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Hyderabad to tirumala and horsley hills

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  • [Photo Feature]: Hyderabad to tirumala and horsley hills

    When ever i go to tirumala i always thought of driving those ghat section my self , what better option than biking to tirumala would be . So planned a 3 day trip to tirumala and horsley hills . Booked room and darshan ticket at tirumala .. intially thought of visiting the temple on Saturday H .Hills on Sunday and Monday for back journey but things got preponed by one day.

    Onward Route : Hyd-kurnool-nandyala-kadapa-rajampet-tirumala.

    Backward: tirumala-H.Hills-anantapur-kurnool-hyderabad.

    total distance: 1350 kms , days: 3

    Full log coming soon....

    Some pics:

    on 4 wheels u feel the speed after a crash, 2 wheelers are much more advanced

    Ananthagiri Trip


    Ooty trip

    Tirumala-horsley Hills


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    Thread approved
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      Great Pics, esp the sun rays picture is great, waiting for more.
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        Congrats on the ride!!..waiting for the rest of log and pics!!
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          Nice pictures. Waiting for more pics and a detailed drive log. I might take this route for a similar trip soon.
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            Great! I have been planning for a while now. how is the ghat roads to thirumala? There are separate routes to go up and down right? Thanks in advance for the info .
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              Great pictures I'm planning to do this trip in August myself, how are the roads and such?


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                good....waiting for the full report and more pics

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                  So the story goes like this ...... ..

                  Day 1:

                  Plan is to cover everything in 3 days fri-sat-sun . By sunday evening we planned to land on hyderabad soil . This time my friends agreed at one go , may be the religious flavour attached to it made them agree . At last 3 of us decided to show our bikes to the Lord [even our bikes had the same wish ] , so two[so where is the other guy? he will join us at tirupathi he couldn't get leave] of us started on thursday evening by 6:30 to kurnool. inititally i was with him but my Blue Boy[zmaR] wanted some fun rode @ 100-110 for some time before i realised that i have come too far from my friend who was on p150 , waited for him then drove to jadcherla to have dinner, finished dinner by 8:30 ,till kurnool it was cruising at 80-90 with some stops . Reached kurnool by 10:30 got room and straight away went for Dinner-2 .

                  No pics for Day 1


                  Finished all morning "Stuff" started by 6 AM to our breakfast spot kadapa . After the race track of hyd-kurnool its time for 2-lane highway, roads were good... going at 80 kmph was easy on this road. 4 laning work is going btw kurnool and nandyala so expect some bad patches . My plan was to visit brahmam gari mattam on way to kadapa but that would add up 60km extra and 1.5 hr to our time line to reach tirumala. So skipped it and went on to reach kadapa by 10:15 am [this route has lot of truck traffic and totally out of the world drivers ]. Finished breakfast by 10:45 and headed to rajampet , road was smooth and 80-90 was cakewalk [but drive with caution as you can expect tractors , autos and all other things infront of you within no time, also watch for big speed bumps]

                  Reached rajampet by 12:30 we visited a 1000 year old temple at vontimitta , temple was beautiful and almost not crowded took some snaps and started to tirupathi reached tirupathi by 2:15 , waited for the person who would provide us accommodation at tirumala took him on my bike to tirumala.. police at alipiri toll gate will check for license to drive on ghat so better take all bike papers with you . Slowly started to climb ghat section this is my friend's frist visit to tirumala and his face was glowing as he did not expected such kind of ghat.He was always looking down the ghat rather than concentrating on road . Mean while i scared the poor guy who came along with me with my twists he asked me to drive slowly . As we were climbing hill temp started to decline , man it was such a relief to escape from sorching heat of tirupathi [somewhere near 40 ] . At last my wish of driving tirumala ghat section is half completed [remember i still need to get down ].

                  Straight away went to room freshed up and went to darshan @ 4:30 , fininshed our darshan by 7 and spent good time in the temple area explainig my friend all the things about tirumala . Took the famous laddu ate to our satisfaction ... now what ? its time to roam and click click .

                  njoying hot mirchi ...

                  after eating all the junk food headed to room and slept .

