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1 Bike::2 Riders::4 States::7 Days::2479KM

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    Originally posted by blackprince View Post
    nice pict and nice write up.
    Thanks Prince, still lot to come but not finding the time.

    Originally posted by surojit View Post
    guys... thumbs up for ur guts.... great pics n good log... keep it up
    Thanks Surojit.

    Thanks Suman,
    Colva-Karwar-Ankola: The roads are in pretty good conditions & can easily maintain a 3 digit figure.
    Ankola-Kumta: Here road is in a bit bad condition for the initial 15 to 20km, from there on you can cruise.
    Kumta-Honnvar: good
    Honnavar-Jog Falls:The roads starts to be pretty good during the initail phase, once in forest the road becomes narrow along with pot holes.
    Jog Falls-Siddapur-Harihara:roads are in good condition except for the last 10km before harihara
    Harihara-Harpanhalli-Hospet:Pretty good roads exccept for speed breakers every now & then. Road becomes into the worst stage before Tungabhadra dam till Hospet.
    Hospet-Ganagavathi-Racihur-Hyderbad:From Gangavathi, the roads are beautiful, completely marked till karnataka border.

    Originally posted by truelypulsarian View Post
    Gr8 picz bro
    Thanks Deepak.
    Give way to trains.


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      Day4::Ratnagiri::Ganapatipule::Ratnagiri::Vijaydur g::Tarkarli(Beach)

      Day4::Ratnagiri::Ganapatipule::Ratnagiri::Vijaydur g::Tarkarli(Beach)

      Actually we intended to reach Ganapatipule by 7AM, but things were happening 1 hour late. We choose aroad that passes along the coast line & the interiors of the Rantagiri district. Though the distance was 35 Km from Ratnagiri, it has taken us good amount of time to reach. Roads were narrow with lot of curves & small ghats, this given us chance for the first time to travel in Maharastra district roads. Even we have seen the western coast for the first time while passing through the road. We reached Ganipatipule by 8 AM, had darshan & walked along the beach. The beach was wonderful & calm, hardly there are any tides. Really we were very much thrilled by seeing such a calm beach, where in East we used to have rough beach in most of the parts. We spent some 30 minutes around the beach having coconut water & cursing ourselves for not coming to this place, the previous night only.

      By 9:30 we returned to back to Ratnagiri & went to the Ratnagiri fort. There was a Bhavani temple in the fort & we prayed to goddess & started roaming around the fort to take the pics. There were many school students around doing Shramdan by removing all the waste plants, plastic, etc. It was very good seen that the local students are taking care. The view of the beach from the fort was good & was wondering why our kings didn’t build a fort in the eastern coastline.

      We reached the room, packed our things & vacated the room by 12:00; the plan from here is to Vijaydurg, Devgarh & reach Tarkali by night. We need to cover 160 Km to reach Vijaydurg, so we were a bit hurry & started moving towards destination. After Pali there was a police check post & the Inspector asked us to show all the docs. He was pretty satisfied & enquired about our trip. After entering Sindudurg district, at Tarele we had taken a diversion towards right, it was state highway but the road was in very good condition without any traffic. We cruised at pretty good speed & covered decent distance in good time, except for the last 13 Km on SH4. The fort was in pretty decent shape & the best part is it was covered by sea on 3 sides. There were many view points & this is the place were Helium was discovered.

      It was already 5:30 & the light was fading pretty fast, so we opted out Devgarh & decided to go Tarkali directly. We need to cover 80KM on the state highways & interior roads. By the time we reach Jamsande, it was completely dark. There was no traffic at all & the roads were in decent conditions, but at the same time a small fear factor was raising in us. As at one junction we had seen 2 policemen with guns, this increased further fear in us. But finally with lot of twists & turns, narrow & broad raods, we finally reached Malvan by 7:15. Here we asked for the directions towards Tarkali & straight away went to MTDC guest house, all the economy rooms were full & only 1 luxury room for Rs 4500 is available. We moved ahead & found a good resort, there were A/C rooms with 24 Hrs hot water facility for Rs 1500. We bargained it for Rs2500 for 2 days & checked in. After unpacking the luggage, we directly went to the beach & roamed for some time. We had hot water bath before dinner & hit the bed immediately, as there was lot planned for the next day.

      Interior roads on the way to Ganpatipule

      Our first glimpse of Arabian Sea
      Ganapatipule 1KM

      Ganpatipule Temple

      Beautiful & calm Arabian Sea

      Ratnagiri fort from bottom of the hill

      View of Port from Fort

      Fort & Sea in the Backdrop

      Vinod & Myself posing for Pics, Sea in backdrop

      Somewhere on NH17
      Beautiful SH towards Vijaydurg
      Glimpse of Vijaydurg Fort
      View of sea from top of the fort

      This is where Helium was discovered
      Vinod praying to Almighty

      Unused Firangi Bullets

      Sunset snap on the move
      Bike glowing in the dark
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      Give way to trains.


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        Nice trip there ..... nice pics ...
        Fastest got faster..


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          Originally posted by Juris View Post
          Stumbled upon this thread . Nice one Vishnuu . 7 days trip with pillion. Really tough one.
          Didnt feel much tough during that time, as the anxiety & enthusiasm has zeroed it.

          But now cant even imagine such a long ride with pillion.
          Give way to trains.