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The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

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  • The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

    The story so far... My Honda CBR 250R

    The idea behind starting this thread is to have a separate discussion away from the CBR 250R ownership thread (which already has too many topics, the information is cluttered etc.) and also cover various aspects: purchase decision, reasoning, ownership experience, technical discussions and a platform for a lot of senior riders to share their views plus for new members to take a cue from. Please bear in mind that at a later stage, if any products or services is used from any aftermarket supplier on the vehicle, it is solely the decision of the thread starter based on his personal experience and in no way would or should be considered to be advocating or promoting any of them. The idea behind sharing information on any such products or services is to use logical reasoning, experimentation, reporting the observations on this thread for the fellow members to read, comment on and also the sheer joy of personalising an owned vehicle. Should one decide to follow the foot steps of the thread starter know this, you are doing so with your own free will and decision. So let us all try and keep this thread clutter free and productive.

    So without further adieu let us begin with my journey...

    THE BIG DILEMMA: For any new or a seasoned rider the one big question which troubles us all is "which is going to be the motorcycle of choice for me?" I am sure many of us have had this experience at some point of time to make a purchase decision which will meet our requirements. Agreed money no objection all of us have aspirations of owning beauties which cost way upwards 10 lakh. But one has to use reasoning: Head Vs Heart is a constant battle one will have to fight when it comes to the sheer passion of motorcycles and riding the unknown road. Many of us prefer a hardcore sports bike, some aspire a naked street fighter, for some its the ADV, then comes touring and for some it is just a simple commuter with a decent set of "jack of all trades" properties: mileage, decent power for the city and street, cornering, handling, braking etc.

    Aspirations VS Reality Check is something every rider hates to accept!!

    After a four year span of owning my beloved Yamaha FZ-16, due to work commitments and shifting from Mumbai to the North - East, i had no choice but to part away from it. That puny little FZ will always remain special to me. I can still remember the day i was handing over the keys to the new owner, i was in double minds whether to accept or simply refuse the money offered and take the bike with me. But sanity struck and commitment made me do the deal. Many of the xbhp members are already familiar with the set of experiences i have shared on xbhp ( As a result, that little 150cc motorcycle helped me to become a better person and also it spawned the seed of the need to be curious: not just try to learn but also share what i could understand with my mere experiences with the rest of the motorcycling community. Knowledge when shared with everyone becomes something more than simply "i know better than you" kinda crap! Anyways, due to unforseen circumstances, i had to go through an unwanted period of brief sabbatical from motorcycling completely. First was work commitment and second was with the supposed launch of the new products in the market for the financial year 2015 which made me constantly defer my purchase decision.

    Being a Yamaha fan (always!!) the moment the news of Yamaha's supposed R25 launch in India started doing rounds on xbhp, i was busy trying to improve my bank balance and waited eagerly for the claimed launch date of Dec/Jan 2014 - 2015. But then the days went by, the rumours shifted from Yamaha R25 to R3 to Honda CBR 300R to BMW to TVS to etc... And then came the commitments with the family, dwindling bank balance and thus, the dream of owning one just simply remained a dream for a while. Disappointed, i religiously used to trouble senior riders @psr sir, @AK3D and other fellow riders: sharing my sorrow about the amount of time i losing on waiting for that perfect bike which will make me happy and also how difficult it is to manage finances for purchasing a first hand motorcycle. I was lost and at times thought that this will never materialise.No matter how passionate one is, family always comes first, so i had to relent at times. But the desire to own a motorcycle and be back on the road kept on burning deep inside! In between with sheer desperation to satiate my thirst, i ended up ordering helmets, gloves, motorcycle magazines and an endless supply of videos related to new bike launches and riding techniques, all thanks to youtube: basically, whatever i could get hold of to keep me sane. I believe my constant bickering and moaning, finally made both these gentlemen lose it and they put forward a huge sign of INTERVENTION!!

