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Yamaha RX 100 (History)

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  • Yamaha RX 100 (History)

    Yamaha RX 100

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    The Yamaha RX100 is a 98cc 2-stroke single cylinder aircooled motorcycle. It was M/s Escorts Limited's "Bread and Butter" model for close to 12 years between 1985 and 1996. A nippy motorcycle with great handling, it was an instant hit with the masses. A great machine, all that was ever changed in the 11 year production history were the pinstriping and an upgrade to a 12 volt electrical system


    Escorts Limited partnered with Yamaha Motor Corp. in 1983 to launch the "Rajdoot 350" a license produced Yamaha RD350B. Another player in the Indian 2 wheeler market was IND-SUZUKI (TVS Motor Company today) which, as the name suggests, joined hands with Suzuki to launch the 8.25 bhp IND-SUZUKI AX100 in 1984.
    Taking a page out of TVS- Suzuki's book Escorts soon realised that sales success lay in smaller displacement bikes that are more economically priced and cheaper to run. Thus was launched the YAMAHA RX100 in late 1985 (Workshop Manual is dated May 1985).
    The bike was originally available in Cherry red, Peacock blue-green and Black.
    The first lot bikes (1985-1986) were CKDs and were simply assembled in India.
    The gearbox covering just above the gear shift lever had the words "MADE IN JAPAN" embossed on it.
    Incidentally, the speedometer casing in the early bikes had the lettering "RAJDOOT" on them as did the speedometer dial. These older meters were manufactured by Yenkay. As opposed to later ones made by Pricol which had ESCORTS and later YAMAHA casings and dials. Few parts like the 2-stroke oil pump cover which is circular, had "Rajdoot" embossed instead of the expected YAMAHA or ESCORTS.
    This gives the idea that maybe, Escorts wanted to launch the bike as the "Rajdoot 100" in the same league with the Rajdoot 350. (Merely speculative).
    The only major change that the bike underwent was that it was upgraded from a 6V electrical system to a 12V system. Apart from that, the pinstriping was changed 2 times. So there are 3 different decal types in all. The bike is legendary in every possible way. Three other colors (Silver, Wine red and Metallic blue) were also introduced, but the bike stayed the way it was for it's 11 year history.

    Tech Specs

    The RX100 was everything for every one:
    - A racy, noisy smelly 2-stroke for the power hungry
    - A reliable ride for the family man
    - A style statement (back then) for the youth.
    A peppy little machine with great handling makes this bike an ideal commuter. The gear ratios and torque curve are so good that a well tuned bike can do as low as 10 km/h in 4th gear without engine knocking WITH a pillion rider.
    The specifications are:
    Engine: 2-stroke, air cooled, single cylinder gasoline.
    Displacement: 98cc
    Gearbox: 4-speed constant mesh
    Induction: Reed Valve
    Ignition: Capacitor Discharge Ignition
    Clutch: Multiplate (4 nos) wet.
    Output: 11PS @7500 rpm (As per Workshop Manual)
    Chassis: Double cradle frame
    Wheels: Wire spoked, 2.50" X 18" front tyre, 3.00" X 18" rear tyre.
    Acceleration 0-60km/h in 7 seconds (As per Workshop Manual)
    Top speed 100km/h (As per Workshop Manual)


    The bike's production run lasted from Nov 1985 - Mar 1996. Various mods like expansion chambers, Disc brakes and 5th gear.
    The model was followed by the 11.8 bhp 132cc RXG, which had a faulty ignition system, which was replaced by the company at no cost.
    Next came the RX135, which was essentially a rebadged RXG. The RXZ was launched with a sportier headlamp fairing.
    Finally , in the year 2000-2001 were launched the 14 bhp RX135 and the RXZ (Both 5-speed with a catalytic converter silencer). These met with luke warm response.
    The final variant was a 4-speed RX135 with a catalytic converter silencer, sporting a fuel gauge and speedometer with white dials which was sold very briefly in 2003.

