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Raman Swaminathan
5 Hours Ago 11:29 PM
 TVS Apache RR 310 Review
Do we have an ownership thread yet? Want to hear more from the owners. (21,332 views, 37 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 11:17 PM
 KTM Duke 390 - Ownership Reviews and Experiences
Is it true that Metzeler M5 Sportec front tyre for Duke 390 is not imported anymore? I bought from Amazon which is November 2015 manufactured. Seller claims it is not possible to find newer tyres in... (2,357,332 views, 10,212 replies)
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Nabeel Ahmed
5 Hours Ago 11:10 PM
 Project : Solo Wheels :- 32,000 Kms | 150 Days | 3 Countries | 1 Rider
Hello Guys !! Hope all is well !! Really sorry for not updating about the trip sooner.I am not going to tell any excuses here , I was just having really nice time on the road :-p. Today is... (1,804 views, 18 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 11:06 PM
 Upgrade from 150CC
I'm leaning towards the dominar after reading the ownership thread and my god it looks fantastic especially now it has golden alloys. practicality and daily running is the only thing about fz250. (348 views, 27 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 10:59 PM
 Dash/Helmet cam
Why dont you use old point n shot canera or install dash cam app on your mobile ... (20,942 views, 129 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 10:56 PM
The brake lever broke. Gear shift nowhere as smooth/clean as my Unicorn. But if I have to single out just one thing - it is the handling of RE Classic that made me decide against it. We had 3 riders... (817 views, 17 replies)
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Arun V Dev
6 Hours Ago 10:55 PM
 Random Questions regarding the RX series
hello guys , after a lot of time and effort i managed to get some upgrades for 1995 model Yamaha RX100 , and the mods i got are : 1. RXK cylinder kit (cylinder , head , piston) 2. RX 135 crank 3.... (193,120 views, 1,223 replies)
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The Mountain
6 Hours Ago 10:21 PM
 Oil cooled vs Liquid cooled
Just to muddy the waters a little, Suzuki did manufacture several bikes back in the late 80s/early 90s that really were oil-cooled. The early GSXRs, Bandits, and most of the Katanas and the RFs had a... (11,288 views, 31 replies)
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Shashank K R
6 Hours Ago 10:07 PM
 Honda CBR 250R
Engine definitely won't blow up:p. The oil levels were correct in my bike. It's just that some people don't have much tolerance for the roughness/clunky gearshifts etc. I'm one of them. ... (4,050,724 views, 23,113 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 10:03 PM
 Hi All...
Hi Riyas, welcome to xBhp. (135 views, 2 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:52 PM
 Karizma/Karizma R Ownership Experience
As everyone says, stay stock, because stock carburetor comes with right petrol and air settings, and correct float pin which decides fuel rate to your engine. No mods here will help if you are... (2,899,417 views, 19,044 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:50 PM
 2017 Duke 390 Owners Reviews and Experiences
Thanks bro. Let me check with them. (272,570 views, 1,534 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:44 PM
 Yamaha FZ 25 Owners Reviews and Experiences
Sirji, Biggest Designer is God. God gave us legs, using which we can run at more than 20 KMPh. Try running for half hour. But You cant do it. Try walking at 6 KMPh for 6 hours. You can do it.... (721,538 views, 4,496 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:34 PM
 Pulsar 200 DTS-i
A one piece handle-bar is better by all means compared to the clip-on's. Mines a P220 and I had to spend some time and moolah to convert mine to comfortable bar handle setup. Since yours come with... (552,329 views, 3,212 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:15 PM
 Hello everyone
Hi Shadan, welcome to xBhp. Ride hard. Ride safe. (122 views, 2 replies)
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7 Hours Ago 09:14 PM
 MotoGP 2018 season discussion thread
Also could pave the way for Rossi to bring his VR46 team as a Yamaha satellite team - just a thought . (2,278 views, 27 replies)
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8 Hours Ago 08:55 PM
 RE Continental GT (Cafe Racer)
It is a 2014. State of registration : karnataka (68,987 views, 272 replies)
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8 Hours Ago 08:47 PM
 Benelli TNT 25 Ownership Experience
Hello All, Posting after quite a while. My Raptor has crossed 1000KM exactly on the 30th day of ownership :cool: 238637. So far so good and I am happy with my bike.:D:D Also, installed a... (319,088 views, 1,647 replies)
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8 Hours Ago 08:47 PM
 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Ownership Experience
yup bro, i just go slow and more attentively now on that specific road as the skidding part happened on that same road just few meters apart, i feel that the tarmac is very smooth there (might be an... (661,914 views, 3,137 replies)
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8 Hours Ago 08:39 PM
 TVS NTORQ 125 Review
Excellent Review:applouse:. NTORQ's fit & finish, build looks to be top notch. Lots of electronic wizardry for the price and TVS definitely know the pulse of the current generation. Really proud of... (1,663 views, 5 replies)