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Thread: KTM 200 Duke

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    Smile KTM 200 Duke

    KTM Duke 200

    KTM 200 Duke Specifications

    No. of Cylinders 1
    Cubic Capacity 199.50
    Bore x Stroke (mm) 72 x 49
    Compression Ratio 11.3:1
    Valve and Cooling DOHC 4V, Liquid Cooled, Fuel Injection
    Power (Bhp/RPM) 25 Ps @ 10000rpm
    Torque (Nm/RPM) 19 Nm @ 8000 rpm
    Transmission 6 Speed, claw shifted
    Cooling System Liquid
    Front Tyre Size 110/70 x 17
    Rear Tyre Size 150/60 x 17
    Wheelbase (mm) 1367
    Front Brake 280 mm disc
    Rear Brake 230 mm disc
    Fuel Capacity (liters) 10.5
    Seat Height (mm) 810
    Kerb Weight (kg) 136
    Front suspension USD, Telescopic fork, 43mm dia
    Rear Suspension Monoshock
    Front fork travel (mm)140mm
    Real wheel travel(mm)150mm
    Headlamp 12V 60/55W H4
    Battery 12V 8AH VRLA

    Got my KTM Duke today. Thanks to everyone on Xbhp for making the wait for the KTM tolerable by allowing Duke owners to blow off steam on the forums.

    First Impressions (on the 15km ride home):

    1. Tyres were dirty, odo showed 20+ km. Dealership people said that the bike had been ridden to the showroom from the stockyard.
    2. Rear suspension is set very close to the softest setting possible. Will get it stiffened at the workshop.
    3. Keys provided with a key code card in case both keys get lost.
    4. No need to use accelerator when starting off from first gear. Bike rolls on cleanly.
    5. Very difficult to engage neutral from first, easier to do so from second.
    6. Clutch is very light and gears engage with a solid click.
    7. Didn't test the brakes much, but, the front seems to have a very aggressive bite.
    8. It is ridiculously easy to red line the bike, even in sixth gear, since rev limiter has been set at 7500 rpm till first servicing.
    9. Engine has no hiccups even while rolling at 30 kmph in sixth gear.
    10. The lightness and mass centralization on the bike is tremendous. Just sit back straight and ease off the handlebars and the bike comes back to a vertical position on its own.
    11. Engine isn't as smooth as on an FZ.
    12. Don't look for the scooty guy in your RVMs, it's the Duke's horn you are hearing.
    13. Multifunction display looks great while standing still, not much except speed is noticeable on the move.
    14. Seating position is upright enough that one can feel wind blast even at 80-90 kmph.

    Bottomline: You want speed.....twist the throttle, you want more....downshift.

    Pics coming soon.

    What you need to know about the Duke 200 and FAQ's !
    1. What should I keep in mind during the initial 1000 KM (run-in period) ?

    There are generally three different methods of breaking in a new bike:
    1. Breaking it in gently, babying it. Easy does it.
    2. Breaking it in Roughly, revving the heck out of it - ride it like you stole it philosophy.Duke is a real hooligan, Slam, bam, thank you ma'am.
    3. Break-in as per the Manufacturers Manual recommendations.

    I will go with the third method anyday.This is going to seem long and would require a lot of self control but I promise it will be worth it !

    A. Allow the engine to idle for 3 minuets before starting to ride and after getting off the bike.
    B. Strictly do not exceed 7500 RPM and do not run constantly at too low RPM either.
    C. Ride with a varying RPM all the time while shifting the gears as and when required to allow the gear box to break-in.
    D. Do not open full throttle.Accelerate and decelerate the speed gradually and in a uniform manner.
    E. Do not take it for a long distance highway rides,at constant speed and attempt to clock the initial 1000Km over a weekend.A short 30 minuets ride and then allowing the bike to cool down would be great.
    F. Use both the brakes and use them gently.Do not apply the brakes hard.
    G. It will take 200 Km for the tires to break-in to provide optimum road grip.Drive with caution during those initial 200 KM as the tires will tend to be slippery and is perfectly normal with any new tire.
    H. Fools might invite you for a race, dont fall for it.
    I. Read carefully through the rest of this document.

