Mangalore: The Coastal Run of #roadTripUnited

We were heading to Mangalore after a fair few years and we’re excited to be going there again. The last time we were in this pretty coastal town was during the #thankYouRide and had fond memories of the impromptu G2G we had.
On this occasion though we had planned a meet with the motorcyclists of the city the evening on which we were arriving there. Which was no small feat considering we were traversing the roads of Kerala to arrive there.
We paid a total of Rs 22 as toll in Kerala per car. And the roads we got matched the money we paid! Kilometres which normally get clocked without a moment’s thought took ages. As soon as we crossed into Karnataka we felt as if we were in heaven! 4-lane divided roads seemed a God send. And that is our excuse for reaching Mangalore late for the meet!
A big thanks to the Mangalore bikers who waited patiently for us to reach and begin proceedings.
We kicked off things by introducing xBhp and #roadTripUnited to those present and regaled them with tales of previous Mangalore meets and late-night entries! We also showed a couple of our videos from the ride and the #powerTrip360 before proceeding to call some of the assembled motorcyclists to introduce their clubs.
After an interesting interactive session we presented the clubs with a ‘Note of Thanks’ for their contribution towards motorcycling in India. We then had a photo moment with the club heads with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of unity. The ‘i the Bike’ memento was also presented to the city of Mangalore.
After that it was a mad dash to the restaurant below as it was about to shut and we motorcyclists were hungry as always after a long ride and a good meet! After dinner finally, we bid adieu to the Mangalore boys and girls before heading out to our Treebo hotel for the night.
Next stop… Goa



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