#roadTripUnited in Krishnagiri: Evergreen City!

Nestled in the hills south of Bangalore is a small town called Krishnagiri. It might not be making front page news everyday, but for xBhp, once a year the city plays host. Krishnagiri is known for having fantastic weather the year round, even when Tamil Nadu is sizzling in the heat, you will be sitting cool there. In the cool climes of Krishnagiri xBhp finds the warmth of biking brotherhood there without fail!


A super successful meet in Bangalore later, we were ready to ride out to Coimbatore, but not before a long stop at Krishnagiri. The ride from Bangalore to Krishnagiri was eventful as we had quite a posse headed there! Along with the xBhp core team, Roshni Misbah and Candida Louis had joined us from Hyderabad, Deepak Kamath and Aishwarya Pissay from Bangalore also took time out on a weekday to ride together and united.

At Krishnagiri we were warmly welcomed by Dr. Nandakumar, the Octogenarian rider who has been instrumental in binding together the bikers of the city. Since we had to ride onward to Coimbatore, we immediately kicked off proceedings for the meet. Where local boy from our team, Thulashi, addressed the gathering in English and Tamil and described what we are doing as part of the #roadTripUnited project.

We then called upon some of the riders from the audience to share their motorcycling tales, some had ridden quite a distance to be with us. We got wonderful insights into the culture of motorcycling there and the fragmentation of motorcycling clubs even in a small place like Krishnagiri, which just drives home the point and importance of bringing together people from different clubs under one roof.

We also presented the assembled clubs with a ‘Note of Thanks’ for the contribution in motorcycling and bringing together riders from different walks of life. Finally it was time for our photo moment with the club heads grabbing hold of the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorcycling unity.

We ended the G2G with a burnout on the Suzuki Hayabusa which was clearly loved by one and all! After the meet it was lunch and the road to Coimbatore…



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