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[Help]: Pulsar 135cc - starting problem after 1st service

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  • [Help]: Pulsar 135cc - starting problem after 1st service

    Hi All,

    I bought pulsar 135cc last month and it has been running good.
    However theres some problem with it while starting.
    When i start the bike in morning or after 5-6 hrs,from the starting only the initial rpm would move to 3-3.5 . But in 5-8 secs would come down to normal and i could move on in 1st gear. I thought may be its taking oil when its start for the first time, because if i drove the bike for a while and started again soon, its rpm would be around 1.
    After servicing that problem is no more, but now if i start for first 1-2 minute of driving if the speed is around 11-12 km/h, the engine would automatically stop.
    I have lot of steep speedbreakers in my office's garage,so i have to apply breaks from the start only.The bike doesn't stop if i keep on giving race.
    I think petrol doesn't reach my engine initially.But being a novice i don't know what to tell to the mechanic.Please help

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    Query Moved and Approved.


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      Check your RPMs after the bike is warm... it should be around 1300-1400 I guess.


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        its a case of cold rpm being too low and warm rpm being too high..

        run your bike for a few kms, kep the revs on the higher side, basically let the engine get hot, come to temperature, then see the status of the idle rpm. If its around 1000-1200, then you need to get the idle rpm increased. If it jumps to above 1500 rpm, then you need to get the carburettor adjusted.

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          The initial RPM increase is most likely the autochoke. Please read through this thread.

          There was your same problem and it has been solved. If those solutions don't work we can investigate further.