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Massive Monsoon Ride to the God's Own Country

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  • [Photo Feature]: Massive Monsoon Ride to the God's Own Country

    Massive Monsoon Ride to the God's Own Country

    Highways-Monsoon-Forest-Hills-Road Twisties "Biker's Dream"..!!

    Day 1:- Moving out from the Mechanical Life

    Day 2:- Fascinating Valparai|Leeches versus Riders!

    Day 3:- End up with Few Disappointment.

    Day 4:- Beautiful MunnaR!

    Day 5:- Thekkady Wild life|The return Journey :- Back to chennai in full stretch.

    Few teasers:-

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    Monsoon ride to the God's own country

    Being a biker. Is it easier said than done? What makes a biker?Anyone who rides for the love of it..!!


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    travelogue approved.
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      Just a word.... Its Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
      The limiter kicks in @11,500 rpm just within a second after the first shift..And, that's where the fun begins !! ;)

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        waiting for full log..
        Awesome photographs..
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          Awesome Start bro!

          nice clicks
          Pride & Prejudice: Ladakh Ride,

          Ride To Raajmachi - Highway, Off Roading, Tent fire & Dhamaal

          Madness in Rajasthan - Travelogue

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            If I would find them somewhere else, surely I am not gonna believe them there originality , Awesome man, Stunning pics...
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              Wow....those are some killer pics from Kerala. Waiting for more.

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                Originally posted by sunilg View Post

                travelogue approved.
                Thank you sir.

                Originally posted by neevarp16 View Post
                Just a word.... Its Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
                Thanks Buddy.

                Originally posted by hhsplendor View Post
                waiting for full log..
                Awesome photographs..

                Originally posted by shahbaz63 View Post
                Awesome Start bro!

                nice clicks
                Thank you

                Originally posted by itsmevini123 View Post
                If I would find them somewhere else, surely I am not gonna believe them there originality , Awesome man, Stunning pics...
                Thanks mate.

                Originally posted by Haroon View Post
                Wow....those are some killer pics from Kerala. Waiting for more.
                Thanks,Yeah will try to complete asap.
                Monsoon ride to the God's own country

                Being a biker. Is it easier said than done? What makes a biker?Anyone who rides for the love of it..!!



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                  I wish I could jump right into the pictures. Unbearable boredom at work and THIS stunner posted on xBhp - I suddenly become all emotional!
                  My First post on xBHP!
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                    Awesome pics, it's relay GOD'S OWN COUNTRY,,,,,,,,,,,, keep coming more pics


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                      Moving out from the Mechanical Life

                      Mechanical Life
                      :- Going to Office,doing the same work again and again,not able to spend time with my family.Working in night shifts,not able to go out with my friends,not able to speak properly with my Girlfriend.Missing most of the g2g Finally I started to feel My life it's completely messed up so call mechanical life.

                      So I finally Decided need to Gateway from metrolife,so I spoke with my friends regarding the Kerela Trip few of them have busy schedule two of my bestfriends shows interest and we decided to do during the first week of July.Our previous ride we went to Queen of Hill station "ooty" during the month of march.

                      So we started Preparing for the ride but for me leave has been rejected I felt very bad that at some point I decided to quit the job and hit the road but it sound easy but unable to execute so we waited and finally we decided to do during the first week of August.Days are getting nearby not getting Proper sleep our prepartion also pending
                      days getting closer and closer finally a week before I contact 2 of my senior xbhpian Ananth and Manoj for the tips and regarding the route climate etc.During the time of conversation one thing I was clear all they are saying About Mansoon-Rain-Rain again Rain..!!

                      So I was clear it's gonna be one hell of a ride.spoke with my friends about the ride,things we need to carry etc and we are ready set to go..

                      Day 0 [3-8-12]:- Took Permission from office and came home Early slept well, when I woke up I came to know that I didn't even started to pack my things I was getting little afraid text my friends regarding their status and it seems everyone in same road :P we helped each other created a Check list took a Print out and started preparing for the ride Everything is Done and the time is 12.30Am only three hours to go for the ride.