    @psr sir told me, i had two choices.. die everyday thinking about owning that perfect motorcycle or else get hold of one that is inconspicuos, does everything silently what i aspire to do and simple get back on the road and start touring extensively. Though Yamaha FZ was a very good bike, understandably it was underpowered, purely meant for the city commuting. So moving up the "CC" ladder was the next inevitable and logical step to pursue. Due to family commitments and dwindling finances, at the moment this all seemed to be a distant dream till both @psr sir and @AK3D made a suggestion why not look at the possibility of owning a pre-owned vehicle? As a person who has always been used to purchasing everything first hand, i was a bit apprehensive towards the idea of looking for a second hand motorcycle. We had a set of discussions about the same and i finally agreed to look for a vehicle locally. (I would request both these gentlemen to do share their reasoning on this thread as a separate post so that it does add a value to this thread and may open up doors for an aspiring rider to get hold of a higher CC bike of any brand, without having to empty his bank account!) So there after, many choices were looked at. Initially it was the KTM Duke 200 then 390 but the ownership experiences of my friends was shocking and i simply steered away from that brand (No offence to any of the owners). Then came the idea of looking for a Pre-owned Kawasaki Ninja 250& 300R which has proven its mettle in India being one of the most trouble free, reliable and a motorcycle with a strong legacy comparable to a Swiss watch. But then cost of repairs, fibre panels in case of the unthinkable, serviceability and waiting period for parts in my current place of stay was bothersome so i dropped the idea of the same.

    Then both @psr sir and @AK3D pointed me towards a direction i was ignoring for a while, the underdog: Honda CBR 250R. Though at first i was never such a big fan of this vehicle, the rounds of discussions with both these gentlemen and the ownership experiences shared by senior rider @aargee made me think otherwise. I finally realised what is the sole purpose of me looking forward to purchase my next motorcycle: TOURING!! The 80+k kms done by @aargee and then innumerable experiences shared by individual riders about the relentless and bulletproof reliabilty of this motorycle on the internet made me relook at it from a different angle.

    Then the reluctance slowly turned into curiosity and then finally came the realisation part that: THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!! So in pursuit of motorcycling happiness, i started looking out for "the one" and happily painted the wall of my social media platform with this:


    So after many months of long wait for the perfect motorcycle.. on the 29th April 2015, i finally managed to get hold of THE PERFECT MOTORCYCLE for me. Ladies & Gentlemen, i present before you my Honda CBR 250R, C-ABS:

    She is just 1 year old, single owner, accident free and is bone stock with no stupid modifications. She has a 249cc heart which pumps out 26 bhp (on paper) and mostly done a average highway commute of a minimum of 100 kms at regular intervals ...Yes does need some TLC (a detailed post regarding finalising the deal and things to look out for, the good the bad etc., everything will be covered in the next post) But for now this is it!! The deal was struck, money was exchanged and now she is resting in my garage. I am happy that i have made the jump from 150cc to 250cc and i do intend to cover quite a lot of kms on this vehicle as days go by.

    I am not sure whether the post above was fruitful for all the members to understand the due process i went through but now the journey begins and do expect this thread to be different then the rest. i am hopeful that all the senior members will participate and make this a great platform for sharing knowledge. So stay tuned..

    P.S.: I would request the moderators to keep this thread in the General biking Discussion Sub heading.

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    Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

    Thread Approved

    Originally posted by shv18 View Post

    I am not sure whether the post above was fruitful for all the members to understand the due process i went through but now the journey begins and do expect this thread to be different then the rest. i am hopeful that all the senior members will participate and make this a great platform for sharing knowledge. So stay tuned..

    P.S.: I would request the moderators to keep this thread in the General biking Discussion Sub heading.

    Your request is happily accepted, because your last thread was a powerhouse of information I hope you will continue the good work!
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      Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

      Shv18...Congratulations ....Wish you good luck and a Happy and Safe mile munching...
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        Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

        Congrats on this wonderful piece of machine.. It is quite a masterpiece of the 250cc bikes.. It is worth every penny spent.. The bike looks fantastic and happy mile munching
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          Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

          Congratulations Shivang sir jee. Awaiting your wonderful insights.

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            Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

            Congratulations Sir! Indeed when it comes to motorbiking, it's now or never. Welcome to the Honda club!

