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Thread: Honda CBR 250R

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binoy View Post
    This post deserves to be sticky in the What Bike section...
    Quote Originally Posted by senotrius View Post
    +1 to both points.
    Aaah...guys, its more suited for prospect CBR owner's than what bike for the very reason we cover more from CBR's perspective. The post is more of neutral (pls let me know if its biased) to help people mentally prepare as what they can expect out of CBR 250R & ofcourse latest issue fixes that not many people are aware of.
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    gr8 post RG!!........

    Screw your courage to the sticking place.

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    Awesome post RG Sir
    It should be made sticky in What Bike Section.We have numerous threads and posts about this topic.Now i hope after reading this post of yours,no one should start a thread/discussion on CBR vs Ninja
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    Quote Originally Posted by aargee View Post

    Q. What is that SHIM thing I keep hearing?
    A. Go through this post on Shim explained in nut shell (courtesy PSR Ji) or the official link or some more additional reading
    Thank you! I was wondering what "SHIM"s where all this while...
    CBR250R Black 'n' Silver

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    Wink A fun filled punctured weekend !

    Alrite folks its time to brief about my tyre tragedy

    (12:20pm): I was going to adyar for lunch and on my way there was some accident of some car where glass of the car was shattered and all around the place ! Went over it ... (my mistake) and had lunch ... came back , checked the tyre found a 1.5 cm wide glass peice inside the tyre ..
    (14:30pm) Took it to a puncture shop they managed to put two punctures !

    (16:00pm) Noticed there was a leak in the tyre and I had come back to my house which is very far from Adyar !
    (16:30pm) Took it to nearby Puncture shop (XL tyre point , Shanti Colony ) .. they remved the previous punctures and complained about their work and added three punctures in the same hole !
    (20:00pm) Guess what ? It was leaking ! and took it again to that place and they said try in other branch where they can remove the wheel of the two wheeler ( they were scared to open the wheel)

    (10:00am): Visited the branch , opened the wheel and they did the patch work ... guess what ? still there is a leak !
    (11:00am) They said they cant do it ! because the bruise was wide in the tyre ! and they asked me to either replace or put tube ! .. I was thinking what to do ..
    (11:15am) Senior mechanic came upto me and said .. lets try another patch this time a bigger one ... they tried ... and still its leaking !
    (12:00pm) I decided to replace the tyre ! now its time to search for the tyre .. went differnt places ... these are prices which was quoted to me !
    (17:00pm) Was in BM LAL and purchased the DUNLOP tyre and replaced it

    All rear prices 140/70 R 17 except MRF which is 140/60-70

    Singhvi tyres
    Conti -- Rs 3350 + fitting charges

    Apollo zone
    conti -- Rs 2900 + free fittings
    Dunlop -- Rs 2700 + free fittings
    MRF(140/60-70) -- Rs 3300 + free fittings

    BM LAL
    Conti Rs 2700 + free fittings
    Dunlop -- Rs 2600 + free fittings

    Pics will be uploaded soon ! I find Dunlop much much much better than stock conti ... Comments appreciated
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    Quote Originally Posted by aargee View Post
    Srivaatsav - Like I said before, filling the tire with sealant could've saved some money. See a few posts here
    Sidewall puncture in tubeless tyre - Page 5 - Team-BHP
    Ultraseal tyre sealant- does it work? - Page 2 - Team-BHP
    RG anna ! The thing is that one of the member says " They give a 3 year guarantee but they say that this guarantee is not applicable if the sharp object goes from the side of the tyre or if there is a tyre burst or if the car hits a heavy object. And this guarantee is to repair punctures upto ond-fourth inch diameter in the thread area of the tyre only. "

    and also from what I have learnt is that it has to be done prior before any puncture occurs .. not after that ? correct me if am wrong ! anyways i still have the old tyre with me , its run 4k odd only !

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    ^^^ What I'm trying to say is that, close all the opens in the tire with puncture kit, may be from inside out or outside in & those minor opens can be fixed with the sealant. Got my point?

    I too have minor leak in the rear after the rear opened up for no reason (no sharp object or anything found & the incident happened on a super 6 laned highway); we fixed it with 2 puncture strip & I've air loss upto 27 Psi (from 38) in 2 days. The reason I'm not fixing is because I need to change the tire.

