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Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

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  • [Ownership Thread]: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

    Hello all,
    Let me introduce EVA to you guys

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20170809_162024.jpg Views:	1 Size:	116.4 KB ID:	1999956

    I thought of sharing my happiness with you guys as i welcomed EVA to my Garage last week.
    I booked this beauty on 29 july with a token amount of 10,000 at DSK Benelli Showroom Bangalore (Vinayak Cars Pvt Ltd)

    After i was assured of delivery within 15 days, i initiated the payment using online banking.
    Here is the cost breakup for the same bike in Bangalore. (+1200 extra for the temporary registration)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	50a04db2-19e6-4edf-9df2-f7bcc7b5e648.jpg Views:	1 Size:	107.3 KB ID:	1999955

    The delivery and document process was smooth as sales manager(Syed Imtiyaz ) was closely following with everything and updating me whenever it was needed.
    He promised me to deliver the bike on 9th August itself with TR number. I made all the payment cash which speed up the process, in case of financing it might have delayed the delivery date. I was happy to get the delivery on the promised date

    Finally the day has come to meet her on a personal date

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20170809_162723.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.2 KB ID:	1999957

    Pardon me, if i maybe heavily dressed for the delivery But the showroom is around 23Km from my home which make the journey a long ride (considering bangalore traffic)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20664596_337021510055571_9632669435113332_n.jpg Views:	1 Size:	42.9 KB ID:	1999958

    The delivery process will hardly take 1 hour, but make sure you double check engine/chassis number along with the other details.
    I was given a brief introduction to the bike and its all features. The bike was fueled up with the 3 liters of petrol for a smooth ride to back home.

    First Impression:
    -The bike handling is quite smooth
    -The sound after 5000 RPM in 3rd gear will make u fall in love
    -Mileage of around 22-25 KMPL in Bangalore city with average traffic. around 28 on Highway.
    -Shock absorbs and the Brakes are up to the mark

    -It may get little heat up in traffic But manageable.
    -The clutch is so tight that my forearms are pumped after 30 minutes of ride
    -The gearshifts are not as smooth as i expected
    -Speed over 100 KMPH will cause the vibration in rear view mirror causing blurriness.
    -Fuel Cap has no latch, so you need to hold on while fueling up
    -Service cost is high, after AMC around 12K per year

    I am hoping that after First service, things will be quite smooth
    Will update the experience after first service soon

    I request all the 302 owners to join Facebook group for close updates

    First short ride update:

    First service update:

    Second Service update:

    First long ride update:

    <font size="4"><font color="#0000ff">

    4 years ownership update:
    Love the bike though it's not perfect and had some issues.
    I wouldn't recommend Benelli as a brand for main reasons:
    1. Service cost is too high, for the first 2 years I spend almost 25K for 300 CC.
    2. Service centers are pathetic, Whitefield Bangalore one is useless as no trained staff and poor attitude for the customer. Had a lot of issues with service quality and scratches on my bike.
    3. Power feel laggy now compared to the same segment as it's too heavy and after a few years of use feels like it's so outdated.
    4. No high-tech like Slipper clutch, Bluetooth connectivity, or taction control, makes this outdated as compared to other bikes.
    5. Benelli Bikes quality is going down, no wonder as it's owned by a Chinese group now.
    Overall, I won't recommend Benelli.

    I am planning to sell this and mostly will upgrade to Kawasaki as heard a lot of positive reviews as its a reliable Japanese brand

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    Benelli 302R – My Silverback Sweetheart.

    The Past :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	F559CA10-30A5-4C81-BE5C-39632C0559BB.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	115.2 KB
ID:	1952985