            Looking forward to some insightful and enriching discussions here.
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              Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

              As an owner of the Ceeber I can happily say you have made a good decision. I have read each post on the FZ18 thread and was verey impressed by your detailed analysis of things. Hope I get to learn more about the CBR from this thread too.

              Happy riding.


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                Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                Originally posted by shv18 View Post
                The story so far... My Honda CBR 250R
                But the desire to own a motorcycle and be back on the road kept on burning deep inside! In between with sheer desperation to satiate my thirst, i ended up ordering helmets, gloves, motorcycle magazines and an endless supply of videos related to new bike launches and riding techniques, all thanks to youtube: basically, whatever i could get hold of to keep me sane.
                I'm also going through that exact same phase right now...In my case I want a Suzuki Gixxer ( BAQ ) ( Rear Disc ). Your CBR250 looks really good I like the Honda's signature logo over the body...Congratulations.
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                  Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                  Bangalore resale values are rather high and that is why I am still looking around, otherwise I was also contemplating ditching the big-bike plan and getting a pre-owned CBR. All I need is 100 KM/h all-day cruising anyway.
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                    Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                    Originally posted by shv18 View Post
                    [B]The story so far... My Honda CBR 250R

                    As a previous user of RC equipment and a current user of CBR 250, I can say that I've been in your shoes.

                    Now that we're in the same boat, i can assure you that its a great cruise to be on!

                    Happy riding!
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                      Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R


                      first of all, i am overwhelmed and quite surprised by the enthusiasm shared by everyone on the various topics we intend to cover on this thread. Thank you for the support and it is this encouragement which drives a mere rider like me to share my experiences with everyone on xbhp. Motorcycling fraternity is honestly, without a doubt magical!
                      I do apologise to keep everyone waiting for the next installment of post. But work pressure kept me off the forum for a while. So without waiting further, let us begin with my blabbering (warning: extremely long post!!):

                      WHY A SECOND HAND MOTORCYCLE?

                      Believe me when i tell you this, the moment i was suggested about this option: the first thing that came out of my mouth was a big "NO!!". The idea of owning a second hand vehicle sounded repulsive to me at the moment, not to mention the concerns about the whereabouts and the authenticity of the history shared by the owners at the time of sale and later should things go south, it may not be a pleasent experience for the new owner at all. Typically across the world, it is a common phenomenon for the second hand dealers to make a killing out of an unsuspecting customer by offering a "lemon" car/bike at dirt cheap rates, trying to convince one that this is the best deal one can look for and then once the paperwork and money is exchanged and problems do arise at a later date; they simply wash their hands off you. I was adament that it may be wiser to wait a bit longer, opt. for a first hand vehicle than burning my hands with a lemon. When @psr sir and @AK3D suggested me about looking for a second hand vehicle, i raised my apprehensions for obvious reasons. Let me break down our discussions into following simple points:

                      MY CONCERNS:

                      * A second hand bike has done a certain amount of kms which means a lot of parts may have worn out, may be due for a chage = cost factor. Isn't that a headache?

                      * How do i know if i am being offered a "lemon" instead of a good bike? The owner may not have been nice to the vehicle i am eyeing on what assurances do i have?

                      * Isn't it better to own a 1st hand bike since, the company will cover everything in the 1/2 years standard warranty from their end?

                      * On a first hand bike, i have the assurances and also will feel more connected to a new machine. How do you expect me to do the same with a second hand bike which may or may not have been used quite roughly by the previous owner? Plus on a first hand bike, i can always opt for extended warranty.

                      I must say both these gentlemen were very patient and heard my points without showing a hint of annoyance. Don't forget, the one year wait and constant bickering from my end was a nonstop chore for these gentlemen to deal with. After i was done, they offered the following points to consider:

                      THEIR REASONING:

                      * A second hand vehicle, if cared for will only demand routine and preventive maintenance which even if added to the total procurement cost of the vehicle, would still be significantly lesser than what it would cost you to purchase a 1st hand motorcycle. Any motorcycle, first hand or second hand will demand routine & periodic maintenance and there is no escaping from it.

