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Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

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  • [Ownership Thread]: Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

    Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi


    Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled with oil cooler, DTS-Fi
    Bore (mm) X Stroke (mm) 67x62.4
    Displacement (cc) 220
    Fuelling Fuel Injection - M/s Delphi
    Compression ratio 9.5 (+ 0.5) : 1
    Max. Power (Ps @ rpm) 20.07 @ 8500
    Max. Torque (NM @ rpm) 19.12 @ 6500
    Starting Self (only)


    Clutch Wet multiplate
    No. of gear & pattern 5 (1-down 4-up)
    Primary reduction 3.47
    Final reduction 2.64
    Gear ratio
    First 2.76
    Second 1.88
    Third 1.38
    Fourth 1.08
    Fifth 0.92


    Type Double cradle down tube
    Front Telescopic (37mm dia)130 mm stroke
    Rear Nitrox hydraulic shock absorber
    Front Disc, 260 mm
    Rear Disc, 230 mm
    Front 90 / 90 X 17"
    Rear 120 / 80 X 17"
    Fuel tank capacity 15 liter full; 3 liter reserve


    Overall Length (mm) 2035
    Overall Width (mm) 750
    Overall Height (mm) 1165
    Wheel base (mm) 1350
    Ground Clearance (mm) 165
    Kerb weight (kg) 150


    Battery (Voltage & current) 12v, 9Ah
    Head lamp (wattage) Low - projector lamp 55w , High - Ellipsodial lamp 55w
    Tail / stop lamp LED type
    Horn DC, 2 numbers

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    Click image for larger version

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      This took place around a week back.

      Odo reading : 3200 kms
      Months owned: 4 months

      When i was going to work, towards Marathali Bridge, i had to stop in the usual 10 am morning traffic jam in the crossing just before AOL building (m not sure abt the name of the place). After the signal to move ahead, to my horror, the bike didnt start. The speedometer didnt do the self-check. None of the electricals were working, except a readout on the speedo when i put it on, saying ECU 3.9 on the bottom.

      I called my sales manager, who promptly forwarded the line to the breakdown service manager. After an hour, the breakdown service guys arrived at the location. The first thing the serviceman did was open the battery cover. All check, all good. Then he checked the wire bundle that's located inside the front fairing. He smiled at me, indicating that there was a loose connection. He just plugged it back and ALL SYSTEMS was GO. Everything, FREE of charge, of course.

      Now, I m heading to Coorg this weekend, and I couldnt help but think if it had happened mid-way during that trip, in middle of some forest track. Hmm....
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        ^^Pretty serious condition...... so we learnt another lesson on the P220 ..... check all the wirings in and out of the bike, when you see a complete electrical failure.

        Btw... the place where the AOL building is..... is called RMZ Ecospace complex on the Outer Ring Road (ORR)
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          But Chetan, it wont be possible for a normal man(i mean not a pro mech.) to search for the broken wire by himself...!!?? wat do you say..!!



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            Its time to restore the glory back to this thread ....

            Pictures please ...and yeah B L A C K 2 2 0 always rocks


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              First and foremost.....xBhp ROCKS!!!!!

              This was the thread where I had my max number of posts, which was somewhere close to 1K approx. which also happens to be the highest number of post for anyone on this thread!

              And it feels good to be Back!

              xBhp and Crew you guys have done a bloody fantastic job ....I know this is wrong thread, but this was, is and will be my home thread so can't but not post here!

              PS: about my 220....well its past the 20K mark, going in for a nice service tomorrow, will get the chain sprocket, air filter, disc pads changed....even the clutch plates are beginning to show their age but thats something that would be left till next service. Oh my red devil is 10months old now!


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                Originally posted by View Post
                But Chetan, it wont be possible for a normal man(i mean not a pro mech.) to search for the broken wire by himself...!!?? wat do you say..!!
                Nope, coz as the wire was not broken.... it was a minor loose connection, could be coz of the vibes from the faring... from the engine.... or something else.... one can always care to check the connections and push/pull all the wires to see some chance to overcome the electrical issue. Atleast a experienced biker will know about this, coz a battery cannot just drain off its power just in a second, neither will anything happen suddenly to the whole electrical system.
                That says it all I guess Inder.



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                  Guys, feels good to be back. Well any views regarding fitting r15 tyres on the 220.


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                    With the launch of the R15, the Pulsar 220 does not look all the breathe taking as it used to. Maybe Bajaj need to update it once again
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                      @ all

                      Guys, there is a speculation of new version p220 coming far is it true?


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                        Fk! This thread must have lot SO MUCH information about the P220!
                        MG! Chetan! Jigar! You guys have any backup of this!
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                          It seems speculative. Bajaj are not working on a new Pulsar 220. I think they plan to launch a 250cc bike from Duke.
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                            @Satyen-Yes I have a lot of stuff with me.Will post it in days to come.
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                              On 10 of next month my P220 would complete a year.. have clocked 13,000 Kms on it so far.