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Motor Vehicle Insurance And Claims

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  • Motor Vehicle Insurance And Claims

    I am starting this thread cos i felt a biker should also know about the legalaties and procedure for filing, renewing and claiming insurance on a motor vehicle and its not only restricted to two wheelers. We take insurance of a motor vehicle very lightly and i know it will not be as exciting as harley davidson coming to india but it is of utmost importance thats why its mandatory.Everything related to the topic can be discussed here. All xbhpians are welcome to provide valuable inputs and personal experiences with insurance companies. I am listing a few topics which need to be discussed and you guys also can put forward points which you feel important and we all can discuss about it 1. Types of motor vehicle insurance 2. How to choose a suitable policy 3. Renewal,policy lapse and switching insurance companies 4. What damages covered, what about personal and third party cover ? 5. Is partial damage to motor vehicles covered ? 6. Claims: the hows and whys and everything that needs to be covered So we or atleast me thaught that insurance was only a paper to be shown when you are stopped by cops...Well not anymore......BE INFORMED.
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    Insurance Discussion Approved
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      I'd like to know from those here who have made claims. Please mention the company, and your experience, esp. the ease and speed with which your claim was cleared (or not cleared). Also mention if it was cashless. This will help us to get an idea about the best insurance companies for 2 wheelers.

      Personally, I'v never made a claim for any 2 wheeler till date, so can't mention any personal experience.


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        Hi All,
        Would like to share my experience
        Hope it helps

        Bike : Glamour 125CC
        Insurance company : ICICI Lombard

        I met with an accident in last june (A auto made a sharp turn and and hit my bike)
        As it was my 1st accident so dinnt knew much what to do. I took Auto driver to side and was talking) Suddenly he ran towards his auto started it and ran away
        As my Glamour was not starting so I was unable to follow him
        Went to nearest police station to register a complaint and got my copy

        Called ICICI Lombard help line and iniciated my request for a claim

        They said I will get a call from them within 24 hrs.

        Next morning call came from Area manader and said he has appointed Mr Pandey for my case and said to call him.
        Well I called mr pandey and he said to bring bik to HH Service center in Lajpat Nagar
        I said thats its not my usual SC, why only this one, but he kept recommending this SC only (May be some comission )
        Ant way I went there next morning, Got my Bike Ispected, He clicked some photo graphs and gave list of parts to be changed

        Few points to be noted
        Company will only give expenses for one side. Depending on your bike fell on left or right
        You will only get 50% for plastic parts and 50-100% on metal parts, Mine bike was 2 years old so i got 80%
        Labour cost in given in full

        Total expenses for repairs was some 3500, I paid SC money and goy my bike next day

        After 5 days I received cheque of 2400 in my name

        I was happy with service of ICIC lombard cant say much abou other companies
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          Here's my story.

          Bike: Bajaj Platina
          Insurance company: Bajaj Allianz

          I met with a minor accident last year. I was taking a turn and was at a halt, waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear up. An uncle on his chetak rammed into the front wheel of my bike. I didn't notice any damage at that time but later on I saw that the wheel has tilted to the left. The tyre was now close to the mudguard from the right side and away from the left side. I went to the Bajaj service center the next day and told them about this accident. They made me fill up a form describing the details of the accident. The mechanic had inspected my bike and told that there was a fork and handlebar bend. I went the next day to take the delivery of the bike. It had costed me about Rs. 750. I had to pay this amount initially and then after a week the insurance company had reimbursed this amount through a cheque.


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            well quick work from insurance companies there. would the same apply to hypothecated vehicles or would the claim amount be taken by insurance companies ? are hospital expenses paid by the insurance companies in case of injury ?
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              Originally posted by thechamp View Post
              Hi All,
              Would like to share my experience
              Hope it helps

              Bike : Glamour 125CC
              Insurance company : ICICI Lombard
              It's good to know you had a decent experience with them (though you should insist on getting the work done at the service center of your choice only... unless there is a good reason like cashless claim).

              However, ICICI And Reliance have the worst reputation in the business and both are best avoided, if you are going in for private insurance companies.
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                this is a query regarding whether i should claim insurance on this situation or not.

                situation: got my bike (zma-r) yesterday morning. No number, No insurance. Will get both this friday.