    Other reference:
    New Engine Break-in Procedure
    How to break in a new engine
    Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power
    Dan's Motorcycle "Engine Break-In"
    The dilemma of 'Engine Break-in'

    2. What petrol can be used ?

    The owners manual says to use Super unleaded RON 91 petrol.All fuel available in India have a RON 91 rating except for Bharath Petroleum Speed 93 and Speed 97 which have a RON rating of 93 and 97 respectively.The difference is in the type additives added.Premium petrol is not mandatory for the Duke but advisable.I prefer to use Shell Super Unleaded or fill at the same busy COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) petrol station.

    Some other facts:

    RON Research Octane Number; is a measure of the resistance of gasoline and other fuels to detonation (engine knocking) in spark-ignition internal combustion engines. High-performance
    engines typically have higher compression ratios and are therefore more prone to detonation, so they require higher octane fuel.

    A. A lower-performance engine will not generally perform better with high-octane fuel, since the compression ratio is fixed by the engine design.
    B. Higher RON levels does not produce more power its only safer.
    C. RON ratings are not quality ratings.
    D. If your bike only requires RON 91, higher RON petrol rating is only a waste of your money!

    3. What you should know before heading towards a petrol station for re-fueling.
    The petrol overflows after doing a full tank topup and leaves behind a strong petrol smell - Refer point 3 D.

    A. The total fuel tank capacity is 10.5 liters out of which 1.5 liter is the fuel reserve capacity.
    B .Each bar on the fuel indicator, approximately equals to one liter.
    C. A 'Low fuel level' warning would appear on the info display if the fuel level reaches the reserve mark.You need to be heading straight to the nearest petrol station when you see this warning.
    D. Do not fill petrol up to the brim (full tank) as this would cause the fuel to overflow usually when tilted towards the side or when running over a pothole/speed breaker,leaving behind a strong petrol smell.
    E. To ensure that the fuel indication on the display by the fuel sensor is accurate follow the steps below
    - Turn off the bike.
    - Shake the bike towards either side.You might be able to hear the fuel splashing inside the tank.
    - Hold the bike upright.
    - Turn on the key and wait for a few seconds.

    4. What you should know about the engine coolant (also known as anti-freeze).
    Floresent green colour coolant is leaking - Refer point 4 E,4 H,4 I

    A. The owners manual recommends Castrol RadiCool Heavyduty coolant (premixed).
    B. Castrol RadiCool is a glycol based premixed coolant which can be directly pored into the coolant reservoir unlike other concentrated coolants.When your coolant level is low, DO NOT ADD WATER into the coolant reservoir or dilute the Castrol RadiCool as it will reduce the glycol and corrosion inhibitor concentration and accordingly reduce the protection provided,increasing the risk of damage to your cooling system and engine.
    C. Motul Motocool Expert Coolant (premixed) can also be used.
    D. Never mix two different coolants because of the possible incompatibility.
    E. In case the coolant is dripping/leaking or spills, wash off with water immediately, do not simply wipe off with a cloth.
    F. For maximum system protection, replace (complete drain out and refill) Castrol RadiCool at least every three years or 60,000 km.
    G. Never remove the radiator cap,radiator hoses or other cooling system components when the engine is hot.
    H. Check the coolant level when the bike is upright and not when it is resting on its side stand.
    I. The coolant level must be between MIN and MAX mark.If the coolant level is at or above the MAX level,the coolant will overflow from the radiator house usually after the engine becomes warm.
    J. How to flush your Coolant
    Castrol USA - How to flush your Coolant

    5. What you should know about the engine oil.
    Can I switch over to a fully Synthetic oil during the first service ? - Refer point 5 A,5 B,5 C

