Kolkata Meet: The Big One! #roadTripUnited

It had been a week since the flag off from Delhi and we were in the city of joy, Kolkata, where our next big G2G was planned at Throttle Shrottle.

As in other metro cities, Kolkata was a long stay for us. To catch up on odds and ends, work and of course getting some fresh Michelin rubber for the Suzuki Hayabusas. 

Kolkata was also the city where two of our crew would head back home, while another would join us for the southern leg. Sarah Kashyap and Mohit Ahuja were to bid us farewell after the Kolkata meet, while #TreeboTripper Deepak Gupta joined us for the meet and to ride ahead with us till Hyderabad. Deepak got a cool set of wheels from DSK Benelli, the TNT 600 GT.

The meet for Kolkata was at Throttle Shrottle, a newly opened branch of the Gurgaon based restaurateur. The Kolkata biker hangout point has an even cooler setup as compared to the Gurgaon branch and it was a treat to have them as our host for the meet.

On Sunday morning, bikers from Kolkata and nearby towns met up at and did a short ride together to the venue. The sound of hundreds of motorcycle engine reverberated through the air and it was a sight to see and hear indeed. There were more than 200 bikers present and it was lovely to see so many like minded people together uniting to share their love of motorcycles. 

Proceedings were opened with the introduction of #roadTripUnited and why it is the need of the hour for motorcyclists of the country to unite instead of getting fragmented and build a community and a healthy culture in India. As always, it is amazing to see the transformation that has happened in the biking scene of India in the last 17 years, from when xBhp began. 

Motorcycling clubs of Kolkata were presented the ‘Note of Thanks’ and also took a group photo with the ‘i the Biker | we the Power’ placards as a symbol of the unity of the motorcyclists of Kolkata. The following clubs were present and participated in the #roadTripUnited








After a wonderful meet and some delicious grub, it was time for the riders to disperse. But for the xBhp team, the fun had just started, as we spent another couple of days in Kolkata, seeing the sights and sounds of the city and enjoying the delicious street food that the city is known for!





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