike (a Suzuki Bandit 1250S) was ridden to Khardung-La Top, which at 18,380ft above sea level, is the highest motorable road in the world. More than the superlative height, it was the immensely tough conditions of the journey that made this ride a benchmark and qualifies it as an epic effort and has been put together as a video documentary.
    Length: 20 minutes

    The Great Italian Roadtrip

    The other ride has been a 8000 km road trip around Italy on the world’s most coveted of motorcycles, the Ducatis. Two riders from xBhp rode some 8000 kms in and around one of the most beautiful and charismatic countries of the world on a Ducati Monster and Streetfighter respectively. This ride has also been extensively videographed and a documentary has been prepared for mass viewing.

    Both these documentaries are being premiered during the launch of the xBhp magazine & will be bundled with a DVD along with every issue of the magazine.
    Length: 37 minutes

    ABOUT XBHP, India’s foremost motorcycling portal & community has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last seven years. From a small limited-interaction community, the xBhp brotherhood has expanded to thousands of registered members from across the country including quite a number from abroad. The community had set out with the twin objectives of promoting safe and responsible two-wheeler riding along-with building a positive image for motorcycling in India, and has come a long way in bringing about a decided change in the way motorcycling is pursued and perceived in our country now.

    The forum has been a meeting point for a huge diversity of motorcycling talent for years and has become a source center for knowledge sharing, news, meaningful discussions and a means of getting together offline for safety oriented and fun get togethers’ of likeminded and passionate motorcyclists in India. Apart from providing a very approachable and extremely effective platform to share and learn, has spearheaded many rides, spanning 5 countries across the globe, purposed towards promoting the spirit of safe and fun biking. Senior and experienced riders from xBhp have done thousands of kilometers in Australia (The Great Australian Road Trip), New Zealand (The Great NZ Road trip), Ireland (The Great Ireland Road trip), Italy (The great Italian Road Trip) and have of course circumnavigated India twice on superbikes (The Great Indian Road Trip 1 & 2). The experiences have been shared with all members on the forum, through blogging, AV shows, coffee-table books and personal interaction.


    The following anthem portrays the motto and aim of the magazine. If you read it carefully then you will realize the idea is simple yet radical, one which could change the way motorcycling is seen and perceived in India by society at large.

    What you read here
    are not just words on a page
    and this is not just a magazine

    This is the beginning of a journey into being
    where each breath and every heart-beat
    is for, from and about motorcycling

    This is destined to be
    a friend, philosopher and guide
    for the youth of our nation
    to show them and for them to show
    how motorcycling can change their lives for good

    This shall be a living proof
    that motorcycling is a sport
    an expression and never prejudicial.
    done right and it can do only good
    and doing right is ever up to us.

    This is an appeal to the parents, peers and the better halves
    of those thousands of restrained and constrained motorcyclists
    to support them and trust them in being and becoming
    safe and responsible motorcyclists.

    This is a request to the government
    of our great nation of India
    to be generous with support and facilities
    for those who choose to ride and revel
    in the charms of two wheels

    This is the friendly ‘Ahoy’ to our global fraternity
    the brotherhood of bikers, kindred souls in passion
    that we from India are right there in act and spirit
    and we shall ride the road to the horizon together soon

    Come, turn this page and ride with us
    to where biking is religion and riding a truth
    to a world that transcends divergence
    of culture, country, language or faith.
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    Woah! Congratulations and thanks
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      Well done Sunny bhai and your entire offline team

      We will do our best to take this magazine to great heights !! ..... And thanks for keeping this forum alive ... I am relieved
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      Weekend Getaways for Mumbai Tourers !!!


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        Congratulation to everyone

        The best thing is it will always be by the biker and for the biker
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          Congratulations to the Team for putting in efforts in spreading the message of 'Biking'!!



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            My thoughts are subjected to personal experiences/internet articles. Please read my comment carefully before replying. :)


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              congrats sunny, and best of luck for the new venture.


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                tht sounds move sunny,,,,
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                  Congratulations Sunny...


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                    Congratulations to the Team and wish you all the Best. Well done.


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                      nice! waiting to see the mag.


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                        Congrats Sunny, Awesome move and All the very best too!
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                          shouldn't the first copy be given as a free download

                          ps:I am subscribing


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                            Congratulations to the Team.
                            YOUTUBE -
                            INSTAGRAM -


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                              Congratulations to all and kudos to its Publishers/ Moderators.

                              Hope, it will be a magazine whose major contents would be by its readers.

                              Making it a bi-monthly is another step in right direction.

                              Hope, it would also include more technical info. about bikes and their spare parts/ engines.

                              Cheers to all.
                              The Original CBZ