                      * There are ways and means to find out what to look out for, things to note before making a purchase decision on a second hand motorcyle (will be covered in detail in the later part of the post)

                      * A first hand motorcycle the moment you purchase it, loses about 15% of IDV value (depreciation) in the books of an insurance company and depending on where you are placed, even higher in the actual second hand market. So let's say i purchased a brand new motorcycle called "X" for Rs. 1,00,000/-. Within a week, i am looking at a price cut of roughly 10-15 K from the original amount i spent on procuring it, in the second hand market. So in short, it is a depreciating asset. Plus let us not forget the higher insurance premium one has to pay for a new vehicle. One may argue that an alternative option is to get hold of a Zero depreciation insurance which should retain some higher sale value in the second hand market. But then one also has to calculate the higher premium amount to be shelled out along with the total cost of the vehicle which doesn't seem to add up especially when one is struggling on piling up cash for the dream bike.

                      * A second hand vehicle: even though slightly old or done kms will be available in the market at anywhere roughly 20 - 60% lesser value (depending on the no. years of ownership and also kms done) from the original price. So imagine the same motorcycle "X" for which i was paying going to pay Rs. 1,00,000/-, after 2-3 years is now available for Rs. 50,000/- or lesser. That sounds like a reasonable discount doesn't it? Let us add a further Rs. 10 - 15,000/- as budget for all spares and expenses as preventive maintenance which will make it a fully functional and restore it close to a new vehicle, you still end up saving Rs. 35 - 40,000/- which is quite a lot, especially for an aspiring rider who may be short on cash but wants to own a particular motorcycle of his/her choice. So at roughly Rs. 60 - 65,000/- you are getting hold of your favourite vehicle "X" with all the maintenance done, being as good as it can be right? There will always be propanents and opponents to this; but for a budgeted rider this will make logical sense.

                      * On a second hand motorcycle, the insurance premium is also lesser thus putting a lesser stress on the aspiring rider towards the total procurement cost.

                      * A vehicle which has already survived 1 - 3 years of ownership and has been well cared for will still function just fine so long as you keep up with the maintenance. Usually on upto 350cc motorcyles category in India: the OEM company warranty is applicable only to the 1st owner and is valid till 2 years/30,000 kms. Agreed, being a mechanical item with thousands of components, parts may fail and compared to a new one the chances may be slightly higher on a second hand bike. But then one should also consider the cost factor and if you know what you are looking for, chances are you will get a very good vehicle at the fraction of a cost.

                      * If you are a passionate biker, the whole process of putting parts into the bike which slowly transforms it and brings her back to her former glory is a journey, an experience which will make you feel more connected to your motorcycle than ever. (i for one now, can vouch for this point! )

                      Looking at my present scenario and the countless debates and discussions made me realise one thing: i am losing out time on riding, being on the road. Plus due to family commitments, it may be a while till i can gather up sufficient funds to get my own motorcycle "X", first hand. So with two experienced riders to guide me (with the liberty to trouble them incessantly ), why not take a plunge into the second hand market and atleast see what it has to offer? After working out my finances and having a chat with both the gentlemen, i kept a total budget of Rs. 1,30,000/- (with ownership transfer, maintenance/repair cost and budget for my personalising etc.) to get hold of a motorcycle which will cater to my needs and will be the next proper upgrade from my earlier Yamaha FZ.

                      OK SO WHICH ONE WILL IT BE?

                      Well now that i finally agreed to check out second hand motorcycle as a possible option, it opened up new doors: choices choices and like how!

                      1) KTM: The Austrian rebel with a mighty heart and crazy power to weight ratio is something which was exciting and enticing to me. I TD'd both the KTM Duke 200 and 390 and immediately fell in love with the brute power and the eagerness to hit the rev limiter at all times. But then logical reasoning and the experience from my FZ taught me to be patient: let us first observe and understand what niggles and problems one has to go through with this brand. The ownership experience thread on xbhp for both the bikes did help a lot to get an understanding of the vehicle. But it was the ownership experience of my friends both locally and outside North East which made me turn my back to this brand. Let me explain:


                      * All the KTMs even the new ones (current 2015) in the local rider group ran into problems after completing first 5,000 kms. Leaking head gasket, vehicle shutting off for no apparent reason, breaking up of rims into bits thanks to the wonderful roads of the state whereas in other bikes it was just fine, throttlebody issues and eletrical problems the list seemed to be bigger than what i had earlier expected. My friends jokingly called it KTM-Bullet. (again no offence to any of the current owners).