    It was 2016, the shakiest year of my life of 25 years so far. I had caved myself at the self-made jailhouse for exam preparation for 8 months. The PG Entrance exam was done with in December, and I went on this dimensionless, impulsive series of solo tours around places. This went for a month. The last one I did was from Ahmedabad to Goa. Goa was a fullstop to this seamless adventure. It had to be done. Too much highway for a man to spend time with. I rode like a maniac, as if I wanted to engulf all the void it had left inside me when I had trapped myself at the jailhouse.
    The ride from Ahmedabad to Panjim was cruel. I did it without a pit stop, and now I think it was foolish to begin with. The RE Classic 350 which I had worshipped, beknowing her shortcomings; was now feeling out of breath for a stretch this long. I constantly felt the need for a sixth gear, hopelessly bashing the heel plate, cursing, furious. It wasn’t the bike, it was this gobble of uncertainties lying ahead in future. No money left, no results out, no friends left to visit. It was a dark time for sanity to prevail.
    It was indeed dark, past 9pm. I was doing the NH17/66 adamantly, even when I could have done the NH4. I wanted it to be rough and scary. I slammed the fifth, and exploited all the torque I could. The poor Enfield was struggling like an old mare on uphills, with each throttle. I felt pity. I felt sad for my companion. I was outgrowing her every mile I cover. That moment, it dawned upon me. I need more power, more refinement to get on with life. My gut gave me this craving for an upgrade. All I could think was a parallel fuel injected twin, which is not a Harley. I was soaring.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	349DFB0F-4D99-4AA1-819B-85DDEA5D754A.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	98.2 KB
ID:	1952986

    I had good time with my friends at Goa. While returning via Belgaum, I checked out one used Inazuma in Ponda, Goa on OLX. The owner is a doctor too. I test rode the bike, I fell instantly in love with it. The owner had no reason to sell it, he just had no time to ride it. I fixed it the moment I finished my test ride. With a wide smile, I rode back home. I had done my research right. Zuma was the perfect parallel twin I felt I needed at that time, which suited my pocket. A barely used one fell into my lap on a hunch.
    The next morning, I woke up to his text. He gave some excuse basically saying that he doesn’t want to sell it right now. I understood perfectly. Watching some guy take a go at your beloved isn’t a pretty sight. He got cold feet. He did the right thing. I said nothing more.

    One thing was pretty clear. The search began.

    The Not-so-past:

    I was broke. I spent a year shied away in a dark corner. I had to earn. I had to use my knowledge for the ones who needed it. This can be a long travelogue in itself, but in short, I joined the post of a Medical Officer at a Rural Hospital in Maharashtra. I had decided to do it for three months which is the intervening period till my results roll out. I did the post, despite numerous hurdles, small town problems and workload. I was tired and happy. Occasionally I could also go to rides when a colleague appeared whenever he wanted.
    One fine evening, the results published. I was suturing some hit and run victim’s torn leg. Soon as I got free, I faced it.
    GLORY. I had cracked the exam. A very good PG seat was within sights now. Sigh. Hush.
    A month passed in celebration and research. I zeroed in on my most favourite subject in medicine : Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care.
    End of April, I joined at the most prestigious institute at New Delhi. Time flows so fast. Ten days back I was fooling around with carb jets of my RE. Now I stand here at the doorstep of this glorious institute. Strange but satiating.
    I knew I could never let go of my 35000km old RE if she was with me. So I flew to Delhi alone, and asked my dad to sell her for me. I sold the bike to a seemingly caring dude. I don’t know where she is. Wherever she is, I hope she is up and running, where she truly belongs, on the road.

    The Present :
    May and June went bikeless and busy. Residency is no joke, and the work is backbreaking. I was getting the hang of Delhi, if I ever got time.
    I wanted to buy a sportsbike with touring potential in the 300cc segment. I have accommodation right next to my hospital, so daily commutes is a nonentity. All the riding is pleasure riding for me. A 600cc class will be too much power for the constipated roads of Delhi. A 300cc parallel twin was the only I could dream of.

    The Tussle:
    The Yamaha R3 was the best deal on paper, as well as off paper. I went to a Yamaha showroom the day I joined, and they told me the BS-IV R3 will come in July. I took their word even it seemed a little too good to be true for me. Next day I visited Kawasaki Chattarpur to ask for the test ride of the baby Z and the Ninja 300 (2017 Versions). The people were definitely helpful, way better than Yamaha folks. They told me the showroom hasn’t been officially inaugurated, so I need to give them a time of 10 days to arrange the vehicle. I said sure. Then I got drowned into work again.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	WP_20170701_18_34_50_Pro.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	100.3 KB
ID:	1952987

    15th July came, and I went to Yamaha showroom like a shady muscular guy sent by the loan sharks. I banged my fists and asked them to give me an update on the R3. The lady at the counter was politely hostile, and said that we can sell you a BS3 R3 at the original MRP with second title. Hahahahahaha. Bollocks. I left laughing. To hell with the R3. There were not many good ones in the used market. I knew no one here. I like my bikes new. So I dropped the R3. No use in dreaming about the fish curry when the fish is still happily swimming.
    The Ninja 300 was the only contender thus left. The Z250, a marvellous machine and more than enough for weekend stints and touring, somehow didn’t rub me right. Overpriced wasn’t an issue. All CKD twins are overpriced, and that comes with their own reasons. Z250 was out on a hunch. Some people don’t like the color purple. Some people don’t like to see themselves owning a Z250.