    A. The recommended engine oil is Bajaj DTS-i 10,000 or Motul 7100 20W50.
    B. Motul 300v Factory line double ester 15W50, though not recommended my the manufacturer would be more suitable if you live in a place which has a generally cool climate throughout the year.
    C. The stock engine oil,Bajaj DTS-i 10,000 is a semi synthetic oil.It is usually recommended to change to fully synthetic oil (like the Motul 7100/Motul 300V) at 5000KM.However,people who
    had changed to fully synthetic oil during their first service (1000 Km) had only good things to say.
    D. The specification of the engine oil to be used is SAE 20W50 API SG/SL JASO MA,MA1.
    E. The engine oil capacity is 1.4 liters.
    F. The engine oil level must be between the lower and upper edge of the oil level viewer window when the motorcycle is held upright on a horizontal surface.
    G. Replacing the oil filter every time the oil is changed is highly recommended.
    H. Like the engine coolant,never mix two different engine oil.
    I. Cold engine oil will not drain properly, so before you start changing the engine oil, drive your bike around to raise the oil temperature to bring it to normal operating temperature.Then switch off the engine and remove the oil drain plug.Be prepared for the potentially hot flow of oil as you unscrew the drain plug.
    J. Never use a engine oil meant for a car on a motorcycle.
    K. Be aware that there are fake engine oil out there.Always buy from a authorized distributor.

    Some other facts:

    Below is the break down of the engine oil specifications as recommended by KTM

    SAE - It stands for Society of Automotive Engineers.They have created a standard for identifying the viscosity characteristics of engine oil and have a reading such as 2oW-50,15W-50 ..etc

    20W-50 - The number 20 before the 'W'(W = Winter) indicates the low temperature viscosity properties while the 50 indicator of the high temperature or operating viscosity properties.Lesser the value of the number before the W would mean thinner or less viscous the oil would be and is recommended for places that have cold climate almost throughout the year.

    API American Petroleum Institute

    SG/SL - The 'S' as in SG/SL is meant is a motorcycle with petrol engine.SG and SL are standards as per API.

    JASO The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization.

    MA,MA1 Grade for Wet Clutch type vehicles.MA,MA1 or MA2 means you are guaranteed that the clutch won't slip.JASO split their JASO-MA standard into JASO-MA1 and JASO-MA2. MA1 is the follow on for bikes that call for JASO-MA oils.The 'M' and 'A' as in MA stand for -
    M - Motorcycle Application,A - For engines which share their oils with clutch.

    As KTM has specified a API rating of SG/SL and a JASO rating of MA,MA1 ,use only motor oils that satisfy both of the standards listed (the packaging for the oil will carry symbols for both if it meets both standards). Do not use an oil that only meets one standard but not the other.

    6. What you should know about the brake fluid.
    I hear a squealing noise from the brake. - Refer point 6 H

    A. The recommended brake fluid specification on the owners manual is DOT4 or DOT 5.1
    B. The brake fluid can be topped up just like the engine coolant.
    C. Never mix two different grades of brake fluid or different brands of brake fluids.
    D. DOT 5 brake fluid should strictly not be used on the Duke.
    E. The brake fluid level should always be above the MIN mark for front and rear brake.The brakes may not function if it goes below the MIN mark.
    F. The front and rear brake fluid needs to be changed during the third service.
    G. Clean up overflowed or spilt brake fluid immediately with water.They will cause damage to the paint job.
    H. Use the brakes gently until 1000 Km to let the brake pads to bedin properly.You may notice a squealing noise caused due to this is and is perfectly normal.

    Some other facts::

    - DOT - Department of Transportation..
    - DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 are glycol-based brake fluids, DOT 5 is a silicone-based brake fluid.The different DOT categories refer to the different boiling points of the fluids.Higher the number,higher would be the boiling point.

    7. What should be the tire and the tire pressure ?
    My new tire feels slippery around the corners - Refer point 7 A

    A.It will take 200 Km for the tires to break-in to provide optimum road grip.Drive with caution during those initial 200 KM as the tires will tend to be slippery and is perfectly normal with any new tire.
    B.Poorly inflated tires can be a safety threat and degrade the handling of the bike.This would also cause low mileage,abnormal wear and overheating of the tire eventually reducing the service life of the tire.
    C.Do not attempt a burn out,it can severely damage the tyre and cause poor control.You can watch all that on
    D.Some owner manuals may indicate the wrong tire pressure.The correct tire pressure is printed on the swingarm

    Only rider -
    Front: 25 Psi
    Rear : 28.5 Psi

    Rider + Pillion-
    Front: 25 Psi
    Rear : 32 Pst

    8.What is the tire size specification?

