Post the U-Turn: Trivandrum at #roadTripUnited

Kanyakumari, the southernmost point of mainland India is where the cavalcade took a U-Turn, from there it was up, up and away! The first stop as we headed north was the lovely city of Trivandrum.

The roads from Coimbatore to Kanyakumari isn’t the 4-lane bliss that we have come to expect on the Golden Quadrilateral, but the 2-lane undivided roads was good practice for what was to come in Kerala! Kanyakumari as always brings out mixed emotions within the team. A feeling of accomplishment and relief of having completed half the ride incident free, while at the same time knowing that every wheel that turns is taking you home!

The xBhp team enjoyed the sunrise and sunset at Kanyakumari while the shutterbugs amongst us couldn’t put their cameras down! Kanyakumari to Trivandrum is a mere 90 km, yet the beauty of the place is such that even then we reached our Treebo Hotel in Trivandrum way past sundown! There is just so much natural beauty enroute, that one has to stop and enjoy it. Finally we reached Trivandrum after going through proper interior village roads of Kerala.


At Trivandrum we were in for a pleasant surprise. The G2G was arranged on a beach side cafe, the Old Coffee House. Jayan from xBhp Trivandrum had made all the arrangements. And come Saturday morning what a glorious ride we had.

All the bikers of Trivandrum from a plethora of groups met up on Saturday morning. We then rode together in formation for around 10 km to the beach. There we had a lovely setup with the audience having a lovely view of the sea as meet progressed.

We first introduced xBhp and the #roadTripUnited project to the gathering, before asking the assembled clubs about themselves. We also showed our #powerTrip360 video trailer which was appreciated by the viewers. Finally it was time to call upon the assembled club heads and present them with a ‘Note of Thanks’. Then the ‘i the Bike’ memento was presented to the city of Trivandrum. We asked the assembled bikers to decide where the memento should be kept.

It was a unanimous decision that the memento should be kept with the xBhp Trivandrum chapter. We then got a picture of the club heads with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of motorcycling unity in Trivandrum. We thank the motorcyclists of Trivandrum to meet, ride and unite with us on that Saturday morning.

Immediately after the Trivandrum meet it was time for us to ride out to Kochi, where we were to meet the motorcyclists on the Sunday morning.



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