Kochi: The Long Ride at #roadTripUnited

We had the Kerala G2Gs back to back. Saturday was Trivandrum and we immediately left for Kochi for a meet on Sunday.

In Kochi we did a proper long ride with the bikers of the city as we rode 40 km out of town to Tokico Cafe from the starting point near Lulu Mall. It was wonderful to see 50 bikers riding together in proper formation as we covered the distance without incident.

At the cafe we started off with a group photo with our motorcycles before heading in for the event.

For a change instead of we introducing xBhp and #roadTripUnited to the gathering, we asked Dhaval to do it for us. He did a fabulous job of explaining motorcycles and xBhp’s core values to the audience.

After that we also showed our videos from #powerTrip360 and our winter Spiti sojourn.

We then invited the club heads to introduce their motorcycling clubs and also presented them with a ‘Note of Thanks’ for their contribution towards motorcycling in India. The club heads also participated for a photo moment with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorbiking unity in India.

The city was also presented with the ‘I the Bike’ memento and the assembly unanimously decided that the memento should be placed with xBhp Kochi chapter and can be transferred to other clubs in the city during the course of the year. A novel idea indeed by the bikers, since that would give everyone a chance to meet again and again!

After a fun Sunday morning it was time for everyone to head home and for us to prepare for our onward journey to Mangalore.

Kochi was the city where Roshni Misbah would be leaving the team and heading home. For the team the next day was an incredibly long ride. From Kochi all the way to Mangalore, which isn’t too much in terms of distance, but feels light years away when it comes to time! Thanks to the incredibly narrow roads of the state with very heavy traffic.

After a long and arduous journey we finally reached Mangalore, but that is a story for another day!



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