    The stock tires MRF revz FC for the front and MRF revz C for the rear.
    Front tire size : 110/70 R17 54S
    Rear tire size : 150/60 R17 66S

    Some other facts::

    Below is the breakdown of the tyre size specifications

    Rear :150/60 R17 66S

    150 -is the width of the tyre in millimeters.
    60 -is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.In other words it means,height of the tire is 60 percent of the width of the tire
    R -means it is radial construction.
    17 -is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
    66 -is the load index.It is the amount of weight the tire can support when properly inflated.
    S -Speed rating of S would mean it can withstand a maximum speed of 180 KM/h.

    Front:110/70 R17 54S

    110 -is the width of the tyre in millimeters.
    70 -is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.In other words it means,height of the tire is 70 percent of the width of the tire
    R -means it is radial construction.
    17 -is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
    54 -is the load index.It is the amount of weight the tire can support when properly inflated.
    S -Speed rating of S would mean it can withstand a maximum speed of 180 KM/h.

    9. How to wash the Duke and keep it shinning ?
    The digital console shows warning light just after a water wash - Refer 9 A, 9 D.

    A. As mentioned in the owners manual ''Never clean the vehicle with high pressure cleaning equipment or a strong water-jet.The excessive pressure can penetrate electrical components,socket connects,throttle cable and bearings, etc., and can damage or destroy these parts.''
    B. Never wash a motorcycle when it is hot.
    C. Use a sponge and a regular garden hose with a regular stream of gentle water cascading out works just fine.You don't use a high pressure jet to water your roses, do you ?
    D. It would be ideal to cover the entire seat with a plastic cover before starting to wash with water as most of the electricals are right under the seat.You probably have your bike papers under the seat as well.
    E. Use a mild car wash shampoo to clean the bike and not detergent powder.Detergent or dish soap can cause permanent damage to the paint job.Read the instructions on how to use the wash shampoo carefully before using it.
    F. Never direct a flow of water directly on to the radiator,use a soft brush instead to remove those dead bugs and clean the radiator fins gently.
    G. Clean and lubricate the chain.
    H. After you have cleaned you bike allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then take it out for a ride,this will ensure the bike is dry and shining.
    I.Washing a motorcycle is a skill,you will get better at it with every wash.Dont be disappointed if you dint get it right the first time.

    Note:Many Dukers have reported electrical issues immediately after a high pressure water wash.Don't do it on any motorcycle.

    Source: India KTM Duke 20 Owners Group @fb - Thanks to Aravind Anbazhagan

    Cost of engine oil,coolant,chain lube,KTM spare parts,crash guards,KTM Powerparts and power wear as posted by Janesh J
    Engine Oil:
    Motul 7100 20W50 - 1 liter= Rs 725
    Bajaj DTS-i 10,000 - 1 liter = Rs 414
    Motul 300V Factory Line - 1 liter = Rs 985

    Motul Motocool Expert - 1 liter = Rs 450
    Catrol Radicool - 1 liter = Rs 228
    Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant - 1.89 liters = Rs 1300

    Chain lube:
    Motul Chain Lube Road - 400 ml = Rs 510
    Motul Chain Clean - 400 ml= Rs 480
    OKS chain lube spray - 100 ml = Rs 140