    Your above post helps me on the pricing & the dealer to approach. Tks.
    Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
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    Hows the grip on the new dunlops. ?? I assume u got the dunlop tuffgrip 140x70x17.

    Can post some pics pls.

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    Post 7500; Page 750
    FAQ For Prospect CBR 250R Buyers

    Q. Compare Ninja 250R Vs CBR 250R in short
    A. Both cannot be compared as both offers two different variety in 250cc segment; both are superior in their own way. If Ninja 250R yields less FE & has excellent top speed, then CBR has better FE & less top end compared to Ninja 250R

    Q. Other than the price difference & top speed, where does CBR score over Ninja?
    A. FE, good RVM's, lower maintenance cost, wide spread ASC, VFM, good offroader, has pass light

    Q. Other than the price difference where does Ninja score over CBR?
    A. Top speed, world's best selling 250cc motorcycle, responsive customer service, better quality, less niggling issues, Highway specialist, has DRL

    Read additional reviews on Ninja 250 or CBR250R? from a honorable member JAKRAP

    Q. What is the top speed of CBR?
    A. On any given day & condition it can do 135-137 Kmph (without crouching). Anything above this speed are on favourable conditions. However few have experienced upto 170 solo & 146 pillion on speedo. Just to shut all the controversies, this is what the bike has done - (courtesy thefastestindian)

    Q. Can I smoke out cars?
    A. Depends on 3 things; what car, how expert you're with the bike & what kind of person is driving the car; in a nutshell, yes, it has some serious power to smoke out most hatches.

    Q. But internet reviews & Youtube videos show more than 150; are you guys more in expertise than they are?
    A. How authentic are those posts? They claim a stock, how do you know they aren't modded? Anyway you believe what you want; its better to be less optimistic & get exactly or more than what you expected rather than disappointments & regrets.

    Q. Alright, what is the cruising speed?
    A. It depends what you want to call as cruising speed; it can keep doing 120/7500, 130/8100 or 135/8400 RPM all day

    Q. Well right...but...can you add some numbers on cruising?
    A. At 6th gear, here's the RPM/Kmph on speedo
    5000/80, 6000/96, 7000/112, 7500/120, 8000/128, 8500/136, 9000/144; Math is simple, RPM/100*1.6. If its 5000 RPM, then its 50mph, 8000 RPM is 80mph

    Q. Can I use CBR 250R as a weekend ride or for daily use?
    A. No hard & fast rule; all depends on the moolah. Whether you ride 5 Kms or 50 Kms a day, you need to fill in fuel & service accordingly; running goes up cost goes up.

    Q. On a weekend group ride, can I keep up with a Ninja 250R?
    A. Well think about this - What happens when Rossi rides a Ninja 250R & you ride a 600rr? Who's first to finish the checker flag?

    Q. Does CBR have DRL (Daylight Running Light)
    A. No

    Q. I heard C250R's engine is not smooth as Unicorn's; is that true?
    A. Well, if smooth engine is your priority, then opt for Unicorn; point is, don't compare a 150cc non premium product to this one or even R15 for that matter. C250R's engine has more grunt due to the high torque it develops due to its 55mm stroke; but for sure its way smoother for its class.

    Q. Should I use regular fuel or premium fuel? Do I get premium fuel on highways?
    A. Per the current BS3/4 standards, RON 91 is the fuel standard available in the entire country on all good fuel station where they're not adulterated. RON 91 is just fine with CBR, using Speed 97 from BPCL is negligibly better. More about RON here & here (courtesy PSR Ji)

    Q. What about the fuel from SHELL?
    A. Well what about it? Its 91 RON too & their premium fuel is also 91 RON just that it has additives like rust protection

    Q. What is the FE?
    A. Depends on riding style. Most people get about 30/31 Kmpl on speeds around 115-120 Kmph; lower speeds give you more FE; again, this is based on riding skills too.

    Q. What is the fuel tank capacity? We need more fuel in reserve in FI engine isn't it? How much is it?
    A. Around 13 litres for full tank; Yes so as to cool the fuel pump & submerged; 3 litres in reserve

    Q. So usable is 10 litres & how much does a full tank yield in highway?
    A. You can expect a safe range between 250-275 Kms on excessive speeds; however several owner's have posted their range to be 300 Kms on sane high speeds.

    Q. Hello...your math is wrong; 275/10 is only 27.5 Kmpl
    A. Well, that is the worst FE with Throttle.Wide.Open; if you ride sane high speeds (speeds around 130ish & remember the point on how fast you get there), your FE goes up to 290 Kms range.

