Jaipur: The Surprising Meet of #roadTripUnited

The Jaipur meet turned out to be the most surprising meet of #roadTripUnited after the Ahmedabad meet as despite being a Wednesday, more than 150 bikers came together to celebrate the spirit of biking and brotherhood. We were not really expecting such a big turnout of bikers here that too in the evening on a working day.

We had ridden to the Jaipur meet straight from Udaipur and reached the meet venue almost on time after riding for around 400 kms. The meet venue was right on the outskirts of Jaipur, so thankfully we didn’t have to grapple with peak hour traffic in the city.

Before reaching Jaipur, we took our lunch break in Ajmer where we met xBhpians from the city who took us to a location just a few kilometers from the Ajmer city which was a photographers’ delight.  That location was Kishangarh marble slurry dumping yard.  It is a flat ground, roughly 2-3 sq kms, surrounded by mountains on sides where all the marble processers from the area dump their marble slurry and as a result, this place looks like a snow clad valley in Himalayas.  We ended up shooting for 2-3 hours here before we left for Jaipur.

Our biking friend from Jaipur, Ravi Verma, who is an avid biker himself, had volunteered to organize the city meet for us and it was because of his efforts that when we reached Jaipur, we had so many bikers from many different biking groups at the meet venue waiting for us. Too bad, we didn’t get to ride with them.

Ravi started the proceedings by introducing the team #roadTripUnited and then Sunny and Manan took over the stage and addressed the gathering, explaining bikers the motto behind the #roadTripUnited and why we are doing it and how important it is for all of us as bikers to stay united to make India a biker friendly country.

Then we invited all the group heads on the stage to talk about their group philosophy and to present them a note of thanks. Also it was decided that the ‘I, the bike’ momento’ should be kept at Karan Moto Mart, which is a biking accessories store in Jaipur and one of the most famous hangout zones for the bikers of the city.

And with that, we came to the culmination of the #roadTripUnited. We met thousands of bikers from more than 250 different motorcycling groups and managed to do much more in these 9000 kms and 45 days than we had planned.

We thank all the bikers who connected with us during this journey. Also, a big thank you to all those bikers and organizations who helped us organize our city meets and rides. And last but not the least, a big thank you to all our sponsors for their support and faith in our dream.



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