                      * Engine seizures in 4 bikes from the group for no apparent reason. 2 of them had chassis cracked at places even when they never had an accident and never were harsh to their respective vehicles.

                      * Overheating on two 2014 models. SVC was of no help so both the owners frustrated sold it off at throw away prices.

                      * The ownership reports i received from Chennai, Pune, Gujarat and Mumbai were not encouraging.

                      * Though this may vary from rider to rider, on long distance rides i didn't find either of them to be comfortable. Plus the over eagerness to be on the redline gets quite irritating if one intends to do highway long distance runs. It is indeed a true red blooded hooligan streefighter, not a tourer atleast in my books.

                      * After sales service was a nightmare in my state. If i were to purchase one, i would have to travel some 500 kms to get it serviced. Imagine the scenario if something went wrong what would i do then?

                      Agreed, all of the points above may not be acceptable by all, but in my case, KTM had enough red flags to be off the roster list to be as a probable candidate.

                      2) KAWASAKI: Kawi needs no introduction especially to me as i have had the privilege of riding both the 250 and the 300R. i have nothing but respect for this brand and the sound of the P-twin exhaust is simply exhilarating! Kawi has made a brilliant product and the 250 has been in the market for near about 30+ years so they have ironed out any mechanical issues that may have been present during the earlier stages. I have rarely come across one or two cases where an owner had to face engine seizure issues and on further digging it was found that the SVC was responsible for not filling up the correct required engine oil which led to the mess. I had set my eyes on one beautiful little greenie 250 till reasoning made put the brakes on and then think out loud what i was planning to get myself into:

                      * Kawi 250 is now no longer sold in India. Parts though available, are on order basis and may take quite a while to arrive especially in my state.

                      * After sales and service was another issue as all the major SVCs were some 500 kms from my place of residence and the reports about the quality of workmanship by owners was not at all encouraging.

                      * Ownership cost was on the higher side: Panels close to 50K, Chain & Sprockets 14 - 16k, engine components should something go wrong was on the higher side. If i were to add the cost of ownership based on my touring requirements it will be on the higher side.

                      So reluctantly, i had to let go of the deal and broaden my search for the one which will be serviceable locally and also will be as reliable as Kawasaki.

                      3) BAJAJ: All my friends jointly chimed in "NO NO & ABSOLUTELY NOT!!"... So sorry folks even before i could begin analysing the pros and cons, it was shot off from the list by my friends!!

                      4) HYOSUNG: No need for the opinion of my friends, i took it off from the list personally...

                      5) YAMAHA: No products in the 250cc to 300cc category for the Indian market. R15 even though a good motorcycle was simply not what i was looking for. So reluctantly, had to let go of my fanboyism for this brand. I wonder why does Yamaha take so long to launch something revolutionary, they have always been associated with performance and being risk-taker in the Indian market, but seems they are busy making scooters and scooterette launches.. sigh!

                      6) HONDA: The largest motorcycle company in the world, born by the hands of a man who was no engineer but had a passion for engines and engineering: Soichiro Honda. Honda as a company, made a significant contribution to the Indian motorcycling industry when they went into JV with the Indian manufacturer Hero launching some of the most successful motorcycles which are still known to a lot of us since, our childhood: HeroHonda CD100, splendor, passion, CBZ, Karizma are just a few names to count from the list of their successful JV. After 16+years of JV, Honda and Hero parted ways and Honda started its operations in India as an individual entity. Though they have not been able to capture the mass market like Hero, Bajaj or TVS yet, they have been successful in launching some popular bikes in the Indian market. Unicorn and Shine are well known ones that i can recollect.

