Vizag: Beach City on #roadTripUnited

After a super cool evening meet in Bhubaneswar which turned into a late-night affair, the #roadTripUnited cavalcade moved onto the beautiful city of Vizag, set on the east coast of the country and home to some beautiful beaches where one can relax and unwind.

We did exactly that, but not in the tradition beach way, instead, we had a bikers G2G at a restaurant on the beach! We were pleasantly surprised to see the number of people present in Vizag. And it was even more heartening to see that the majority of riders were really young, those who had recently started motorcycling. Youngblood and full of passion for motorcycling. We also had our regular stalwart of Vizag, Sean from V Superbikers, who helped us make all the arrangements in the place.

For a weekday morning, the number of bikers who took time out to get together for a bikers meet was lovely. They were gracious and pardoned us for arriving late at the venue where we kicked off proceedings after a delayed start.

With a relatively smaller gathering (compared to the bigger cities that is!), the meet had a lot more one on one interactions with almost everyone in the gathering chiming in with their thoughts and views on motorcycling. We discussed drag racing, stunting in controlled environments and touring the length and breadth of the country and a lot more.

The #roadTripUnited meet was a grand success in Vizag with a whole bunch of clubs meeting together under one roof, where they were presented with the ‘Note of Thanks’ for their contribution towards strengthening the motorcycling community of India. They also participated in a photo moment with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of unity. The following clubs joined us in Vizag to celebrate motorcycling.

Vizag also threw up a surprise, with the clubs agreeing unanimously to present the ‘i the Bike’ trophy to the youngest motorcyclist present at the gathering. So that he will get inspired to ride more and in turn inspire those younger than him in the years to come. A moment of passing of the baton from the old guard to the new.

When at a beach, how could we resist getting our motorcycle boots sandy as we headed there for a photo moment and enjoyed the beautiful vistas that Vizag has to offer. Delicious breakfast was in store for us, before it was time for the riders to disperse and head home or more likely to the office!

And we headed to our next destination, Chennai, with a night halt at Vijayawada. The roads before Vijayawada are in various states of disrepair, but post-Vijayawada, the road is bliss to ride on all the way till Chennai. Where we will meet again…



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