                      My Accessories:-

                      Canon 7D, 50mm Prime, 18-135mm With Filters

                      Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. -Hans Christian Andersen

                      This is what am thinking before I go to Bed..!

                      The Riders: Avinash- Pulsar 220 Dtsi

                      Kaarthick- Karizma ZMR

                      Shriram- Yamaha Fazer

                      Day 1:-
                      Not able to get a Proper sleep and the alarm started my fav music[The way I are Timbaland] and finally woke up around 3.45Am and text my friends both are getting ready took bath in a flash saddle by bags and hit the road in no time.My parents were worried about the ride but I convince them and started my journey Reached the Destination spot the usual I always will be the first person to reach.
                      and later my friends also reached and we were so happy and excited. we checked our bags, ride and we did small pooja near the temple[Parents compulsion] and we started to ride our first destination to reach sriperumbudur outskirts of chennai reached the place in no time and we checked our bags whether it is in proper position and we started from there our next destination gonna be Vellore for Early breakfast and our destination for today gonna be Pollachi.

                      Outside my home

                      We checked our bags:-

                      Reached the Hotel

                      Finished our breakfast and started towards Krishnagiri we maintained constant speed around 90-95km I was itching to go around 120km but one my friend has 150cc so we do not want to Push him hard so we decided to maintain around 90ish.Reached krishnagiri and we ate some snacks that I brought and started towards salem

                      We were burning the middle part of the tyres not the corners

                      Took a Butt break under the shades of the tree

                      we know about the roads very well been there lots of time clean straight road nothing to brag about and we reached salem completed our lunch and started towards Paladam the climate was good and we stopped in few places for photographs.

                      Bikers Code:-

                      And after we crossed salem sudden change in the climate and the cloud was hanging whether to rain or not but finally it started to rain we stopped near the bus stop to get some shelter and to wear rain gear.Grr I didn't expect rain during the Day1 so I Kept my rain gear at bottom of the saddle bag need to unpack the whole bag and I put my rain coat suddenly the rain stopped,clouds were gone, birds Chirruping clear sunshine I was like WTF..

                      Rain welcoming us

                      After the rain stopped we started moving towards Bavani and from there we stopped in few places to relax and we had some fun and finally we reached outskirts of pollachi around 8pm.

                      Later around 8pm we looked for BP petrol bunk found one and we filled up our tank the owner was so kind and offered me to transfer the pictures to my Thumb drive and he and his father gave some few tips for Day2 and Day3 and we had good converstaion for an hour and finally we reached pollachi searched for lodge found one it was decent and the rate was so cheap 420rs for a room contain three Beds but non Ac we doesnt mind as the climate was so chill Ohaaa this is what we say VFM.Finshed our dinner watched Tv for sometime planned for Day2 and we hit the sack around 11pm.Don't know what's gonna happen,what to expect from Valparai and Athirappilly Falls but we were smiling thinking about that we are going to Kerela

                      stay tuned For Day 2

                      Day 2 can Expect Exciting Valparai and Leeches versus Riders..!!

                      Few teasers:-

                      Monsoon ride to the God's own country

                      Being a biker. Is it easier said than done? What makes a biker?Anyone who rides for the love of it..!!



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                        Avinash:- Wonderful! You've become a pro-tourer now. Making own plans and executing it nicely. Pictures are stunning and the landscape and the terrain pictures actually tell the story how you guys enjoyed. But I'm still wondering how the heck leech got inside the pant as seen in the pic.
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                          Wow Avinash ! Lovely ride there and the pics are stunning ! I guess if you don't mind getting a little wet, monsoon rides are really special

                          Ride On & Ride Safe
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                            Your pics makes the entire Chennaites proud; mind blowing pics. Rated 5* from my end in the anticipation of quicker EMI's. So...don't disappoint us
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                            Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
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                              Stunning pics...
                              True...gods own country...!!