    I was sitting tight for the N300 test ride to be available. Coming back tired from work, I used to make lists about the touring mods and whatnot. I was reading such a review on the RAM mounts for master cylinder reservoir, and some guy from abroad had commented on Benelli 302R. I was like, “what? What is 302, for heaven’s sake? Get your numbers right, rookie. It is 300. It is the 300 with the fat rear tyre and dual discs and costly services.”

    Google is generally a paralyzing assist we have got addicted to, but sometimes Googling opens you new doors. The 302R search took me to DSK Benelli Website, where there was this teaser of the 302R launching soon. “Pre-Book Your Bike Today!” was the message. Quick research revealed a few facts, and it was the high revving sib of the TNT300, wrapped in fibre with clip-ons. ABS was not sure of, but it was speculated. I was impressed. I don’t give two shits about the design, the sound. I still liked how it looked, old schoolish with sculpted botox.

    I filled out the enquiry form, and I got a call from DSK Benelli. They told me the specs are all a secret, and the launch is soon.
    I told them, I am ready with most of the money. Money talks. They invited me for a face to face. I said, what the hell, let’s go check out what they have to say.

    The Hush-Hush:

    This is something I am not supposed to write, but I must come clean. This is because the folks at Benelli know their business. When a guy walks with a good title and good money, you deliver something which is worthy of his time. I went to the showroom late evening, at their closing time. I told them plainly : I have booked the Ninja 300 and the only reason I am here because the test ride isn’t yet available. I have no faith in Benelli, DSK or you. I hate how you loot money from the owners with that bloody service interval gimmick. I have nothing but bad vibes about this whole thing. So say what you have to say.
    The sales execs were no fools, and the guy told me that if I am looking for a parallel twin 300cc sports tourer, then this one at least deserves to be in the fight. Whether it wins or loses, your call.
    So, I was taken into the warehouse on the promise of not taking photos anyhow. There, I was escorted on a TNT25. The warehouse had this array of bikes covered with a large tarpaulin. It takes an IQ of 12 to know what could be underneath. Whatever it was, it was HUGE.
    I was told to take my own time, just not click any photos. The tarpaulin uncovered, and WHOA. Six virgin 302Rs lined up like bikini fest contenders on a beach. The bike looked so so so so much bigger than any of the photo and video. My image of the bike was positively shattered. I wanted to jump and jolt with passion, get my hands all over one of them.
    The front is old school, proper windshield, no nonsense. Dual lamps with LED DRLs catch some glances, but the real hotspot is those beefy adjustable USDs and double discs. Wait I see something. ABS rotors! Lord have mercy! ABS!! ABS!!!
    By the end of the ogling session of a good 40 minutes, I was handed over the keys and was allowed to do a little something with one of them. I obliged happily. Crisp throttling. Crisp! Light clutch. Switchable ABS. Gear indicator. Analogue tacho. Plush wide seat. Metzelers. Weld points crafty. Nontorture pillion seat. Forward set pegs. Load free wrists. Oh, Benelli! Why are you so perfectly tailored to my needs? I was going for the mean green Kawa, I had fixed on it. But this window shopping was a load on my conscience.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	WP_20170725_16_33_23_Pro.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	107.1 KB
ID:	1952989

    I got the spec sheet from the warehouse. Same power as the N300. Same torque. Same price. Far better tyres, far better braking, far better suspension. 10mm more GC. On paper I knew the 302R was the winner, as it came with all the bells and whistles and with that juicy ABS, why not. Ninja 300 is an old design, 302R is built from scratch on a tres frame. N300 is dependable, lighter. Benelli has quirks (From what I heard). N300 has a truckload of aftermarket, 302R has zero. It wasn’t even launched.
    The exact on-road price was unknown back then, but it was somewhere in the range of 4.15 to 4.20L. The Kawasaki N300 was quoted at 4.15 OTR Delhi to me two days back.
    I sat in the cold of the showroom, contemplating. It was nearing 8:15pm. I made a list of goods, bad and plotted them against each other. Then I recalled my hour with the bike. I had ridden the 2015 N300 from a friend for quite a long. I was sure the 2017 experience would not be very different except for a few facelifts. I found the N300 too crouchy back then. As compared, the tourer friendly stance of the 302R was so forgiving. Ideally, I was to take test ride of the N300 and then let sanity work its logic.

