Asansol: 4th day on the road for #roadTripUnited

After meeting the motorcyclists of Varanasi and having an impromptu G2G there, it was time for us to ride to Asansol. A city which isn’t quite ‘big’ on the Indian map, but getting bigger by the day on the motorcycling map of India.

A late start from Varanasi meant we reached Asansol after dark. And it was heartwarming to say the least, to find our hosts from the city waiting for us late into the night. They met us and made sure we were taken care off before leaving for the night and still making it to the venue early the next morning. The love and affection showered on us cannot be described in words.

We are grateful to Surabhi Management for hosting us in Asansol.

The next morning before we could get out of rooms, bikers from Asansol and other nearby towns had already gathered at our hotel to escort us to the venue of the meet. The meet was held at Black Magic and we were astounded to see the number of bikes parked outside and the number of bikers. There were more than 200 young people and even more were trickling in.

The riders present were a true representation of the demographic of India, with almost all those present being between 18 to 24, with the eldest being a grand old 30! These young men and women are the future of motorcycling in India and it was gratifying to see them unite in their love for motorcycling.

After a traditional aarti and tilak welcome, the ribbon was cut and all the riders swarmed in to the hall. We showed our appreciation with a small burnout to get things flowing!

Proceedings were kicked off with us describing the purpose of #roadTripUnited and emphasising the importance of safe riding and learning as we grow. The #powerTrip360 and Flag Off video were shown and then we invited the presidents of the motorcycle groups present to thank them for their contribution towards uniting motorcyclists. The following groups were present and a part of ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ in Asansol:

Piston Rollers
Durgapur Hell Riders
RTR Riders
Throttle Twisters
R. Group Raniganj
United Bikers
Dragging Demons
Team RPM
Team Petrol Heads
97 Octane
Royal Rangers
Kulti Bikers club
Durgapur Enfield Riders
Asansol Bikers Club
Biker Scott
Lone Wolf
Highway Riders

After a lovely meet and interaction with bikers of Asansol, it was time for us to ride on to Durgapur where we had a quick stop with riders from there, before we proceeded to Burdwan. And that is a story for another day…



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