    KTM Spare parts:
    Oil filter: RS 65
    Fuel filter: Rs 85
    Air filter: Rs 238
    Spark plug: Rs 174
    Battery: Rs 1852
    Mirror : Rs 225
    Front fender : Rs 613
    Handle bar : Rs 765
    Sensor roll over : Rs 198
    Radiator assembly : Rs 4359
    Radiator fan : Rs 1339
    Radiator protector right side : Rs 72
    Radiator protector left side : Rs 72
    KTM Fuel tank : Rs 1611
    KTM fuel tank cover : Rs 1020
    Swingarm : Rs 6375
    Rear mono shock : Rs 3971
    Clutch Cable : Rs 239.21
    Accelerator Cable : Rs 104
    Brake Pad Front : Rs 208
    Brake Pad Rear : Rs 178
    Lever front brake : Rs 109
    Lever and Sup holder assembly : Rs 288
    Lever break : Rs 234
    Rear break reservoir : Rs 25
    Belly pan - Rs 541 Belly pan sticker per side: Rs 142
    Number plate front : Rs 22
    Grip assembly RH : Rs 151
    Leg assembly right side : Rs 8350
    Leg assemble left side : Rs 8871
    Single Indicator: Rs 560
    Set of 4 indicators : Rs 1800
    Holder Step RH (Right Foot Peg) : RS 132
    Assembly Main Step (whole Bracket) : Rs 534
    Fairing under cover (head Light Mask bracket) : Rs 194
    Coolant Solvent top-up only : Rs 35
    Digital Meter : Rs 6000
    Dashboard : Rs 101
    Right Foot lever Brake (Rh foot lever) :Rs 209
    Leg Guard Rh (right Leg Guard) : Rs 120 (Pair Rs 240)
    Chain slider: Rs 151
    Rear tyre : Rs 3823

    KTM Powerparts and power wear:
    KTM Tank pad : Rs 1450
    KTM front crash pad : Rs 2180
    KTM rim sticker : Rs 1270
    KTM tank-cap sticker : Rs 1820
    KTM Vented Jacket : Rs 14890
    KTM radical gloves large : Rs 5270
    KTM bike cover : Rs 720
    KTM cap : Rs 500
    KTM round neck T-shirt : Rs 660
    KTM polo T-shirt : Rs 680
    KTM hand guard : RS 5800

    Crash protectors:
    Indimotard KTM Duke 200 bar end sliders : Rs 750
    Indimotard KTM Duke 200 crash guard : Rs 5250
    Indimotard KTM Duke 200 exhaust: Rs 8000
    R&G Racing Tail Tidy - Rs.6000
    R&G cotton Reel - Rs.3000
    R&G Racing Fork protector - Rs.3200
    R&G Racing Radiator guard - Rs.4000

    Where can I buy it from ?

    Motul products:
    Detailed Address

    Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant:
    The MotoShop - Motorbikes Exclusive Specialty Auto Parts and Bike Products

    The Motoshop
    55, Maulana Azaad road, (Duncan Road),
    Nagpada, Next to Cafe Sagar,
    Mumbai - 400 008.
    Phone : + 91 22 65 90 91 92 / + 91 22 2301 92 92 / + 91 22 2301 92 93
    Fax : +91 22 2305 11 77
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    R&G Racing products:
    Performance Racing Store

    Performance Racing
    Shop No. 7 / 8, Ground Floor,
    Adam Mahal, 143 - 147,
    Tardeo Road
    400034, India
    Tel: 00 91 22 65879696
    Fax: 00 91 22 23526038
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    IndiMotard products:
    indiMotard adventures - motorcycle experiences, india and beyond!

    indiMotard Adventures
    #40J, 1st Main, 1st Cross, 2nd Phase
    Doddenekundi Industrial Area
    Mahadevapura Post
    Bangalore - 560040, India
    Tel: +91-9448494080
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Hella -
    Hella India : Distributor Locator
    Roots -
    Root Industries Limited - Network

    Tyre puncture sealant:
    Tyre-protector sealant - Rs 2360 for both tyres of a Duke 200
    Tyre Protector India - Tyre Protector India
    Ride-on puncture sealant -
    Mr. L. P. Yadav

    Source: India KTM Duke 200 Owners Group, thanks to Aravind Anbazhagan.

    KTM Ownership thread -

    Owner's reviews-

    KTM Service centers-
    KTM Service

    New Bike checklist -

    Maintainance -

    Part Prices -

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    Talking KTM Duke 200 Ownership Thread

    I thought I would start this thread as I received my bike today. The hardest part till now has been getting my hands on one. I first got hold of the this bike for a test ride on the 31st of Jan when I had to wait for over 2hrs outside the CP KTM showroom in Delhi. As the bike was brought into the showroom I was quick to ask for a test ride as I managed to convince the manager that I was willing to book one. The manager quickly agreed however on one condition that the bike would not be allowed on the road as it had no paperwork. The guard was to accompany me as a pillion. As soon as we drove off I felt the guard falling backwards, the acceleration was the first thing that impressed. Riding through the by-lanes of CP(I dont know if it was legal). the bike attracted a lot of attention as nobody had seen it in flesh. I was stopped at times by people who wanted to ask if the bike felt good. I am sure the big grin on my face gave them the answer. I returned the day after to make a booking...