                Meanwhile, today, my bike was parked in my company parking lot and some one crashed his bike on mine. My tank cover got bent and the sticker is tampered. In the rear side also my stickers are gone and plastics have dents.

                So what should i do now? Please suggest me a solution. I am really desperate. Can i claim insurance on this and get this parts replaced?

                Edit: My insurance company is going to be Reliance.


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                  ^^^ That depends on what the repair cost is going to be. Get an estimate from your workshop. Then calculate how much of it will be borne by the insurer. Since plastic parts are involved, you will likely loose more... just chekc it out, I can't recall offhand. If the cost is appreciably more than the NCB you will loose next year, it would be benificial for you to make a claim.


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                    Insurance help regarding crash with old lady

                    Yesterday evening, I had a crash on Pune Nasik Highway with a pedestrian Old Lady. I was in full riding gear and did not get hurt but the old lady had her face smashed on the faring and fell unconscious on the side of the road.

                    I did handle the mob situation efficiently and within 20 minutes both of us were in a govt. hospital where she got her first aid, i also had my case paper made but i wasn't hurt thanks to the gear. Later we shifted the lady to a private hospital on our expense (for the time being).

                    The problem now is, how do i proceed with my claim procedure with the insurance company and the police (as a 3rd party is involved).

                    P.S.: Bajaj Allianz Insurance could not be notified / consulted due to sunday + non working call center.
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                      Query Approved.

                      Oh! This is a very sad thing to have happened. Good to know that you are not hurt. As for the lady and the Police complaint, if the lady is alright, then I guess there is not much harm done. However, if the lady is seriously injured, etc., that can get you into quite a hassle.

                      As for the insurance, I guess the insurance claim procedure would remain the same as in the case of any other crash. However, you would need to discuss this with the insurance agent(s).


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                        IMO, you don't need an FIR for claiming insurance to repair the vehicle; however if you need FIR to protect you from other legal implications, you can go file an FIR either as the old lady crossed or as a self confession which will be a headache as usual.

                        IMO, you can both get on to compromise instead of filing FIR; if you the old lady do not file a FIR, just remember to get a sign or thumb impression from the old lady & yourself on a stamp paper or a revenue stamp affixed A4 sheet narrating about the accident, your expenses & compromise with her on mutual agreement.
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                          Thanks Aryan for the quick approval. But the problem is, that the lady was badly injured in the crash with head injury and multiple facial fractures + fractured jaw + lost teeth. She is in a stable condition right now, but in ICU and pending surgery for the fracture in the chin region.

                          What happened was, i was returning from Pune to Nasik (i rode to pune day before yesterday) and was about 15 km from Nasik (Pune - Nasik = 220 km) when this old lady, was crossing the road in a civilized manner. the road was clear (after a long time as there were traffic jams caused due to people walking from Mumbai to Shirdi occupying half the road.)

                          As the lady had reached the middle - marker of the road, and had succesfully crossed MY side of the road, i promptly moved my line to the middle of the lane and away from the lady. All of a sudden, the lady decides to turn around and starts running back towards where she came from (and back into my lane + eventually my line.) In this sudden running, she gets disbalanced and crashes left-side-of-the-face-first into the fairing giving me no exit route + chance to brake + save her.

                          After we all fell down, i checked myself first. no bruises, nothing as i was wearing, Brand new Vega helmet + new knee pads (which i had bought from pune) + cramster raptor (now torn) + cramster twister full leather gloves. The lady was lying on the side of a road unconscious in a ditch. In a few seconds, the entire village (around 45 odd people) had surrounded me and the accident spot, when someone of those tried to manhandle me. As soon as that happened, i declared that i wanted to do a police complaint first (in order to change their direction of thinking). Then i called up home to inform and shouted at the people around to help take the lady to the hospital. Took 2 autorickshaws from the spot to the nearest govt. hospital, then shifted her to private hospital just to save her life. Eventually diagnosed in CT scan to be Brain-OK.
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                          Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth.

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                            • Glad that you are unhurt.
                            • Register a formal complaint/FIR to avoid future complications, irrespective of the fact if its needed for claiming insurance or not.
                            • At the risk of sounding rude, I am not sure about that CT scan result.
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                              Yoy need to file a FIR+have a report from the police and from the MVI for claims for the third party as well as for your bike.Better consult an insurance advisor.
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