    I loved this bike so much, I booked it. Right there with fingers dirty from touching the chain. I paid a token booking amount. I had taken a leap of faith here, but during my time with the bike, a Silverback had whispered to me in my ear, “Make me mine, I know you like me.”
    So it began. I could not get the delivery unless the bike itself was launched officially. I got back to work. Later I got a call that the launch event is on 25th and I am invited for the unveiling of the bike (twice) where there will be a media event etc. I had work, but I still went as I had to pay the remaining amount.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20170727-WA0004 (2).jpg
Views:	1
Size:	93.2 KB
ID:	1952988

    The bike was officially launched, and I got a big-ass key presented as the first owner of the bike at the launch. Many bikers were present, shooting and vlogging. I was standing in a corner, looking at her, the Lady Silverback, dressed humbly in those traditional clothes, revealing just a little for a grown man to fall for. A perfect companion. I glanced back at her. The game was on.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	wp_ss_20170806_0001.jpg
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Size:	34.0 KB
ID:	1952990

    I took the delivery of the bike on 3rd August 2017 at late evening. On the same date I had stepped into the world of motorcycle touring with my very first Honda CB Twister, 6 years ago. These six years have been revvy, torquey, with twists and jerks, potholes and oil fumes. These six years have also been green, plush, flowery, smoggy, foggy and beautiful. I owe these years to the two wheels. These wheels have made me who I am six years later. Had the wheels not been there, I would have been a miserable, boring prick who just got by with routine. I am happy with my newest venture, and looking forward to munch thousands of miles with the bike.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170813_113111805.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	101.4 KB
ID:	1952991

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170813_125123419.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	108.6 KB
ID:	1952992
    It has been 600 km so far. Today I rode to Panipat, Haryana. Visited the historical Kaala Amb War Memorial. The bike is just what I wanted for an upgrade. The build quality is impeccable. Everything is put together so well. It is surely built to last. No rattles, no vibes.
    She hums like a mother making breakfast in the morning upto 4k RPM. No fancy stuff, no outright hooliganism. Rev a notch up and the 2 in 2 exhausts throw up a bassy note, stating they are ready for the game at 70 at 5k, this is like your girlfriend getting cheekily ready for that dance floor.
    Blip the wrist a bit more, and the speedo sends the numbers to the sky from 70 to 110 at 6.5K RPM which is impressive. I didn’t experiment more than this. ABS kicks in promptly, radiator fan kicks in at the third bar but never did it cross three. Front brakes were squishy for first 200km but now the pads broke in to give a tight clench. Beautiful. The gearbox is cluttery. Bad. I miss the clutch assist on this from the mean green. Fuel indicator is +/- one bar inaccurate, maybe due to positioning. FE about 28 for now, when revs limited upto 4k RPM till the run-in. LED indicators are compact and functional. Dual halogens have a decent spread. Horn is sufficiently loud with good nonirritating amplification. The metzelers are grippy and midcorner stability is something I can vouch for. The rear suspension doesn’t look adjustable but I don’t need mods at stock setting. Front USDs are beautifully done, who don’t dive in on hard braking but still manage to absorb pothole level bumps at ease. A boon to wrists.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170813_150040742.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	118.1 KB
ID:	1952993

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170813_165203729.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	112.7 KB
ID:	1952994

    I will update at once after the first service at 1000km. Benelli entered the market with the right bike, at the right price, with the right tools and at the right time. With the R3 in the dressing room, and the Ninja 300 wrinkling, the 302R is a strong contender, and I am grinning level happy with my decision.
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    2. Insanity

    3. Himachal

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      re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

      Motorcycle Ownership Thread Approved

      Congrats guys on your very cool bike
      Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

      Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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        Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

        Many people are negative about this bike from beginning on social sites but i got a gut feeling that 302R is good and performer. Congrats brother waiting for further updates.

