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58 Minutes Ago 09:13 PM
 My race derived 350..THE ZRM 9445.. Project in Progress
Nice, long time since i heard an RD 350 in full flow.The bike that sparked my dreams of bikes and one that i could not own ,but was finally able to compensate with the modern day twin cylinder - the... (58,999 views, 319 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 09:09 PM
 R15 V3 Making strange metal ringing noises like as if there's a coin.
Guys, Guys! Guess what, I fixed the problem myself. There actually was no problem, It was just my house key vibrating against the handlebars. My bad.:p Thanks a lot for the help and... (296 views, 17 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 09:05 PM
 Where is the air vent in Yamaha SZ- R Fuel Tank
Hi Friends, Today I went to mechanic. He cleaned the air vent using pressurised air. It is a very tiny hole in the petrol rank lid. And cut and removed a small piece of tank cover which was... (104 views, 5 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 08:34 PM
 Pulsar 200 NS Owners Review and Experiences
First service done. Oil & oil filter changed. Engine noise and break pad noise reduced. Svc told me that they have fixed tappet. When i rode the bike there was no noise. After 5kms noise... (7,011,590 views, 27,944 replies)
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Aamod Revz
1 Hour Ago 08:31 PM
 End of an era...
BikeWale News - 2019 Suzuki Hayabusa bookings commence in India Full Story - (361 views, 6 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 08:24 PM
 Love at First Sight: HONDA CBR 650F Yume (夢)
Yeah, spoke with the dealer through a call. He said last delivery of india was made 1.5 months back, my bad luck. However he said the 2018 model test ride bike is available, he will discuss with the... (21,011 views, 71 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 08:14 PM
 Benelli TNT 25 Ownership Experience
Hi guys.. i hv a revving issue.. bike does not rev past 8000 rpm at sixth gear.. no mechanic is able to diagnose the issue.. (378,459 views, 1,715 replies)
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2 Hours Ago 08:10 PM
 #xBhpRacing Contest
245954 Hi guys, here are the winners of the Team #xBhpRacing contest! Congratulations guys ! Please inbox us with your contact details and postal address and t shirt size. (554 views, 4 replies)
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2 Hours Ago 07:43 PM
 My Modified CBZ Star 2005
All the modifications are awesome! Nice bike! (946 views, 14 replies)
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2 Hours Ago 07:39 PM
 Hair Fall/Loss due to helmet
I don't think that hair loss problem could be caused by wearing a helmet. It could be due to bad food, lack of vitamins, inappropriate shampoo and many other reasons. A good hair care product can... (18,246 views, 50 replies)
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2 Hours Ago 07:22 PM
 Yamaha FZ 25 Owners Reviews and Experiences
literally exact same thing happened to me. although on my bike the fork alignment is not right and exhaust touches the rear axle bolt. (1,053,669 views, 5,803 replies)
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Divya Sharan
2 Hours Ago 07:16 PM
 Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Experience Thread
Low pressure. Since its (tire) a wear and tear item and hasn't shown bubbles on treads, it won't be replaced. We'd advice proper air pressure be maintained at all times. (1,351,451 views, 7,031 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 07:00 PM
 Suzuki GS150R Engine problem, need a good mechanic in pune
That's nice to hear bro. GS 150R was a very sweet bike and it remains one of the best Suzuki bikes we have seen here. The market has become aggressive so Gixxer had to come. 150cc, 6 speed gearbox... (390 views, 9 replies)
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Divya Sharan
3 Hours Ago 06:41 PM
 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR
The repair costs somewhere between 100 to 200 bucks. Even if it lasts a year, it's more than enough. Pump's price has reduced from 13k to 6.7 something k. Please do not spam non ZMA/ZMR... (3,280,292 views, 17,715 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 06:39 PM
 Replacement for Pulsar 150 UG4.5 for daily commuting in heavy traffic
Try the new Honda X-Blade. Looks different. A 160cc mill that has enough power. And Honda's reliability. (175 views, 7 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 06:38 PM
 NS200 mileage problem & can't drive in traffic on low rpm
Only rubber or full chain sprocket set change? Also my bike can't touch even 40kmph in 1st gear. why so? (445 views, 22 replies)
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4 Hours Ago 06:05 PM
 Hello From Bangalore
Thanks Krishna, the shot was taken near Malshej Ghats in August. (150 views, 4 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 05:12 PM
 Karizma/Karizma R Ownership Experience
Guys, I have started a motorcycle design project and as a part of market analysis, I need all of you to answer this FORM and share your experience... Here is the link:... (3,259,191 views, 19,480 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 04:48 PM
 Hero Karizma ZMR (2014 version)
Guys, I have started a motorcycle design project and as a part of market analysis, I need all of you to answer this FORM and share your experience... Here is the link:... (290,032 views, 1,684 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 04:05 PM
 TVS Apache RR310
They cannot charge you for PDI. Escalate the issue to TVS customer care. Also ask them for a bill for this 3k (90,794 views, 579 replies)