    The newest RX100s available in the market today are 12 years old. Yet, there are people who are still looking out for one. The old advertising campaign slogans "Born to Lead" and "Ahead of the 100s" are aptly justified by this mean machine.
    The scream of the engine still evokes strong emotions of speed and power.
    This bike is far most the best bike ever made which challenges all the new four stroke engines now.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Topic Approved.

    It would be worthwhile if you could also mention the source of the article, which, in this case seems to be Wikipedia. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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      We will miss the RX ... But, we do hope RX100 makes it back to the scene ...

      125cc 2 strokes are sold by Cagiva & Aprilia, but with advanced Fuel Injection Systems. Hence, their residual is very clean comparable to 4 strokes too ...

      If Important personnel from Yamaha ever see this thread, I request them to take inspiration from a Aprilia RS125 or Mito 125, take note of the technology and consider reviving the Rx100 ... It is Possible!
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        Does anyone what RX really stands for....
        For RD am 99% sure that its Race Developed...


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          race xtreme or ride xtreme perhaps


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            sweet memories

            This is 'The Bike' where i learned ride way back in 1987/88 when i was just 11yrs old. Yup! i could hardly put one foot down.. i would start the bike then just jump (kinda).. put my right foot down and shift the gear again jump this side put my right foot on breaks and start riding. Never owned anything other than a yamaha since then.

            Now i ride a 1998 RXZ... see my avatar


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              This was the first bike with which I did a wheelie ...........


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                Great bike! This was my first Motorcycle and there are no words to explain the joy when I got this bike used, in purple color (which I eventually changed to black) on Sept 22nd, 1995 when I was in college
                Drunk on sigpic's Kando


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                  Nice thread.. Am a fan of the RX100 as well. Took one and did Manali-Leh.. fantastic machine.

                  @spat: Man are you up late or what?
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                    RD - Race Derived too. Thats a debate
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                      Hail the RX Legend

                      Hey MK .... Real Cool Topic Man.... I am also a die hard fan of the RX 100, In 1998 during my second year in college I got hold of a 1995 Black Colour Vehicle with Golden Stickering form a Guy who used it to Commute between his Residence & Shop... A Very Clean Piece. Now after 10 Years & 75,000Km & Innumerable number of Trips She is still the Sweet same Old RX 100. I gave her a Full Rebuild about a year Back (Pic Attached) & still love every second I ride her.

                      Cheers to the RX 100 !!!!
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                      sigpic Enjoy & Ride Your Heart Out Like There Is No Tomorrow !!!!


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                        This is my ride.
                        All stock except a few mods
                        >Converted to 12 V and i use a 60/55W bulb.
                        >Front/Rear MRF MOTO D Tyres.

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                          Originally posted by samarth
                          125cc 2 strokes are sold by Cagiva & Aprilia, but with advanced Fuel Injection Systems. Hence, their residual is very clean comparable to 4 strokes too ...
                          I am searching for some sources like ORBIT etc will *hopefully* get two strokers again on the roads passing PUC .If you can give me some links on two strokers, will be nice.I heard about old two stroker bimotas ruling the roost decade back though.

                          My First bike was RX100 model 1994 same whine red colour.used for 5 years till the accident I had.
                          haha! my first wheelie unintentionally was on a lambretta scootter!
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                            nice thread.

                            rx 100 is becoming the next RD(most sought). even the spare parts are getting costlier by the day.

                            am lucky to have one(91 model) all stock except 12v conversion and power box(resonator) added.

                            the engine will be falling under the spanners and screw drivers later for a engine work( boring to 117cc)
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                              Great bike! This was my first Motorcycle and there are no words to explain the joy when I got this bike.1994 model purchased as second hand in 1998 in red color.sold it in 2001 after many abuses and cruelty i owned RX 135 5speed 2000 model,for rx series bikes "more is never enough"..
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