    Q. Is that 3 litres to be maintained in strict? What happens if I use a little here & there?
    A. No hard & fast rule for the 3 litres; but remember, you empty the tank, you fry the fuel pump & land up in expensive repairs that may or may not be covered under warranty for negligence.

    Q. What? There's no reserve knob? What is the indication for refueling?
    A. The meter console (courtesy Sheel) has fuel indicator bar; more bars indicate more fuel & blinking single bar indicates refuel; these symptoms are for a lazy rider.

    Q. Is it difficult to read the meter console when riding?
    A. Ridiculously easy to read the speed, fuel guage & temperature bar, take about a second or so to read the time & ODO on very high speeds; lower the speeds everything is easy.

    Q. What is your take on vibrations?
    A. For a single cylinder 250cc, the vibrations are ok, but its upto one, how they want to take it. There's a noticable vibration even at idle which is 1500 (+-100) RPM. Optimally more speed & less vibes are felt between 120-126 Kmph. It sure doesn't vibrate to make you go numb or push you down

    Q. Is rattling a common problem with CBR?
    A. Not really unless one rides carefully; going fast is different from how fast you get there; if you ride like there's no time, then you'll have to spend time & $$$ on fixing the rattles. If you're little careful on how fast you get to the max, then the rattles & loose fairings are bound to occur on long intervals.

    Q. I read a lot about quality issues, bike not looking big, rusting, paint peels, rusted coneset, loose fairings, tire issues, engine seizure & visible weld marks (if you've read that) what's your take on it?
    A. You probably are not spending much time reading the latest reviews; all these issues have been taken care. Even if it does, they're replacable under warranty which is 2 years or 32K kms which is second highest (Karizma which is 40000 Kms or 3 years courtesy Above_All) on any motorcycle in India.

    Q. Can I extend my warranty?
    A. Yes, extended warranty is available with the dealer for a very nominal price. Ask your dealership clearly before booking the bike. More information here. Courtesy mantrig, team-bhp

    Q. Is there anything apart from warranty that I could do like getting stranded in the road etc?
    A. Yes, you can buy Honda Roadside Assistance; see the following post for more details - My experience with Honda Roadside Assistance

    Q. CBR is not as flickable as R15 is this true?
    A. Yes it is; if you want flickable machine, then R15 is best; however, the flickable riding style was built on the R-15 & is always relative. There's no point comparing 2 bikes from 2 different segments, either change the riding style or don't upgrade.

    Q. Should I buy a STD or C-ABS?
    A. If you can spend the additional 30K, go for C-ABS, its worthy

    Q. I never ride on wet roads, is C-ABS still better than STD?
    A. Yes; the 3 pot C-ABS is better than 2-pot STD

    Q. What is the life of brake pad on CBR?
    A. It depends primarily on how much brakes are applied; there're users who've reported a pad life change as low as 3-4K Kms & as high as over 14-17K Kms

    Q. I hear the brakes aren't that great on STD
    A. Yes & No; Yes on speeds around 140, they're barely sufficient between 120-140 & sufficient between 110-120 & good up to 110 Kmph. The reason is due to the combined effect with the lack of bit in the front & soft front suspension, the brakes aren't that sharp. That said, there're ways to improve otherwise, better opt for C-ABS

    Q. Can I buy a STD & fix the ABS later
    A. No; even if possible, don't do it

    Q. How is Honda's ASC?
    A. Most of them sucks a big time; build a positive rapport with them if you want some personalized attention

    Q. Does my CBR get serviced along with Activa?
    A. Yes & no; Yes when there's no sufficient space at your ASC; No because, HMSI has instructed every ASC to build a separate bay area with tool kit for servicing CBR. All newly upcoming ASC's & few existing are getting equipped themselves for servicing CBR

    Q. I hear Honda ASC doesn't stock up adequate spares, is that true?
    A. It depends on the city, ASC & what spares one is looking for. While it is true that some of the ASCs don't stock up adequate, but most ASC's in tier I & II cities stock up basic spares for regular servicing

    Q. What is that SHIM thing I keep hearing?
    A. Go through this post on Shim explained in nut shell (courtesy PSR Ji) or the official link or some more additional reading

    Q. The horn is not loud
    A. No matter how loud is your horn, you cannot change people's attitude on road; either improve your riding skills or honking skills. Remember improving your riding skills is better than improving your honking skills

    Q. I hear that the suspensions are very soft & not good for cornering, is that true?
    A. CBR 250R is not a track machine; if you want to improve cornering skills, buy R15 or Ninja 250R. That said, CBR 250R is close to sports touring; the softest setting, though is little bumpy, is best suited on heavy potholed roads.

