December 2022-January 2023 Issue


In this issue of the xBhp Magazine, we bring to you the story from our time with R.A.C.R. as we learned the nuances of track riding and racing. Along with that, this issue also carries the coverage of the latest meetups in #xBhpMeetupUnited. Also present is a brief of our time in Milan for EICMA 2022. In terms of reviews, we have the BMW M5 Competition, BMW K 1600 B, and BMW CE-04. Like our past issues, you will get to read the stories of bikers like you in i, the Biker series covering six bikers in this issue. We are also bringing to you stories from our three Iron Butt rides and a trip down memory lane with the H2 in Australia. Finally, we bring to you the story of our rides in sand and snow, nature’s two extremes, along with a cosplay concept called #makeContentNotWar.

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