Hyderabad Meet: #roadTripUnited in the land of Biryani!

The land of Biryani, Hyderabad beckoned after our wonderful time in Chennai. The city of the Charminar was to be our first G2G in 2018. And we looked forward to meeting our biking friends in the new year!

Exiting from Chennai we rode towards Hyderabad via Vijaywada. We were accompanied for the half the distance by an xBhpian from the Chennai chapter, who also guided us to Pulicat Lake and the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, where we got to check out the GSLV and PSLV on display!

The roads from Chennai all the way to Hyderabad are sublime and the rider can sure have a ball. The Terranos were having a blast as well! After a night halt at Vijaywada we reached Hyderabad late in the evening having enjoyed a couple of sunsets on the highway. What more could you want on a ride!

Hyderabad was the city where Deepak Gupta bid adieu and returned to Delhi after having a wonderful time riding his DSK Benelli TNT 600 GT. The wanderer was replaced with two wonderful ladies. Candida Louis and Roshni Misbah both joined us in Hyderabad to ride with us on the #roadTripUnited. Candida rode with us till Krishnagiri, while Roshni rode all the way to Kochi with us.

On the day before the Hyderabad meet, we went sightseeing early on Friday morning in Hyderabad to check out the Charminar before sunrise and also the Hussain Sagar Lake. After enjoying the wonderful hospitality of Kaleem sir for two consecutive dinners, it was finally the morning of the ride and meet.

The gathering at the meeting point was much larger than we had expected and it was a welcome sight to see so many riders together. Unfortunately a few of the riders and pillions present were not wearing a helmet, hopefully that will change the next time we are in the city.

A long ride with the Hyderabad bikers later, we reached the meet location, where Kaleem sir was waiting for the xBhp team and also got us to plant trees as an initiative to promote a green India.



Proceedings were kicked off with a welcome address by xBhp and Kaleem sir, where we also introduced the reason behind the #roadTripUnited project and why it is important to stay united as bikers. We also showed the videos of the #powerTrip360 and our ride from Delhi to Lucknow via Agra. We then thanked the biking clubs of Hyderabad for their work to unite bikers of the city. The following clubs were present:

The Bikerni Hyderabad
Hy Bikers
Hindustan Royals
Iron Heads
Motovation Track Days
Telstra Riders Club
Wind Chasers
Xtreme Bikers Club
BAC Hyderabad
Indian Royal Cruisers
Endless Troopers

The club presidents were also invited for a photo opportunity together with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorcycling unity. ‘i the Bike’ was also presented to the clubs and a unanimous decision was made that the memento was to kept with Kaleem sir.

After the super cool G2G with the Hyderabad bikers, it was time for us to make a beeline towards Bangalore, as we had the meet the very next day there. Stay tuned for the Bangalore lore!



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