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BMW radar cruise control dubbed as Active Cruise Control on its way

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  • BMW radar cruise control dubbed as Active Cruise Control on its way

    Just a few days ago we had posted about the advancements that are being made in the safety aspect of motorcycling. Kawasaki patented a corner prediction system, Ducati also talked about front and rear radars on their motorcycles, and KTM's radar-based rider assists. Now, BMW Motorrad is ready to join the party. We are talking about the BMW Radar Cruise Control dubbed as BMW Active Cruise Control.

    BMW Motorrad has developed its radar cruise control in conjunction with Bosch. Dubbed in Bavaria as ACC (Active Cruise Control) the system to set a distance from the vehicle ahead in addition to the speed. And detection of the vehicle in front is where the radar comes in.

    The radar unit uses the information of the distance to the vehicle in front and parallel works on vehicle speed and yaw rate parameters to calculate the likely path of the motorcycle in the next 100m. Post that, it adjusts or modulates the speed of the motorcycle if needed.

    BMW's radar cruise control is used via a button on the switchgear and the related information is displayed on the dash. The distance to the vehicle in front and the speed of the motorcycle can be set in 3 stages. The system also features 2 riding modes; comfortable and dynamic, that determine how aggressively the motorcycle accelerates or decelerates.

    This latest suite of safety assists from Bavaria also includes Curve Speed Control which manages the speed of the motorcycle during a corner. It helps the rider in maintaining a comfortable lean angle and limits intervention as the lean angle increases to avoid unsettling the rider. This feature also prevents unexpected acceleration which might occur during a corner as the radar may lose sight of the vehicle ahead and decides to go vroom.

    BMW Motorrad has stated that its Radar Cruise Control has limited application during corners. It also does not respond to stationary vehicles so depending on it when approaching standstill traffic may result in some problems... to say the least!

    If the system is unable to operate, it informs the rider that they are in full control now via a symbol on the dash. Another warning informs the rider of a situation where emergency braking may be necessary as the system's braking capabilities are limited due to safety reasons.

    More than anything, BMW stresses the fact that this is a system that works in harmony with the rider. So the rider also plays a role in enhancing the effectiveness of the system by riding in the centre of their lane, changing lanes and overtaking only after signalling and riding safely and sanely.

    While it may not be clear as to when the system will arrive and which models will be blessed with it, from the images it is clear that the K1600GT is definitely going to get it. A wonderful cruiser with a radar cruise control? We're game!