Ahmedabad: Dedicated to Moin Shaikh #roadTripUnited

The Ahmedabad meet of the  #roadTripUnited was going to be our last big meet on a weekend and we all were very excited about it. But just a couple of days before the meet, we lost a fellow biker from Ahmedabad, Moin Shaikh, in a tragic road accident. Moin was riding with his biking friends on Republic Day and crashed into a buffalo on the road and he had no time to react.  He was wearing proper safety gear, but the internal injuries from the impact proved fatal for him. Moin was a very popular guy among the Ahmedabad biking circle and was always helpful towards others. May god bless his family with the strength to cope with this loss. We would always miss his smiling face.

So we dedicated our Ahmedabad ride to Moin Shaikh and invited the bikers from city to pay their tribute to him at the meet.


The ride started on Sunday, January 28, 2018, from near Decathlon Ahmedabad and reached the final meet venue, XS Overland, who were our hosts there.  Maitray Marfatia, the xBhp flag bearer in Ahmedabad and also one of the closest friends of Moin started proceedings by requesting a 2 minute silence to pray for the departed soul.

XS Overland in Ahmedabad is the place to go for all your riding gear and accessory needs. They also deal in car customization, especially 4x4s and off-roading gears and accessories.

Vishal Joshi, the brain behind XS Overland, also shared a few words in memory of Moin and invited team xBhp to talk about the #roadTripUnited.  A large part of our talks with the riders there focused on the issue of motorcycling and safety. All group representatives present there were handed over the note of thanks for their contribution towards motorcycling. And it was decided that XS Overland will keep the ‘i, the bike’ memento on behalf of all the bikers of Ahmedabad.

A team from Castrol POWER1, our main sponsor, was also there to talk about the importance of choosing the right engine oil for motorcycles and also to educate people on the things that a lot of bikers don’t know or ignore while buying engine oil.

We thank all the bikers of Ahmedabad who participated in the ride despite losing a fellow biker just a couple of days ago because it takes a lot of courage to motivate yourself to ride again after an incident like this. A special note of thanks to XS Overland for being such a wonderful host once again.

We thank UNO MINDA for bringing our passion to life with this amazing trophy #iTheBike
We thank UNO MINDA for bringing our passion to life with this amazing trophy #iTheBike

The ride must go on…



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