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BMW CE-04 – A Sign of Things to Come


Can you imagine what the future looks like? We all have our own renditions of it but most of it is in our minds. What if I were to tell you that there’s one out there that you can actually experience? Predictably, it’s German and since we are all for life on two wheels, it is a two-wheeler. I won’t keep you waiting or guessing for too long, so, it is called the BMW CE-04 and it is the Bavarian marquee’s take on what an all-electric maxi scooter should be like. 

On my latest trip to Europe, I got to take the CE-04 for a spin around Munich. And just Munich because range anxiety is still a pretty real thing. Not as real as it was a while ago because the infrastructure for EVs has come a long way, but it is still far from what we are used to with the ICEs. Though I did not get much time with it due to a tight schedule, there was enough for a brief discussion on what the BMW CE-04 is all about. 

In terms of specifications, we get a liquid-cooled motor with a 6.2 kWh motor with an option for power reduction that helps with the range. The maximum power sits at a healthy 42 bhp and the torque at a pretty impressive 62 Nm. With the standard charger it gets to 100% in 3.5 hours and with the optional quick charger, you can get to full charge in around an hour and 40 mins. The range is touted to be around 130 km, but expect that to be lesser in the dynamic mode with a topping of some spirited jaunts. 

First up, the ride. It is quite awesome and a bit more than what you expect from an EV. Instant acceleration is expected but the kind of throttle response BMW has been able to dial in is commendable. It is instant and yet, predictable. Unlike quite a few EVs, it is not jerky or spotty. Acceleration is acceleration but deceleration is even better. Not only is it meant for regenerative purposes, but it can also be used as an effective tool to let the brakes rest most of the time. It is almost like engine braking but a whole lot better than most ICEs. 

In terms of dynamics too, I really liked the BMW CE-04. The battery pack resides beneath the floorboard and that means a low CoG which translates to steady and good handling. Moreover, the long wheelbase of the CE-04 ensures great straight-line and mid-corner stability. The minor drawback of that wheelbase is a little sluggishness when trying to transition from one side to another. 

The best bit about the scooter is the tech and at the centre of it is the humungous display. Crisp and bright, navigation or whatever else you can think of doing on the screen is intuitive and fun. Overall, I feel like the BMW CE-04 is quite a tool in the city for regular commutes with occasional dashes of a fair bit of fun. Not quite there yet but if this is a sign of things to come in the future, sign me in.

This article was published in the Dec’22-Jan’23 Issue of the xBhp Print Magazine. Order your copy here, or read it online here.