                  Day3 :

                  todays plan was to see others places[srihari padalu, papavinashanam,aakasha ganga ] i at tirumala and start to either talakona / Horsley hills by 10 and reach there by noon . I was only interested in srihari padalu as all other places are crowded like anything but had to go for my friend's sake. some pics ....

                  we are late by 1.5 hr , went to room checked out and started to tirupathi to meet our friend [i know you guys forgot him ] who was abt to join us for rest of ride . Some quick pics going down the hill .

                  Met our friend at his relatives house.. as this was his first ever long ride on bike he did not had any idea how would be the experience of riding a bike for long time.. his aunt asked us to have lunch i said we are already late we have to start .. but they instead sent us to their restaurant [Nature's Kitchen] at tiruapthi thinkning we were feeling shy eating at home , this took around 2 hrs from us , finished our lunch [yes it was free of cost ] and started to H.Hills by 2:30 we ruled out talakona as it requires lot of walking in the jungle . We were warned that bhakarpeta ghat section is prone to many accidents , as said we saw swift -scorpio accident tirupathi -madanapalle roads are smooth 2 lane highway with some exception . Reached H.Hills by 5 as soon as we entered we saw a big strike board by A.P tourism contract employees so everything was closed even water supply was stopped . Kept our bags at tea stall and went to roam, climate at this place is cooler and pleasant. AP tourism has setup nice accommodation which starts from 700 per day for 2 to some where 3-4K. Clicked some pics , this is very small place on top of 1200 mts high hill [tirumala is 800+ mts ].There are houses which may offer home stay .

                  oooo.... hooooooo.....

                  Planned to hit kadiri [near by town on way to anantapur] to halt at night as we have no option at H.Hills . On way pulsars head light startd giving very dim light now it has to use my bikes light , after driving carefully for 70 kms we reached kadiri took room and went off to dinner. Meanwhile i kept my bike keys to helmet lock and forgot this act made us search for about 30-40 mins . Roads till kadiri are good 2 lane highway can easily ride @ 80-90 .


                  Started to anantapur by 6 AM reached atp by 7:15 had breakfast then headed to kurnool , my friend wanted to drive my bike as he was bored of his bike .. soon he was thrilled by the smoothness and ease with which zma pulls , started to drive @ 100-110 . Other friend who was driving pulsar had to enter gooty town for petrol as stations on highway had no petrol , we were waiting for him at a flyover which falls midway of gooty bypass .

                  some fort visible from highway near Gooty

                  After waiting for 20 mins we were worried about him and went back about 5 kms. Asked all bike and auto guys whether they saw any red pulsar . While we were enquiring about him he filled filled up petrol and started towards kurnool thinking we have already reached kurnool . After about 45 minutes we started thinking that he might have overtaken us without our notice.. after few mins he called and said i reached kurnool while we were 50 kms away .You might think that why we didnt call him earlier and asked about his location instead of asking others ,bcoz i was carrying his bag which had his mobile . Finally reached kurnool at 11:30 had tea and started to hyd by 12 noon .. reached jadcherla by 2 had dinner at hotel munaver started @ 2:40 towards hyd .

                  we visited our engg college at shadnagar on way and reached hyd by 4:45pm. Went to CCD near my home and ended our trip with nice hot coffee.
                  on 4 wheels u feel the speed after a crash, 2 wheelers are much more advanced

                  Ananthagiri Trip


                  Ooty trip

                  Tirumala-horsley Hills



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                    Wow! thats a great ride you had there. And the pictures are Majestic! Nice that the riding season is back.
                    All the wise men of the world are called wise only after they spoke their mind, so dont keep the ideas to yourselves!


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                      congrats on completing the ride successfully! excellent log and trip!


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                        thanks guys for the comments... planning another one in august
                        on 4 wheels u feel the speed after a crash, 2 wheelers are much more advanced

                        Ananthagiri Trip


                        Ooty trip

                        Tirumala-horsley Hills



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                          Reminds me of my trip to Tirupathi with C ravikiran, praveen and kriss!

                          Nice log bro! Hope the Zma did'nt trouble you!
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                            Originally posted by pabi View Post
                            thanks guys for the comments... planning another one in august
                            Nice ride Pabi..... Let us know about the upcoming trip....
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                              wow..great log..nice images...

                              rather pleased to see something different from leh-ladakh in this section....