Chennai: The Motorsport hub of India #roadTripUnited

From the coast of Vizag we headed to the hot and happening city of Chennai. The city where we were to bring in the new year as well!

After an eventful journey and some fantastic roads between Vijaywada and Chennai we reached there post midnight, ready to head out early morning for the meet.

Being the 31st of December, it was not possible to do a big group ride in the city, so we all congregated at the cool venue. Arrangements for the meet was spectacular with our host Max Riders going out of their way to make everything near perfect.

In a twist, instead of introducing #roadTripUnited to the audience, we asked someone from the gathering to come up on stage and tell us what they think of the ride.

There were a bunch of groups who had taken time out to meet and unite with the #roadTripUnited crew. From the Jawa owners to superbikes and everything imaginable in between. A 60 cc beautifully restored relic to a limited edition MV Agusta (the only one in the country) both enthralled the bikers with their looks!

We called upon the motorcycling group heads onto the stage and presented them with a ‘Note of Thanks’ and asked them to introduce their groups and let us know their reason for riding! After which there was a photo moment with the group presidents holding the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorcycling unity and brotherhood.

After proceedings came to a finish, it was time for everyone to enjoy the wonderful breakfast which had been arranged.

The #roadTripUnited team stayed on in Chennai to bring in the new year there and had a great time exploring the city on the very first day of 2018. We hope to spend the year riding and exploring some more.

After Chennai we headed to Hyderabad to meet the motorcyclists there, which again was another fantastic ride on some beautiful roads of the country.



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