    Q. I hear that Conti-Go tires have lots of issues
    A. Yes, there were cut marks appearing on the tires, but Conti-Go CLAIMS to have fixed them on the newer batch bikes.

    Q. What if I get the cut marks on tire?
    A. The dealer HAS to replace it for you under warranty & you'll have to pay it on pro-rata basis

    Q. Does it have tubeless tires?
    A. Yes

    Q. What is the benefit? How about handling puncture?
    A. Slow air leaks & easy to fix air loss in case of puncture as wheels don't need to be removed

    Q. How long does the tires last?
    A. The stock tire should last about 14-15K kms for rear; however, not many have changed their stock tire so far, so its hard to even range

    Q. Can I fill Nitrogen?
    A. Whatever

    Q. How comfortable is the forward slanting riding position?
    A. Its quite comfortable; get used to it & you'll love it

    Q. Will I develop back pain & wrist pain?
    A. First of all, one of the basics on motorcycling is to remain fit, if you're not physically fit enough, one is bound to develop all physical issues even with Honda Goldwing. To answer it straight, if you're not used to forward leaning riding posture, yes, you're bound to develop wrist pain for first few 100 Kms. But there're people who've taken CBR to length & breadth of this country.

    Q. Can I raise the handle bar?
    A. Yes you can; fellow xBhpian icemang has done it. See this post -

    Q. The exhaust note is not up to the mark
    A. Whose mark?

    Q. Can I take CBR to Leh/Ladakh
    A. Fellow member Kurtrules have taken it to Leh/Ladakh - The only limitation is you

    Q. Ok, its a city bike, nice on highways, how good is it to do off-roading too?
    A. Comfortably; you can even jump over a wall, the only limitation is you

    Q. Is it a good bike for stunting?
    A. No one here has tried it so far; you're welcome to try & pls don't forget to share you experience

    Q. I hear that the radiator often gets lot of dirt when ridden in rains, what can I do?
    A. Nothing or clean up; or extend the fenner with a plastic sheet for about 2 inches in the bottom or make a radiator cover like this. Fellow xBhpian Metal_Maniac did a simple DIY that can be found here or Mad_Biker's DIY here

    Q. What is the service cost?
    A. Oil filter around Rs 250; Engine 10W-30 FS Rs 550 per litre, you'll need 1.5 lts; disc pads Rs 600 (STD) & 2K (ABS); any regular usage, it doesn't cost more than 2-3K per paid service

    Q. What is the service interval?
    A. Per manual, every 6000 Kms or 6 months; in reality 4500-5000 Kms or 6 months.

    Q. I've parking problem & security issues
    A. Best way is to use a disc alarm lock : The Global Indian Biking Community - View Single Post - [Ownership Thread]: Honda CBR 250R
    Alarm Padlock | Alarm Padlocks and Security Alarms,Siren Padlock,Heavy Duty,Disc Lock,Cable Lock,Multi Purpose Padlocks - Kabrus

    Q. Are there any side boxes available for CBR?
    A. Look here -

    Q. You quite say easily to take a test ride, but the bike at dealership is worse, how can I make a call?
    A. There're multiple dealership in your city; if you're in a lower tire city, quite obvious you only have one dealership; if you're serious about your purchase, approach the Manager of the showroom, talk to them polite, tell them how serious is your purchase & ask them to give you a bike in good condition for test ride on a convenient day. If they still don't budge, shoot an email to HMSI customer care. If all this fails, ask for a test ride from any xBhpian. Quite obvious that your reputation depends for such things.

    Q. Do I need any special training to ride the bike?
    A. No; not really. But its good if you train yourself

    Q. Can I buy a CBR 250R as my first bike?
    A. Yes, get yourself equipped & spend more time understanding the bike

    Q. Sounds fantastic, now help me with color
    A. For now there're only 3 colors, RED, BLACK & HRC. RED is quite common & fast moving, BLACK is very attractive to both eyes & dust. Few call HRC as ambulance color, go for it if you like. Its all personal choice

    Q. I need a loan for the bike, what's the procedure?
    A. Your best bet it to move your lazy butt & approach the bank. The more you spend time, the better deal you work out. Anyway, to begin with you'll need address proof, photo, photo identity proofs, 6-12 months bank account statement.

