#roadTripUnited: Lucknow Meet at Sheroes Hangout

On an early weekday morning, it was time for the #roadTripUnited crew to meet the bikers of Lucknow. The venue was Sheroes Hangout, a regular den for bikers of the city.

At 7 AM, riders started trickling in, defying the north Indian winter chill. One super rider rode 100 km to be there on time, only to spend an hour with us and then headed back the same distance to attend his coaching class! Hats off to his dedication towards motorcycling.

Around 100 bikers turned up for the meet and it was a pleasure interacting with them. Proceedings started with Sunny introducing xBhp and #roadTripUnited to the gathering, before inviting the biking groups onto the stage and giving them the ‘Note of Thanks’. It was heartening to see so many different clubs under one roof. Many were meeting each other after a very long time and in this, the ride has been successful. Meeting and uniting motorcycling clubs of the country has always been our intention.

Mohit, Sarah and Jaysn shared their motorcycling experiences with the audience and an interesting Q&A session followed, with some pertinent questions being asked eliciting meaningful responses. The club presidents present also posed for a photograph with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a testimony to the unity of motorcyclists around the country.

It was indeed a pleasure to meet so many bikers on a weekday morning, where everyone took time out of their busy schedules to meet and ride together.

After the G2G it was time for us to ride out to Varanasi for a quick night halt where we met up with the bikers of the city and an impromptu meet there.




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