Surat after dark at #roadTripUnited

Mumbai to Surat is not a great distance and we left from Maximum City for the Diamond City taking our own sweet time.

Enroute we had a quick break with the boys of Boisar before heading onward to Surat. Before we entered Surat we were met and escorted to our hotel by the wonderful and very helpful riders of Surat. After a quick break, we headed to the meet venue.

Unfortunately being a weekday evening we couldn’t do a proper ride together with the bikers of Surat. Yet it was wonderful to see so many clubs out in full force on a weekday after work.

Keyur Bhagat kicked off proceedings in Surat by introducing the xBhp team and welcoming them to the city.  Every member of the team was welcomed individually by one of the clubs present. After the welcome ceremony, we introduced #roadTripUnited to the gathering and also showed the video trailer from the #powerTrip360 in which we took two superbikes 20000 km around Australia.

We asked the clubs present to introduce themselves to the other clubs present and to the viewers on Facebook who were watching the G2G through a live video. The clubs were then presented with a ‘Note of Thanks’ for their contribution towards motorcycling. On this occasion, even the solo riders had their say and it was an interesting discussion between riding in a group and riding solo!

The clubs of Surat got together for a photo opportunity with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorcycling unity in the city. The ‘i the Bike’ memento was given to the city of Surat and the clubs presidents made a unanimous decision that it should be kept for safekeeping with Keyur.

After a group photo of all the present bikers, it was time for dinner. And what a fantastic dinner had been arranged. Traditional food typical to the city was served and we all enjoyed the fare.

After a lovely G2G with the motorcyclists of Surat, it was time to bid adieu to them and get ready for our onward journey to Vadodara…



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