    Q. How about fixing a HID, loud exhaust, increase the top speed, upsize the tire, replacement ECU, make it 33 Bhp
    A. Dude...put your money on good quality riding gear, ride it for a while until the warranty expires & then think about mods. Most the bike first.

    Q. How good is the O-Ring chain?
    Q. Do I need to buy a paddock, maintain the chain myself?
    Q. The front fenner is
    Q. What is the run-in I should follow Moto man or as per owner's manual?
    Q. Can I fit a 12V adapter?
    A. Dude...just go buy the bike, don't keep worrying on these things!!!

    Q. I read somewhere that...
    A. Post the source of the issue, let's discuss

    Q. I've a question on CBR 250R that's not here
    A. Feel free to ask

    Courtesy & Thanks to senotrius
    Q. Should I buy a Duke or CBR
    Q. Isn't the RE 500 offering the same or more power than C250R?
    A. Its up to you what you want to buy; fully faired sports bike (C250R) or naked looking bike D200/RE 500; RE is classified more of thumper than naked/sport bike & an established touring motorcycle.

    Q. Wait a minute; what is the crap about touring, street looking, sport tourer, track machine? Why're you confusing further?
    A. This one explains all in one nutshell!!!

    a. Moped; b. Scooter; c. High end Scooter/Scooterette; d. Tourer; e. Cruiser; f. Dirt bike; g. Dirt/Stunting bike; h. SBK

    Q. How comfortable is this bike?
    Q. I'm 5.xx, 6.xx weight Y, is it comfortable for me?
    Q. How easy is it to ride in a bumper to bumper traffic?
    A. None of us are that expert to asses the analyze the comfort level with height & weight nor anyone knows astrology for that matter; just get out of the couch, approach your nearest dealer & request for a test ride.

    Q. D200 makes the same output as that of C250R, isn't D200 superior?
    A. Again wrong comparison on segments because both bikes serves different purpose altogether

    Q. On what criteria should I opt Duke or CBR?
    A. Buy DUKE if, you were a two stroke lover, short stroke and fast revving engines; more of street looking bike, love stiffer suspension. More information on KTM Duke 200 Ownership Thread. Opt for CBR if you love more of relaxed top speeds; sports bike; soft suspension which is suited on potholed roads.

    Q. CBR 150R makes top speed of 145 from internet sources & you say C250R makes almost the same speeds, so why C250R?
    A. Choice is yours; but remember, C250R is a different segment; comparing C150R with R15 makes perfect sense.

    Q. Is there a PDI checklist that you can provide when taking the vehicle?
    A. Yes, download the Attachment 57417 file; Courtesy Ash-i

    Hearty Thanks to afficionado for sharing his experience on the following...

    Q. Now that I have finally decided to go for the CBR what should I do?
    A. Start calling up the Honda dealers in your locality. You can find the dealer list of your place on the HMSI ( website. Do this before you approach any specific showroom. Tell them that you will pay full cash the only condition being that you want the bike immediately. You would be surprised at the response you get.

    The results:
    City Honda:Silver readily available with ABs,Red standard.
    Silicon Honda:Red readily available for ABS as well as standard.
    Dream Honda:Not available.Quoted 1 month waiting.
    Anand Honda:Black readily available with ABS
    Haiku Honda:Tricolour readily available with ABS.

    And here I was waiting for more than a month after paying the complete amount although all the colours(even the discontinued silver)were readily available.

    Note - Friends, if you feel that any other points are to be added, feel free to let me know & I can edit this post to put everything under one place with due credits given . Thanks.

    Kindly avoid quoting this entire post, it's hard for members browsing through mobile. Thanks

    PS - If you think this is some kind of sales/marketing/fan boy post, sorry, this is put up to shut up asking the same questions over & again
    Last edited by aargee; 01-17-2013 at 02:48 PM.
    Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
    Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
    ATGATT + Awareness + Skill means you might Live To Ride another day

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    @argee so Im well impressed by Mr. CBR 250R expert. What a fantastic post that was. You could post for other products also for helping consumers
    Whats there in a signature?

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