                      The Honda CBR 250R was the first true everyday modern entry-level 250cc category sports bike launched by Honda in the Indian market. One may argue that Bajaj P-220 or the HH ZMA should be considered the flag bearers for the same in the 250cc category. Kawi 250cc was already in the market by then but the price tag made it simply a premium product and out of reach for many. CBR 250R with an initial entry price and offering of both ABS and NON-ABS made it a lucarative proposition for a lot of riders. Though Honda did suffer with a lot of bad PR due to initial engine seizures, poor braking performance, paint pealing off, shim noise and lack of parts, Honda was quick to respond and started working on making everything better.

                      Personally, i have always been awestruck by the Kawi ninja 250R and to me the CBR never sounded like a vehicle i would like to own. So when @psr sir and @AK3D suggested it to be a model i should take a look at, initially i was not so enthusiastic about it. But later their "Yoda" gyan was enough for me to do some research on and see if this vehicle would make any sense for my set of requirements. And boy it did!! here are some of the pointers:


                      * Post the initial niggles, CBR has proven itself to be one of the most reliable tourers in the country. Aargee's trip logs and ownership experience of 80+ k kms was encouraging.
                      * incidentally, my uncle is a local Honda dealer. When i casually went to meet him and made an enquiry about the ownership reports, he was frank and had nothing but appreciation for the vehicle. Not a single one sold and serviced in his workshop has ever seized or required any major overhauling. The engine is gem, suspension is just right for the roads of North East, the power is just right and best of all the spare parts are readily available. If something is out of stock it can reach my uncle's workshop within 7 days flat!

                      * The cost of spare parts was ridiculously cheap for a 250cc class bike.(Details to be shared later!) i went through the catalogue and was astonished with the parts prices.

                      * The technical explanation given by @psr sir was more than enough to convince me that mechanically it is as reliable as a vehicle can be and LC will keep everything in check. in short it is a typical HONDA.. will go on and on and on...
                      * @AK3D had by then purchased a second hand CBR 250R C-ABS and he was kind enough to share his side of the story which gave a further boost to peak my interest.
                      * Not to forget @gopakumarspillai's souped up CBR was an experience i will never forget.

                      So points above set things into motion and i finally decided that it was time to lock onto my choice. So Honda CBR 250R was finally chosen as the motorcycle i would go for.

                      CBR250R? ABS OR NON-ABS?

                      By now the next set of arguments broke out whether to opt for a NON-ABS or an ABS model?? Many of us may have seen this youtube video which explains the significant advantages of using an ABS enabled motorcycle on the street:

                      A lot of my friends were all in favour of the ABS and spoke about the situations they have had to deal with, many of them were heart-to-mouth moments for them. Unlike Maharashtra and other states in the North East ,one also has to factor in the additional hazards on the road: cows, goats, pigs, ducks, and another moronic creature: men & women who believe that they own the road, and it is actually a place to suddenly stop their vehicle in the middle and start talking about their family issues with each other while oncoming traffic is about to hit them. I for one was not so convinced by the idea of owning an ABS bike as traditional old school riding and experience has taught me that common sense and being alert on road will always save you from then unthinkable than fancy gizmos. Plus, i was not at all convinced with the idea of putting my faith on electronics completely which may put my natural subconscious guard down when on the road, thinking that ABS will save me from anything, whereas that is not always the case. I have had countless friendly arguments with @AK3D and many others some of which, i would request the respective members to elaborate onthis thread which will in the due process, allow it to be more productive and informative than simply random blaberring posts of an xbhp member suffering with OCMD (Obsessive Compulsive Motorcycling Disorder)

                      Finally after a lot of friendly discussions and arguments it was decided that if i manage to get hold of a CBR 250R with ABS which is within my budget contraints plus the maintenance cost and others can be covered, i would go for it simply because of the better braking thanks to the 3 pot front Nissin caliper instead of the 2 pot Bybre one on the NON-ABS one. As luck would have it, while enquiring and being on the lookout for a good CBR 250R, i came across one where the owner wanted to sell off his CBR 250R, C-ABS model due to financial reasons.

