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How do people react seeing you Geared Up?

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  • How do people react seeing you Geared Up?

    Guys share your experiences about how people react on seeing you geared up.

    My Experience:
    First of all my friends call it waste of money, show off etc. but I dont care about what they say. Dont know when they will understand the value of riding gears and helmets.

    Today I went to a petrol pump. I was wearing my Daijya Helmet, A jacket(not a riding one) and Riding Gloves. The person asked me whether I was doing any advertisement for Yamaha?

    Would like to know you experiences.
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    Off-Topic Approved.


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      When i am Geared i dont wear helmet (Sikh) then people ask you do stunts or what.
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        I have had people especially children whether i am going to some race or rally


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          hey cheating man .. i wanted to ask this question long back

          coming back to the topic .. ppl see as if i landed from mars ,,,
          people ask me ki i am into racing or something ..
          and in the traffic they ask me about my helmet and bike ...

          but my friends asked me y do i waste so much money on this and my answer is

          thank god you never met a accident ,,but when you will .. you will come to know ..
          my helmet saved me 2 times .. or else i would have been a $%@@%^%

          but in the recent times i am seeing people wearing nice helemts and jacket a few with gloves too and it makes me feel good ..
          we do our meets to spread the awareness of road safety and safety gears ..
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            I have been plying on the thane ghodbunder road for quite some while now.... its nice to see a change happening (whatever be the reason) people investing in good helmets and jackets and all!
            Infact even the pandus inquiring about the jacket where did i get them from, the cost and all!

            A fully geared riide is attraction to a lot of posers who immediately want to race with you....! Its your entry ticket to signal to signal GP

            My family, friends thinks I am sensible... as I ride (commute) a lot..
            My building ka bachcha party thinks that I go to participate in a bike race

            I love riding past school busses and kids in cars and wave at them...
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              @Aryan-Thanks for Approving it but you didnt post your experience.

              @all- So the most common thing it that people think that you are a racer. This doesnt happen with me because a Very important thing(Riding Jacket) is missing.
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                Originally posted by DriftKingNT View Post
                @Aryan-Thanks for Approving it but you didnt post your experience.
                I don't have full riding gears. I just have a GP One lid, a full riding gloves, and a leather jacket. I am yet to get a good pair of riding boots for myself. Well, seeing my GP One lid and gloves, people do, at times ask questions like why do I need to wear these things. Is it because I have just started riding or something?

                I just say, when you will have a fall and believe me my friend someday you will, then your mind would remember my image!


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                  When I go on long ride, I wear the Timbuktu jacket, and people stare like crazy! I can understand why, it looks bit overkill on Caliber 115

                  If someone asks me why I am wearing the jacket, I reply I am a new rider and am worried about getting a fall. That satisfies their curiocity


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                    give way !
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                      Originally posted by satyenpoojary View Post
                      I love riding past school busses and kids in cars and wave at them...

                      They must think you're a celebrity or something then...

                      Personally, I do notice that I get a lot of stares. All it does is put a mile-wide smile on my face. But more importantly, I've noticed that gradually more and more people are investing in at least a good lid and basic jackets and gloves.

                      Kudos to safe riding then
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                      6)Alcohol is a strict NO!
                      7)Thou may lust after thy neighbour's bike specially if its of the R1 kind!
                      8)Thou shalt ride with 'ultra-most' care and caution when on Indian roads.
                      9)Thou shalt never leave the engine running at long traffic halts.
                      10)Thou shalt follow all of the above.


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                        the one i love is. is tail gaiting a VIP's car... hahhaah you have see the look on that face inside that car...

                        thank my stars i have never been gunned down by anyone before.


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                          me too get lot of stares from people at signal,,,,
                          most of the young riders ( riding P150, Zma, Rtr etc... want to race so they keep on revving at signal )

                          Like Satyen said children from school buses or in a car would point at me, and i would wave at them, feels good to see a smile on their face at that time

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                            they stare.. think im a hooligan .. and go away..

                            curse them
                            Chrome rims and bling ? get a real life !



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                              ah heck

                              good thing you guys at least are in proper cities.

                              reaction from friends : waste of money, show off etc etc well the day your head bounces on the tarmac you may realise it(because i think they have an empty shell)

                              reaction from family : sensible and wise thing. and i havent been questioned for buying any riding gear.

                              common public :
                              youth -> Motogp mania stings them when they see me.
                              aunties -> go away pretending not to look at me and hiding their kids from my view
                              men -> just look at me with a gaze that tells "who the heck is this?"
                              police-> are you into racing ?
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