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          Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

          Congrats guys .Keep riding keep exploring .. Cheers


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            Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

            Congrats buddy, The grey and green paint scheme looks awesome on this. Remember, the bike is only as good as the rider. Wish you many happy miles on this.
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              Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

              Congrats @Kapil Kumar and [MENTION=74413]DocOnTwoWheels[/MENTION] for the latest member in your family!

              Can you guys comment on the ride quality vs the TNT300?

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              Originally posted by DocOnTwoWheels View Post

              No use in dreaming about the fish curry when the fish is still happily swimming.
              Riding a bike is like flying.... All your senses are alive...


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                Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                Congrats buddy!

                I heard its exhaust note yesterday and fell in love with that sweet sound. It looked also good to me. Benelli surely knows the sound engg.

                I hate when people bash this machine, its purely ones choice of wheels than anything else.
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                  Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                  Congrats Sir!


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                    Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                    Congrats on your new acquisition :-)

                    Ride safe and Ride long...

                    ATGATT !!!

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                      Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                      Ride quality is best defined in terms Sports tourer, not so aggressive and not so relaxed

                      Originally posted by rachitsharma2000 View Post
                      Congrats @Kapil Kumar and @DocOnTwoWheels for the latest member in your family!

                      Can you guys comment on the ride quality vs the TNT300?

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                        Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                        First Date with Eva - Nandi Hills (Bangalore)

                        The relationship was just 5 days old, so i thought a long ride is a better way to understand each other.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170813_150559.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	100.5 KB
ID:	1953004

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170813_200442.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	99.9 KB
ID:	1953005

                        Just keeping the above thought in mind, i took her out on first date to Nandi Hills. Its a short ride of around 70 KM, but with good scenery along with the hair pin bends.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	G1424061.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	106.2 KB
ID:	1953000

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	G1434228.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	98.2 KB
ID:	1953001

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	G1434374.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	100.7 KB
ID:	1953002

                        First thing first, we stopped at the "Indian Parantha Company" for the delicious brunch.
                        I would suggest to try the "Makki Ki roti" & "Sarson ka saag", its one of the best i had in Bangalore.
                        You should give it a try to "Paranthazaa" also, where i parantha is used as pizza base with "achari paneer" and cheese as the toppings.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170813_200530.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	104.2 KB
ID:	1953006
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170813_200608.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	117.2 KB
ID:	1953007

                        The ride to thee Hills are usually quite smooth, but due to the ongoing maintenance work along the roadside its become little risky. Be careful about the stones or other construction material lying on the road.

                        There was a little traffic jam on the top of the hill, as one of the brand new Toyota Innova was getting towed away. It had the temporary registration number plate on, so i am assuming its few days old baby trying to run up to the hill causing some engine malfunction. I would not suggest any newbie driver to drive up the hill, as some of the hair pins bends are very tight to maneuvers the cars.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	G1434383.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	103.3 KB
ID:	1953003

                        There is enough parking space at the hill, it cost 40 Rs for the parking which also includes the entry fee.
                        The view from the hill is beautiful, with lot of families enjoying the picnic around the different parts of the garden. There is facility for buying the Snacks, Tea, paid Toilet etc on the hills.

                        If you are looking for a few hours drive away from the Bangalore traffic, this is the best spot.
                        Hope you get to enjoy the beauty of Nandi Hills soon
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	G1423986.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	97.2 KB
ID:	1952999

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                          Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                          Originally posted by Kapil Kumar View Post
                          First Date with Eva - Nandi Hills (Bangalore)[COLOR=#0000ff]...
                          All are fine but khana dekhke to bhuk lag gaya!! yumm


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                            Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                            Congratulations! My only concern with benelli are the service costs i have so far read about... 6-7k for every 6-7 months interval. Am i rite?


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                              Re: Benelli 302R Owners Reviews and Experiences

                              Congrats mate, atleast you were successful on chasing your dream. I gone through all these drama for a twin cylinder bike and finally bought a CBR abs model. But I know, what do I miss on my CBR but still I am happy. We may not see much people here for 302, but we all like to see how the bike doing. So please keep us updated with your experience with bike and dsk

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