                      So i called up the owner and asked a common friend of mine to arrange a meeting with him. By then i had already made my calls to @psr sir and @AK3D to enquire about the things to look out for. They were supportive and immediately gave a me a check list, which i would be happy to share with all of you:

                      * ENGINE: First thing to do is to start the vehicle, let the engine warm up and after 2 -3 kms once, the engine reaches optimum temperature make the engine go through a variety of load tests to see if there are any unwanted or un-natural clanking or metallic sounds coming from the engine bay. If there are, walk away from the deal. A good used motorcycle engine with atleast a basic oil change will usually keep engine noise at bay which is prominent on one which is on its way out.

                      * CHAINS & SPROCKETS & TYRES: These components are vital ones which will give you a fair bit of idea about the life the vehicle has led. If the vehicle has hit 20k kms and tires are bald along with worn chains, walk away from the deal unless the owner has been honest with you regarding the reason behind it.

                      * FORKS: Leaking front forks may indicate hard usage or rough riding on bad roads.

                      * CHASSIS: Any bends or dent marks will indicate that the vehicle has gone through an accident with massive G-forces being transferred onto the frame. If so walk away!!

                      * CONESET: Do zig-zag riding intentionally to see if the handlebar is getting pulled to one direction or the steering feels heavy. If so then the coneset is on its way out.

                      * ALLOY WHEELS: Any bends or dents will reveal how the vehicle was ridden and a bent alloy will be significant replacement cost for you so that is one of things to look out for.

                      * FLUIDS: CBR 250R has a liquid cooled engine. So check the coolant level, the state of the engine oil, the state of the brake fluid whether it still has retained the colour or turned into muddy water like liquid. All those are tell tale signs that this vehicle was not taken care of. If anything is leaking it needs replacement. They also mentioned to have a look at the radiator fins and also if the radiator fan turned on or not once the engine temp reached the peak.

                      Armed with all this information, i waited for the owner to meet me along with his bike. I had asked my common friend to also request the owner to bring all the documents like RC, Insurance, PUC, service booklet, etc. which would give me a quick peak into the history of the motorcycle.

                      When i finally met the owner, he introduced himself and showed me the vehicle. Since, i had my uncle's Honda SVC at my disposal, i reasoned with the owner that i would first like a trained mechanic to have a look at the vehicle and only then shall decide whether to go through with the deal or not. This was also a way to test him and see how comfortable he is with the idea. An owner who knows that there are things wrong with his motorcycle, usually would avoid such a trip in order to cancel out any possibility of getting caught red handed. But this owner seemed genuine and he had no problems with the same. I would personally advise any aspiring rider to first get hold of a good mechanic who has the common sense and if possible try and tag along a friend who understands a bit on the mechanical side of things if you are looking for purchasing a second hand motorcycle. It always helps to have a second opinion.

                      The vehicle was taken to the SVC center and we started the inspection in order to see what items need an overhaul and what possible problems may be lurking around. So let the pictures do the talking:

                      Pic 1: Sunbeam Pearl White Honda CBR 250R C-ABS at the Honda workshop. Rear tire ws recently replaced with Ceat Zoom 140-70-17 profile.

                      Pic 2: front view of the vehicle

                      Pic 3: the side fairing opened up to inspect the coolant and the engine oil level,colour. Also to check on possible leaks. The coolant was on low level but not dry. So would be taken care of during the TLC phase.

                      pic 4: The tank had scratches on but the owner had applied 3M coating. He assured me that with a simple 3M treatment the scratches will disappear. The SVC mechanics verified the same.

                      Pic 5: Condition of the Chain & Sprockets. This vehicle had done mostly highway runs so the owner admitted this one to be one of the items needing a replacement.

                      Pic 6 & 7: Crappy contigos front tire was on its way out and the tire had lost its original oval nature. One of the things to be replaced for sure.

                      Pics 8 & 9: Water droplet formation inside the rear indicators. As per my conversation with AK3D, this seems to be a common problem amongst CBRs.. nothing fevibond can't cure!!

                      Pic 10: Clutch cable needing an urgent replacement

                      Pic 11: Engine oil slightly darker (picture not clear due to limitations of a phone camera). When checked the oil was still sticky. Owner used stock Honda FS oil manufactured by Idemtisu.

