Northeast Meet : #roadTripUnited Concludes

Although the road trip part of the #roadTripUnited got over in the month of January itself, the ride was incomplete without a visit to the beautiful Northeast and meeting bikers over there. We had planned to visit Guwahati and hold a bikers’ meet there in the first week of February itself but due to some unavoidable circumstances, the plan couldn’t get materialized. But we had to go there to conclude the #roadTripUnited and we finally managed to do that at the end of March. Roshni Misabh, the Hijabi Biker, also joined us from Delhi to be a part of this meet. We landed in Guwahati and headed straight to Brahmaputra Harley Davidson who had graciously offered us 4 of their coolest bikes to be our rides for our Northeast meet. So we had a Harley Davidson Fat Boy, a Fat Bob, a Forty-Eight, and an Iron 883 to ride on the ultimate meet of #roadTripUnited.

With the amazing team of Brahmaputra Harley Davidson
Manan presenting a copy of the xBhp magazine to Dealer Principal, Brahmaputra Harley Davidson

Our rides

The good folks at Assam and Meghalaya chapters of xBhp had already done the groundwork for our meet and the venue and route plan, etc., had already been finalized. The biking groups in Guwahati, Shillong, Nagaon, and other nearby areas had already been invited as well. So all that was needed was to just go there and ride with the boys and girls.

We were also invited to and felicitated at a Supercross event in the Guwahati City and it was a wonderful watching these daredevils fighting it out under flood lights. 

The ride was flagged off from Luit UM Motorcycles Service Center in Guwahati and there were around 150 bikers from Guwahati at the flag off. The ride started after the necessary briefing to the riders about the route and the final meet destination and a customary group photo as well.

We rode through some congested parts of the city, but the riders showed amazing discipline and rode in a single file formation towards Silpagram, Guwahati which was our final meet venue. Along the way, a few bikers from Nagaon also joined us. They had ridden more than 100 kilometers from Nagaon to Guwahati to participate in this meet. A pack of bikers from Shillong also joined us at the venue before we began proceedings, which culminated with handing out a note of thanks to all the participating clubs from Northeast and also ‘I, the bike” momento to the cities of Guwahati, Shillong, and Nagaon where these momentos will keep changing hands from one group to other.

Here’s the live video feed from the meet

We then rode to the Woodland Dhaba, which is on the way to Shillong from Guwahati where a group of 40-50 bikers from Northeast Riders Domain (NERD) were waiting for us. From there, Sunil & Manan went to Shillong and Cherrapunji for a small ride while the rest of the team came back to Guwahati to catch up with work.

Meet with NERDs

We have been to this part of the country only twice, but the love the affection that we got from bikers here each time is simply beyond explanation. And this love and affection is what will bring us back again very soon and hopefully for a longer duration.

Our sincere thanks to everyone in xBhp Assam and xBhp Shillong for helping us organize this meet and also a big thanks to Brahmaputra Harley Davidson for letting us ride their precious possessions.



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