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Thread: MotoGP to have Electric Bike racing by 2019?

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    Default MotoGP to have Electric Bike racing by 2019?

    Are electric bikes getting into MotoGP Racing? Yes. According to the reports, it is in the planning phase to bring electric bikes on track as a support series for the MotoGP championship. As we see the automobile world moving towards electric vehicles, it is obvious that sooner rather than later, racing will go electric. But as soon as 2019? News reports quoting Dorna boss, Carmelo Ezpeleta seem to think so.

    According to these reports, the electric races will be a 10 lap race among fourteen MotoGP riders and four Moto2 riders, making it a grid of 18. Only one manufacturing company will produce all the electric bikes for this race with the same power and energy. A bit like how Moto2 is currently run. There isn't any confirmation on who the manufacturer will be. Electric bike manufacturers have shown interest in racing at the top level, but they prefer racing different manufacturers, rather than having a single supplier. Since competition is the best way for technology to grow. For the first 3 years, there will be 5 races held during the season. This will be the trial period for the format.

    The question though remains, would any top MotoGP or for that matter even Moto2 rider be willing to risk limb for an electric race? Since points will not be counted in their respective championships, will the teams want their riders to participate in such a race? What about the fans? How would fans react to seeing noiseless motorcycles going in circles? What could possibly replace the roar of the engines? Maybe the organizers will play some heavy metal in the background just to liven things up! These electric bikes would possibly be slower than Moto3 bikes! Are electric bikes ready to race at the top level of motorcycle racing?

    In the Isle of Man TT electric bikes are already racing, which is called the TT Zero since 2010. Is it time for MotoGP to welcome go green and clear emission racing technology?

    Slowly, we can observe that the leading motorcycle manufacturers are showing interest in producing electric bikes like Honda, BMW, recently Harley Davidson and a US-based electric bike manufacturer 'Zero Motorcycles'. Adding to clean and the green movement in the automobile and racing industry it is also to be observed that the electric bikes are also producing maximum power and speed and for the record, in Isle of Man Zero TT racing the top speed record was 191 kmph. Going forward with more advancement and energy saving technology no wonder the electric bikes could replace the fuel motorcycles very soon. When will that happen?

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    Default Re: MotoGP to have Electric Bike racing by 2019?

    I think this is great move if it happens, I understand that there's no replacement for a gas engine as far as visceral experience comes but I also wish I have a electric bike option too for daily commute. I always wanted an electric bike which I can use Monday to Friday and Petrol bike for enjoying weekends. Yes there are few manufacturer like Torque but we haven't seen any product on the road yet.

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    Default Re: MotoGP to have Electric Bike racing by 2019?

    noiseless motorcycles going in circles
    This part is literally a big question, no one would want to watch a noiseless race. It can only be watchable on TV with some commentary and bg music.

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    Default Re: MotoGP to have Electric Bike racing by 2019?

    Will surely be interesting!

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