                      Pic 12: Rear brake pads needing an urgent replacement and same was the case with the front

                      Pic 13 & 14: The centre part of the handlebars had scratches on may be due to a metallic key ring. but looked ok to me. The owner had both set of keys.

                      Pic 15: Rear disc rotor had bit of scoring marks which was a concern but not by a great extent (will be covered in a later post).

                      Pic 16: Front forks were inspected and found to be in good shaep and not leaking any oil.

                      So after the vehicle was thoroughly inspected, i took the vehicle out for a test ride. The steering felt heavy but by then me and the mechanic had already identified the culprit: crappy contigos!!. the forks were inspected and the coneset was also checked and found to be in a good condition. The vehicle from the inspection had no signs of any accident or bends on the alloy wheels. There were no unwanted engine noise or anything which pointed towards shims on their way out or say cam noise etc.

                      So it was a clean bike, single owner. Heck, even the ugly saree guard was still kept bolted on to the bike. It had covered a genuine 19,985 kms on the ODO and the MID console had all the LEDs fully functional. All the signals, lights worked. However, the ABS warning lamp was consistently on (more on this to be covered in a later post). When i checked the papers the vehicle had just turned 1 year (2014 model) on 24th April, 2015. So even with some of TLC needed, it seemed to be a good bike. Once i got a green signal from my uncle and the SVC mechanics, i sat down with the owner and started talking about his expectations. The owner was willing to sell the bike for an asking price of 1.10 lakhs. (i had done a background check and found out that the owner needed solid hard cash due to some personal financial issues, otherwise a year old CBR 250R would be up for sale at a price nothing less than 1.7 - 1.8 lkhs in the local second hand market). After showing him the scope of work on the vehicle, i negotiated the total agreeable rate to 1.09 lakhs (with ownership transfer, insurance and others everything included). I was to bear the cost of repairing and replacement of any parts that needed to be done.

                      Since, the bike was hypothecated (on bank loan), the first condition on the sale of the motorcycle was that the owner was to clear off the loan with the bank and get hold of the NOC certificate from the bank along with the Form No. 35 signed and sealed by the bank manager which will be verified by me and my common friend. Also a disclaimer letter will be signed by him which would keep my interests guarded less for any reason the owner would have had any bad intentions. Until all the documents are in order (especially the bank loan clearance NOC) and surrendered in front of witnesses from both ends, i was not going to pay anything to the owner. Since, we both had bank account in the same bank i offered him online wire transfer the moment all the documents were signed and handed over to me (i avoided cash for obvious reasons). We appointed an RTO agent to double chek everything and then the work began on the processing of the documents. So may be for an aspiring rider these little (or a lot of blabbering) notes may be of some use.

                      After the papers were verified and the documents were found to be in shape, in presence of witnesses the papers were exchanged, signed and the amount was wire transfered to his account immediately. I thanked the owner and then left with the motorcycle. Mentally by then (being a sufferer of OCMD!!) i started making a note of the list of items/parts that would need an urgent replacement and by the time i reached home everything was ordered from my Uncle's Honda shop. Some of the parts were not in stock so i was assured that they will arrive in about 10 days. Thus, began the waiting game...

                      With a little bit of luck and some hard searching i managed to find the best of both worlds: a bike i wanted and for the price i wanted. C-ABS model for this price was simply a steal deal. i believe this is possible for any aspiring rider too! So now left with approx 21k to repair, replace and play around with, the list of options was endless on this bike... more to come later...

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                        Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                        Very nicely put thread. :thumbup:

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                          Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                          The owner was willing to sell the bike for an asking price of 1.10 lakhs. (i had done a background check and found out that the owner needed solid hard cash due to some personal financial issues, otherwise a year old CBR 250R would be up for sale at a price nothing less than 1.7 - 1.8 lkhs in the local second hand market).

                          A year old CBR 250 resale value in Mumbai is even lower than what you've been told. I got a 6month old bike which was quoted even lower.
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                            Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                            A very detailed and honest narration so far. In fact, this should be a must read for everyone who is looking for a second hand bike.
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                              Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

                              sweet deal you got there.... just needs some pampering and it will be back as new.....

                              instead of going for 3M treatment again. rather start yourself with some polishes and wax... it should be good...
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