    ...26days later I walked into the showroom to take the delivery. The moment I got my hands on the bike I have not stopped grinning. The long ride home on a Sunday was great, this is one of the rides that stays with you forever. As I turned towards Gurudwara Bangla Sahib from the outer CP circle, I was followed by a Dominos delivery guy. His grin was as big as mine and the first question he asked was the cost. I replied 'one thirty', he said bura nahi hai and drove off.

    The riding experience has so far been great, i've ridden it 45 kilometers now. I honestly do not feel like getting off it, have skipped lunch in all the excitement. The best part I feel is that the bike is very well balanced. I've tried some ducking through traffic manoeuvres and I must say it feels very solid on the road. It is designed in a way that the riding position makes you feel safe. What I have not done till now is try to cross 50kph as I want the engine to run-in perfectly. The bike however feels differently, it wants to be reved and wants to be driven in the upper bands. What I can not get used to is 6 gears! as I am an old biker and have been away from bikes since 2004 I get to the upper gears too quickly. Thank god it has a gear meter of I would have struggled finding the gear I was riding in.

    One thing I struggle to do is get the bike into neutral quickly. As i downshift, getting into first gear is easy but getting the bike into neutral requires a gentle up shift otherwise the bike gets into second quickly. Maybe I am not used to any other bike other than the good old RX100 and I have missed on the generation of bikes between that era.

    The views are entirely mine and I have little or no experience with bikes in the past. I've ridden the RX 100 for over 7yrs after which I left the country. In between iv'e ridden a Pulsar(earlier gen owned by Sunny, the man himself) A Bullet on a few occasions. That's about it. Never been even a pillion on the Karizmas or FZ's so I am someone who has migrated from two strokes, I feel this bike has a punch, it is stable, hi-tech(the best feature) and very well made. I can not stop looking at the aluminium swing-arm, honestly that is one of the most well engineered part of this bike. Most modern high end bikes still rely on welded channels to create the swingarm.

    A big thank you to my good old Friend Sunny as he inspires most of us to keep on riding...

    Here are a few photos:

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    KTM Duke 200 Ownership / experience thread approved

    Let the good times roll

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    Congrats on the bike man... Ride safe....

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    Congrats man.... enjoy your ride
    Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly

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    hey nice ride ... be safe ,wear a super cool helmet for safety and looks
    every one wants to know about the FE as its fluctuatuing a lot between 25 to 35
    well what is the FE now ? do tell the fe after the first service ...
    ragharsh likes this.

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    Congrats mate... Ride Safe.. Looking forwarded to a detailed ownership exp coming up soon... Kerala will be getting it's 1st KTM delivered on the 29th and it's going to an xBhpian...
    To be The Best, You got to beat The Celebrity...
    xBHP Trivandrum ICE sheet
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    - Ninja 250 ('10)
    - Impulse ('11)
    - Tiger 800 ('20)

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    @spiralbrain: first KTM 200 on xBhp! wow..congrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Celebrity View Post
    Kerala will be getting it's 1st KTM delivered on the 29th and it's going to an xBhpian...
    ..and I guess he is a 'celebrity'
    Grip. Twist. Ride-with Menacingly FAST Apache 180 ABS!
    TVS Apache 180 ABS (Sep 2011-)
    Yamaha Libero LX (Feb 2006-Sep 2011) sold

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    Congos man. Ride safe & long!
    B o D a C i O u S

    Wander logue

    Grand Southern Raid | Munnar | Yercaud | Ootacamund

    The increase in performance is directly proportional to the size of the hole in your pocket :D

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    Hey! Congrats.. Enjoy your ride.. Ride safe...!

    P.S: Are you the same guy whom I met at KTM service centre in Kirti Nagar yesterday ? We had a small discussion about the ride gear ???

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