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Bajaj Pulsar 135LS DTS-i Review: xBhp's Ride Report

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    Nice pix n review


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      Nice pics MG and review too.. though the rear of the bike looks something out of the world.. I guess it will take some time getting used to those looks


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        the rear light resembles the ones of discover 100cc
        One doesn't need wings to fly over the handle bar


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          Pulsar 135

          135 LS Bike looks a like half sports bike from bajaj. nice bike on its segment. Looks bajaj will rock again.


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            one wish...

            nice pics and write up... yes the red one looks amazing and the black one boring...
            expecting another one on MENACE from both of you...
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              could you please post a picture of the console if possible? It would be of great help..
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                it's very much similiar to what you've seen on the discover...
                It all begins with a thumb-start -- Oh, wait, I forgot the kill-switch


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                  nice bike

                  test rode the 135ls today,black one,at a bajaj dealership in vasai, engine feels very smooth and is eager to build up revs,redlines at 10k and the test ride bike pulled cleanly upto 10k at 3rd gear,slight vibrations do creep in at 8k revs and beyond but are forgivable...really liked that. speedo wasnt functioning because the showroom guys didnt connect the sensor cable . the seating posture is quite good slightly sporty,more on the commuter side,bike handles well and is really flickable in traffic. brakes are good too, also the bike has a decent suspension set up, soaked up bumps quite well...didnt go flat out with the cornering because had a showroom sales rep sitting as a pillion....grab rail design finally is not a matter of form only but is functional as well the horns are really loud and do deserve a mention. the engine kill switch now follows a universal layout and is not upside down like the ones on the other pulsars. the right hand side panel has no locking mechanism and the left hand side does have a lock! rear seat is removable and the front seat is bolted on,so to remove it you need a spanner,meters are similar to the new discovers and xcd 135, has dull yellow backlight. the number plate holder felt like a cast aluminium unit and is pretty neat. overall fit and finish is commendable and theres no rattling of any abs panels....clicked some pics,had a 180 ug4 parked beside it... and btw the 180 ug4 now comes shod with TVS eurogrip tyres (att1150) forgot to check if they were tubeless...

                  pics of the 135ls and ug4 tyres
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                    Today morning I took a test drive of the mini Pulsar at KLN Bajaj Anna Nagar Chennai. I was very excited as I had read good reviews about the mini Pulsar.

                    No doubt that it is one of the smallest and lightest Pulsar out there. When I saw the bike in person the initial excitement waned down a bit. In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest I would rate the 135LS as 7 for looks.

                    Looks apart, my most important concern was the engine and gear shift. Shift to first gear and baby makes the necessary moves, unfortunately the good thing ends here. Looks like idling was an issue and the moment I shifted to second gear the engine would switch off. This happened 3 or 4 times and we went back to the showroom The service guy had a look and fixed the issue(most probably adjusted the idling)

                    So I set forth on my drive and guess what, vibrations starting creeping in just after 4k and I was totally shocked. I did not expect this and the gear shift was also not that smooth. I felt the shocks were also a bit hard and the technician had no clue about the shock settings.

                    The driving position was comfortable and ideal for City conditions, and as Koolsun mentioned earlier the horn is a tad loud.

                    To sum it up, I did not book one as it did not meet my expectations. However I may take a test drive after a couple of months to check on the vibrations and decide accordingly.


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                      The new tyres are very sexy thanks for sharing the picz.
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                        What's the ex-showroom for this ride??
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                          thanks for the wonderful twin first impression of the Pulsar 135LS to niranjan and mg biker.

                          I have made up my mind to get this baby Pulsar

                          Originally posted by Parth View Post
                          What's the ex-showroom for this ride??

                          Rs. 51,000 ex showroom


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                            P135 promo_GRz

                            the 'Ghost Ryderz' stunt team is in mumbai now...shooting an ad for the also features adil and javed...this is the maximum i can tell you guys!!!
                            watch this space for updates!!
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                              ^^^thanks for the update.Looking forward to the commercial(knowing bajajs capability in making ads)
                              It all begins with a thumb-start -- Oh, wait, I forgot the kill-switch


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                                Video on the Pulsar 135LS by NDTV on You tube

                                Video on the Pulsar 135LS by NDTV on Youtube YouTube - All new Pulsar