#roadTripUnited: First Stop: Agra!

Finally! It was time for the wheels to roll after two super cool meets in Delhi at Motoziel and Delhi Bikers Fest on consecutive days. Our first saw us ride to the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, after stopping enroute to meet bikers of Agra.

Our ride for the day was on two of the best roads in the country currently. The Yamuna and Agra-Lucknow expressways. A 600 km journey which can safely be covered in 6 riding hours!
Before we reached Agra and met up at Bullet Adda with the motorcyclists of the city, we had a ball on the Yamuna Expressway. Billiard table smooth asphalt with no dogs, cows or pedestrians jumping into your path, makes the ride both fun and at the same time safe. A few riders from Delhi accompanied the core team of xBhp, Jasminder Singh aka Jaysn, Mohit Ahuja, founder of Bikers for Good, Sarah Kashyap, first female finisher at Raid de Himalaya were to ride with us to Lucknow and beyond. Arni and Ankyta accompanied us till Agra for the meet. It was a pleasure riding with these wonderful bikers.
In Agra, the meet was held at Bullet Adda, a cool motorcyclists hangout in the city of the Taj. We met various groups of the city and some who had ridden quite a few kilometres to unite with us in this ride. We presented the clubs with our ‘Note of Thanks’ for the time and effort that they have put into uniting motorcyclists. The riders also posed with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placard together as a symbol of unity.
These are the wonderful bikers who joined us in uniting the motorcyclists of India:
Taj Royals Agra.
Bikers Agra Club.
RPM Riders Gwalior.
We Royal Riders.
The Hoonigan Club.
The #roadTripUnited trophy was presented to the motorcyclists of the city of Agra and it was unanimously decided that the trophy should be kept in Bullet Adda itself, so that all the motorcyclists of the city could see that tangible symbol of unity.
After a lovely G2G with Agra’s bikers, it was time to move on to our destination for the day. Lucknow was still 300 km away and thanks to the Agra-Lucknow Expressway,  we could make short work of it. Even though one must be cautious as there are no fuel bunks yet on the road. As we had been forewarned we were armed with a jerrycan of petrol for the two Suzuki Hayabusas and Indian motorcycles.
As we approached Lucknow, a bunch of super helpful nawabs of the city rode out to the end of the expressway to meet us and direct us to our Treebo hotel in Gomti Nagar. After a tiring but fun day, it was time to catch a good night’s sleep before the early morning meet in Lucknow the very next day!



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